Dirty Sparty in the Spotlight

September 30, 2012 at 10:26a    by Ramzy Nasrallah    


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That deserves a suspension

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I can't pull up the video, also on an iPhone... Where's the link on the page to it?

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Did Reynolds receive a B1G suspension, or was punishment meted out internally by Tress?
(Edit: I see in the wiki that the punishment did in fact come from Tress.)

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Here is another video. this one is zoomed in and slowed down. http://m.deadspin.com/5947624/michigan-state-definitely-eye+gouged-an-oh...

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an MSU player doing something dirty ont he field?!?! color me shocked!!!!11!!

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During the game, when the camera was panning the MSU student section, some MSU fan said "F#%K Ohio State", and you could clearly hear what he said on TV and he also gave the middle finger.



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Yea I totally noticed that too.

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Watch closely....Hank has a hold of said MSU players mask. Looks to be pushing pretty hard. State player pokes Hanks eyes, and Hank let's go. Nothing out of the ordinary, IMO.

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The Kid Rock School of Technology, no suprise here.

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MSU players were playing past the whistle on most plays yesterday.  I could see frustration from a lot of our players.

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Big Hank has a mitten full of cage, but that doesn't warrant an eye gouge. Stay classy Sparty.

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Time for an eye shield, Hank?