OSU Alumni, Student Football Ticket Sales Lagging

By Kyle Rowland on August 9, 2012 at 10:59a

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buckeye.33's picture

It's because the ticket office did it differently this year. I am a student and we had to either purchase the whole season or just the big ten games. In the past we could buy the big ten package and we could buy the single non conference games we wanted. The whole season for a student cost almost 300 dollars this year. No way will students pay that. Especially with those first four non conference games.

hodge's picture

Well, it's probably because of the switch to semesters.  In the quarters system, you had to offer the non-conference games separately since a lot of students were getting to town at disparate dates.  With the semesters in effect, students will be there for the first game, and I'd assume they're trying to market the "season package" to capitalize on students' new availability.  I'd have thought it'd would have been better, though, if they offered a solid discount on the "season package" as well as offering a-la-carte options for the non-conference games.

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Yeah I wasn't a big fan of the student options this year. I wish that the optional non-conference game purchases were still available. Then again, it's hard to complain about paying $270 for season tickets.

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They ask me to donate to the University now that I'm an Alumnus but I'm broke as sh#t. I didn't do it this year but I did enter into the Alumni lottery: got 2 for Illinois. Best decision I've made in a long time.