The San Francisco Zoo Named a Rhino after Alex Boone

By Jason Priestas on January 25, 2013 at 11:54a
Alex Boone and his rhino

How do you know that you've turned your career around after a series of bad choices, including jumping on the hood of a car and trying to smash the window of a tow truck, led to a Parade All-American and four-year starter at Ohio State skidding into the NFL as an undrafted free agent? 

Your local zoo names a rhino after you. Meet "Boone" the black rhino, named for 49ers guard Alex Boone.

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Amazing what real coaching + talent can do for a guy's career. 

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Also amazing what not being a drunk lazyass can do for a guy's career.

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Alex - "So does that mean I can ride it?"

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Saw this last week sometime; the video was hilarious. Love Rhinos, and very glad Alex is back on the straight and narrow.

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When I read stories like this, I'm reminded how truly inept the previous staff could be.  Good for Alex.

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This would only get better if they had a walrus named Jim or JB or Bollman.

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The Indianapolis Zoo has Pacific walruses (I think).  Now that he is at Purdue, that would be classic if they named one Bollman.

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great video.  I don't think a single one of us would hav called boone being a superbowl starter if asked three years ago.  glad he has turned thing around.  did anyone else think they were gonna compare rhinos eating 50 lbs of food to boone's infamous "40 beers a night in high school?" 

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Has nothing to do with this, though, right?

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Dude...I think we must share the sam mind.  That commercial was the first thing I thought when I saw this topic was about Alex Boone and a rhino.

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Good for Alex, nice job.

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There's a moral to the story about doing things right. You can play in the NFL, start in a Super Bowl game, and have an exotic animal named after you. Go get a ring, Alex!!

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"This is not a drill."
Katt Williams "Tiger" reference?

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......And the zoo also named their pet Phallus after Jim Harbaugh...........

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Props to Alex for turning it all around! 4 years ago I would have put money down that Alex would have been on the other side of the fence eating from a bucket...

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Alex has been a beast of a Guard for my Niners this year. The guy looks very healthy and happy as well, glad to have him on my team(not my litterly).


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I'm sorry, but FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUU everyone that is dogging Alex Boone for his past.
We all mess up in life.  He's doing a cool thing for animals.   He's not Michael Vick.
I'm saddened that we're dumping on our own here.  
Go Alex! Go Bucks!

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Umm, who here is dogging on Boone? Looked to me like everyone was saying some variation of "Attaboy, Alex! We're happy for you!"

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Okay, I did see one comment about being a "drunk lazyass."

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Congrats Alex. Good luck in the Super Bowl.

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In all fairness, my username was created years ago.  After watching student(Alex) underachieve under teacher (Bollman) for 4 years I had enough of both...thus Alex Boone's Liver came to life.

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Alex Boones Liver is alive and doing very well is what you are now promoting. It is a testament to the rebounding of a vital organ and the owner. Here's to the celebration!!

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Don't ever change, ABL :-)

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It's nick name should be "hot head" for both the locker room fights he got into in back to back NC games....that's always good for teams during the biggest game of year.  Sorry...I've never been a big fan....and never will be.

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My eternal memory etched on my brain of Alex Boone is in the NC game and how he looked like his feet were set in concrete as the Florida DE ran by him on his way to sack Troy Smith. This even before Boone came out of his 3-point stance.  He did not achieve his potential at OSU.
Glad he's doing better though.