The Life of LSUFreek

By Kyle Rowland on October 3, 2012 at 10:35a

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His GIFs are funny.  The one of the Elvis Les Miles is fantastic.

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OMG, yes. I had not seen the Les Miles as Elvis one until today - pure hilarity. The Auburn Cash Cab one was new to me also. So good.

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Wow, that was a fantastic read.

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That guy is an artist (as Spencer said). Such brilliant work. Very impressed with the Etch-a-Sketch stuff too. 

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The Terelle and Tress version of Dumb and Dumber remains my favorite. 

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On the off chance he reads this and needs even more assurance than the above already provides: You are good at what you do, like really good.

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Pretty remarkable!

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Super-nice guy. I asked him for restaraunt recs in NO a few years back and he was muy helpful.


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Awesome story. I read this earlier in class. Crazy to think about people behind their "internet names." The guy is amazing, I hope he never stops. We have very similar humor styles, and I don't think he could possibly ever come up with one offensive enough to make me not laugh.

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My personal favorite of his was the Urban Meyer College Gameday one. The Petrino-Clinton one comes in a close second.

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