Carmen Ohio in East Lansing

By Kyle Rowland on September 30, 2012 at 8:11p

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Did OSU sing Carmen Ohio on opposing team's field when Tress was coach?  Just wondering.  It seems a little disrespectful to me, but no big deal either way.

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When we went to Iowa in 2010 we sung carmen Ohio after we stormed the Endzone.... 
We also sung it after we lost to Purdue last year. 
Not really sure how this is disrespectful...

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I was at last year's victory over Illinois, and we sang it there, too (even without the band).

Real fans stay for Carmen.

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I saw us do it twice in the Big House during the JT era. Dancing on the "O" (or equivalent) is disrespectful, but singing one's alma mater with your fans in an opponents stadium is OK in my book.

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When we beat Penn State in 07, a small group of players came and sang Carmen Ohio with us. Glorious moment

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It's done after every game.
Penn State 09 the band didn't make the trip but the team came over to the Ohio State corner to sing it nevertheless. 
Singing it on the road is awesome.

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Yes I was at many away games from 2005-2010 and after every win Carmen was sung

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Sang Carmen Ohio during victories at MSU in 06, 08 and at *ichigan in 07!

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This was beautiful. I love hearing Carmen Ohio in other stadiums! I am not sure if Tress ever did this, but TBDBITL does not make the trip to many other stadiums. By the way...the playing of Carmen Ohio after the game did not exactly begin with Tress and football. The basketball band convinced Dr. Woods to play it after the Minnesota basketball game in 1995. Not too many people showed up to see that team in St.John arena!

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Thanks for the input.  I didn't think we did that under Tress.

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Remember doin it at Michigan in 2007 and 2009. Can't remember what away game this was but the band wasn't there and the team came to the visitor section and sang with us.
I was there for the MSU game and it was an amazing atmosphere for this... Just really satisfying.

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I thought it was a tradition that Tress started and was done at the end of all games. The only time that it wasn't done since was at the loss to Florida in January. Do you remember Nathan Williams being the only one on the field while the band played?

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Being there and watching that happen was my final affirmation that the team was poorly coached. I love Fickell, but that team had identity and chemistry problems that simply weren't going to be solved that year. That also made me a huge Nate Williams fan


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If you watch the other clip on the 11W YouTube account from that game, focus at about the 27 second mark.  Doesn't it look like Urbz is doing the "Like Bernie" dance with Big Hank?

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That made my heart happy to see so many Buckeyes smiling, genuinely, again.

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Singing Carmen at away games is great.  I don't find it disrespectful.  I think Cal sang its alma mater after the game this year.  It's not like the band and team sang "We Don't Give A Damn" in Spartan Stadium.  That would be disrespectful, funny as hell, but still disrespectful.

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I think the only way it'd be disrespectful is if the the other team has a similar tradition and we'd sing it at the same time or before them. Defer to the home team's traditions, etc.


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Or to be singing it after stomping on their emblem at the 50 yard line.

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I was in the top section and I wish I could have gotten down in time : (
How much fun was it to see the coaches and players so happy, having fun and enjoying the moment?  Excited is an understatement for the future of the Coach Meyer era!

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Why dont we make opposing bands stand on a sideline like MSU had ours doing? Give more tickets to fans.