Miami Self-Imposes a Second Bowl Ban

By Jason Priestas on November 19, 2012 at 9:12a

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I didn't even realize Miami was bowl eligible.... and don't know if they are yet even. Talk about a program that fell into obscurity.

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Learning from Gene Smith, I see.  #FireGeneSmith

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I don't think a self-imposed bowl ban should really count as a self-imposed punishment if you wait until you see how the season goes to take it. Impose it at the beginning of the year or not at all. It's disingenuous to impose it after you already know you're going to a crap bowl.

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Wish I could upvote you CPLUNK.  My thoughts exactly.  This is a total sham of the system and I hope the NCAA takes this into account when they drop the ban hammer.

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Which is why Gene Smith would have been a fool to self-impose last year.

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I have to agree. While last years bowl game (and season- minus wisCANTson game) was a train wreck, I believe we would still have been ruled inelligible this year. The seniors that did nothing wrong last year still got a trip to Florida in January. We, as fans, didn't think much of it, but bowl trips are fun!
wish there was some way to reward this team, and great group of seniors.....but when I think of the penn state players/ team, I feel fortunate.... 


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How long is this NCAA investigation going to take? Has there been any word on a time frame? The NCAA tried, sentenced, and convicted Penn State in a hurry, but this thing seems to drag on and on and on.

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What a genius move, why didn't I think of that???-Gene Smith

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Is it even dragging? I don't see any movement at all.

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What if the NCAA doesn't rule on Miami for another 3 years(USC)? Wouldn't it be funny if Miami just keeps on self imposing bowl bans every year?