Chris Petersen Will Interview for the Wisconsin Job Monday

By Jason Priestas on December 8, 2012 at 2:31a

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No Way. He's the #2 coach in the country IMO behind Urban. Good for the B1G, BAD FOR US
Excuse me while I go panic now

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It's still Wisconsin...

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I personally think Urban is the best coach in Murica (DUH), but from a pure track-record standpoint nobody has gotten more results (WINS, and Big Wins) from less (talent base, resources, facilities, school reputation, BEING IN FREAKING IDAHO, etc) than this man.
Personally IDK why he'd take the Wisky job when half of the plum PAC teams would kill their own offspring for a chance to just interview him. You think U$C wouldn't dump that Loser Kiffin for Petersen ASAP? He's also a west coast Lifer and it'd be hard for him to ditch all those recruiting pipelines he's established to try and start anew in... Madison? 

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If we want this conference to get better thats what we need, better coaches.

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Amen to that! You can't bitch about OSU being in a weak conference & turn around & get worried that another good coach might be coming. I love that UFM is a good coach but he needs some real competition. The whole B1G needs to become stronger, or else every you'll have a large group out there every year claiming OSU doesn't deserve a shot at the NC or good bowl because of the perceived conference weakness..

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Not only good HC's, but the other schools need to pony up the $$$ for top notch assistant coaches as well.  Supposedly, Wisconsin's unwillingness to do so played a major role in Bielema's decision to leave.

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Thought the follower of Xenu thing scared most ADs off? Hey, if Alvarez can take some couch jumping and E-metering then more power to him. Peterson is an excellent coach.

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  • Bielma hits his "ceiling," unexpectedly bolts for a middling SEC school
  • Petersen not mentioned as a candidate for ANY of the openings until now
  • Suddenly he's..."interested" Wisconsin?? 

man, this seems weird. You'd think it'd take a prettier job opening to get his attention, especially with all of the "Chip Kelly to the NFL" rumors lurking about. He just seems so entrenched in Boise. 

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I think if Kelly leaves for the NFL, Oregon hires from within. 

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Yes, I think Kelly's on the record stating that if/when he leaves the OC Helfrich should take over.

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I just don't see him taking that job.
if he does though, good for our strength of schedule. He and Hazell would both be upgrades over the previous coaches.

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Wow. If Wisconsin lands him, they're actually better off and fortunate that Bielema is a douche that left for Arkansas. We're a few years away from seeing the B1G image restored.
I think Petersen is considering the Wisconsin job because it's one of the better B1G programs and it's an easier path to a National Championship game. 

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You all have made great points.  It does seem strange he is considering the Wisky job, but more power to Barry if he can land him.

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uh oh

for real, no one ever thought petersen would leave boise because of family health issues, and the thought of him in the big ten is scary as hell. that would be a huge step up for the badgers


edit: asuming that this is true

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Shit.  I can't hate on Petersen.  Too nice of a guy.  All we'll have left is Bo Ryan and the buzzcuts.

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I've never bought into the "OSU needs a strong B1G" argument.  Still, with PSU down for at least the next few years, and Maryland and Rutgers on the way, we need at least one good division opponent to keep the season interesting, and Chris Petersen at Wisconsin would definitely be interesting.

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Well, Saturday, you would be wrong. If OSU were eligible this year, there's a lot of debate as to whether we would even been in the top 2. The B1G has been terrible for years, and now it's finally starting to catch up with the league. If the league stays down and it comes down to an undefeated Ohio State and an undefeated SEC team, the SEC will win out every time. The Big Ten needs top notch, high profile coaches like this to lead the charge. I hope this is true. Then all the laughter about a joke of a coach like Bielema leaving Wisconsin for a mid-level SEC team like Arky will subside.

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Wisconsin fans would love Beilema for leaving in this scenario.

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Might be bad for us but at least it's a step-up in class for the B1G.

Long live the southend.

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wow, If I'm  a wisky fan I'm breakin' out the top shelf cheese.  Offers from the whole state will come in to help the former coach load the truck to Arkansas.
  Petersen would be excellent.   But how does Wisky move into the spread offense?  That would be interesting. 

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I'm torn, as everyone before me has mentioned.
- Good for B1G
- Bad for OSU
That said, I don't know if Peterson has the ability to succeed in Wisconsin. His system is predicated on elite skill players plucked straight from the wombs of third-rate JuCo programs. I don't know much about Madison, but I assume their academic standards are a little higher than that. Don't get me wrong, I think BSU plays an exciting brand of football and Peterson is obviously an offensive coaching genius, but the types of players he wants are not in the Midwest, and the few who are will be jealously guarded by the Urban Meyer regime. I wonder if he's not interviewing to either (a) spin Boise's wheels a little and get him more cash or facility improvements and/or (b) let other big-name programs know that he's still on the market after years of turning down mid-tier openings.

