Sold Out

By Jason Priestas on December 4, 2012 at 1:36p

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The fan support at Ohio State really is spectacular and not something to be taken for granted. 13,000 to attend a pep rally is awesome

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This should be a great atmosphere for the visiting recruits to experience.  My gut feeling is to expect at least one commitment.

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Remember that you must have a current BuckID if you plan on attending as a student. Due to crowd size they will limit attendence to current students only (aka, they're probably going to scan them).

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I hope to hell there's a video made and posted on this.

Long live the southend.

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I'll do my best! I'll be switching between photo and video.

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Thanks in advance Urbz! Those of us who would love to be there but can't appreciate your efforts! Gotta believe St. John's will be absolutely crazy, I hope so!

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I'll try and get ya some vids from the floor...can't wait for this

"I'm up there with Chris and Dave Pass, getting ready to broadcast that game, and that band came out of that tunnel, I was wiping tears out of my eyes and all the memories came back." ~Urban Meyer

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They should move this to The Schott and fill the place with 19,000!

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The hockey team plays at the Schott at 7

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Nah, St. John's will be better for a rally l;ike this.  Its much louder than the Schott and the crowd is more on top of the court.  I think the players will appreciate the rowdy reception they'll receive there.  Remember this is going to be a Skull Session on steroids.
Like the Schott but its a more steril venue when it comes to the actual event.

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I think the crowd should start a "Save St. John" chant during the rally since there is talk of demolishing it once the new Covelli Arena is built.  I'll be there, maybe I can get it going.  

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No. St. John needs to be demolished, it costs too much to maintain, and the school needs more dorm space. 

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Yeah, ok.  Demolishing St. John for dorm space is like tearing down The Shoe for another parking lot.  This should never happen!!!

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I agree. They don't spend enough to maintain it or improve it at a high level. It makes more sense to build a new one and reuse the existing space for something useful, like classrooms or dorm space.

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Please no more dorm space. This whole campus is turning into dorm space.

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It was announced that it would be either classrooms or dorm space. Since they're considering making sophomores live in university housing, it would make sense.

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Yeah it makes sense. My comment was directed more toward the whole dorm expansion policy. I guess if putting new dorms there means they won't take up more space in the south and central campus areas I can live with it. 

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Well with the proposed building of a huge dorm complex at Lane and High, I could see St. John being used for classrooms. Whatever they plan to do with the site, one thing remains, St. John needs to be demolished, because OSU already has accrued debts from the Wexner Medical Center expansion, the building of the new science lab on North Campus, which just started this year, and the aforementioned dorm complex that has been proposed. OSU doesn't need to be paying to keep up, an old-outdated stadium. They can name whatever buildings they put up there in memory of St. John.