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Uh oh, this is not good. Peterson can coach!


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It won't be bad for Ohio State, it'll be bad for the rest of the B1G.  Peterson can coach, but you know who can coach better?  URBAN FREAKIN MEYER.  I want Peterson in this conference and this division. 

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I'm really surprised by how many people don't appreciate the caliber of job Wisconsin is.  They have a great athletic department.  It's a great school.  They have a passionate(even if they are douchey) fan base.  AND they've been to 6 Rose Bowls in the last 20 years.  Oh yeah, they've got a lot of money to throw around.  Wisconsin is a HUGE job, outside of the opening at Tennessee, I'd argue Wisconsin is bigger than any of the other openings this offseason. 

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That list apparently includes Bert Bielema.

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I agree that Wisconsin HC is a great job. Having a real football man as AD adds to the appeal. How many other teams have an AD that can come off the bench to coach the Rose Bowl?

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I doubt he leaves for Wisconsin. He's been offered too many times from schools that are considered "sexier picks" than Wisconsin (UCLA for example).

"...but then again 'Michigan' and 'huge mistake' are synonymous so that shouldn't have been much of a surprise to anybody."  - Mark Titus

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I'd argue UCLA isn't even in the same ballpark as Wisconsin as far as jobs go.  Other than the weather maybe.  In my lifetime I can only remember 1 really good UCLA team.  

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Recruiting base, my man. Petersen already gets the majority of his top recruits from Cali (the guys that USC and UCLA overlook). UCLA hasn't been as good on the field as Wisky but for Petersen UCLA > Wisky in every way, as far as what resources he would have at his disposal. 
Plus, with USC imploding around Kiffin UCLA is looking like a great job right about now. Too bad they seem happy with Neuheisal Mora (LOL)

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If the Petersen hire works out, it'll be quite an offseason for the B1G coaching wise, and a very nice 2 or 3 season run.  Hazell is going to make Purdue competitive again, Hoke seems to have Michigan moving in the right direction(though this year wasn't great for them).  People believe Beckman is going to be good(i'm not so sure about that) and of course Urban.  The B1G could be on the rise again in the not so distant future.  

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UCLA will always be the 3rd best program in California..unless they just make this huge upswing after this impressive year. 


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The UCLA stadium is half-empty every weekend with the exception of the USC-UCLA game. I thought Stanford's attendance was bad (we've packed the stadium the last few years, with the exception of the Oregon State game -- 3/4 or so and the Pac-12 championship game -- 2/3. That was embarassing) but saw the Rose Bowl for Stanford-UCLA and realized that's why UCLA is a tough job to sell.

"There is a force that makes us all brothers, no one goes his way alone." --Woody Hayes

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The 3rd best program in Cali gets more access to more talented recruits than the entire states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa combined. 
Sad but true. 

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He has recruited Cali players to go to BOISE, and honestly, not even great recruits from Cali.  You don't think he'd be able to get recruits from OHio and Pennsylvania, Not to mention snagging some from Georgia and Florida.  Yes, he has recruited Cali pretty well but it isn't as if he's gone in there and grabbed top 5 recruiting classes.  He can evaluate talent.  
Wisconsin has already succeeded quite well withought attracting good recruits.  This guy will be able to snag 4 stars that MSU and Michigan have been snagging from Ohio.  Fact remains, outside of 1 year, despite great recruiting classes coaches at UCLA have sucked the last 20+ years, and people in LA don't care to support the team.  
Wisconsin has a lot of advantages.  Plus, being a family man he doesn't have to raise his kids in LA. 

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Please let this be true.  Petersen would be a huge get for Wisky and the B1G. 
Ohio State needs a better strength of schedule with the coming playoff. 

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Petersen's power run offense would fit right in the Big Ten. Remember, this guy coached Doug Martin.

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I would love this. I'm excited about the new coaches in the league, especially Hazell and Petersen, should this actually transpire. Of course, this will just be a couple more B1G COY candidates who get considered before Urban "25-0 " Meyer.

We can't stop here; this is bat country...

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It might be appropriate to ask, "Who's interviewing who?" as Alvarez really needs to sell Wisky on Petersen as much as vice versa. I agree with many above: if the B1G wants to get better, you need better coaches, period.

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He'd be a fantastic hire for Wisconsin...I think his offense would be a very smooth transition into what Wisconsin has been doing and has the players on the roster to do.  While he has a lack of history in the midwest I don't think it matters too much, the relationships he'll bring UW from the west coast will be worth more and his name is well-known which counts for a lot.