Say it Ain't So

By Ramzy Nasrallah on June 8, 2012 at 8:53a

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this might be one of the most fascinating things i've ever read regarding ohio state football. knowing what we know now - which is to say that the football program is still wildly popular and adored by the state, the city of columbus, and the student body, among others - i wonder how accurate this author's analysis was. was the football program's popularity suffering by extension of the heighetened skeptisicm and apathy of the time? or, as we have seen so often in the present, was this just another sports "journalist" trying desperately to write a story about nothing? i suppose a little of both is true.
it's interesting that the city of columbus (and the alums and students) sought refuge in ohio state football in the midst of the scandal-plagued harding administration, but not during the turbulent 1960's. anyway, anxiously awaiting ramzy's review...

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I'm with you, Sharkvsghost, what a read.  What I find to be so fascinating is that in 1967, Woody's greatest class were lying in wait, prepared to take the campus by storm and usher in an unprecedented era of dominance--which has largely continued unabated to this day.  Ironically, in only two years Sports Illustrated would write another article; detailing how the only game worth watching every week was on Mondays, when OSU would have full-contact practices.
It would seem that this article would have been much more appropriate had it been set at the University of Michigan.  In the mid '60s, the Big House was hardly ever filled, and apathy had run rampant throughout Ann Arbor.  While Columbus was largely unaffected by the counterculture, Ann Arbor was completely overrun with revolutionary zeal.  The hiring of Don Canham and Bo Schembechler would of course reverse this, as well.  In fact, it was Canham who really made college football into the media mammoth that it is today.
An interesting piece written at a very transitory period moment in our history--and an interesting reflection as to what it meant for college football.  

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Pretty interesting read, although if it was 1967 - I might get all upset over it. Either way - it really does detail the history of tOSU football and confirms that those of us from Columbus do have an unnatural affection for our Buckeyes. Interesting too, as Hodge above mentions, that one year later, Woody unleashes one of the greatest tOSU teams ever & 2 years later - The Game is reinvigorated with the arrival of Bo at UM.
You could say that SI is usually wrong about the Buckeyes & that's not a bad thing.

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Really?  The boomers didn't care about football when they were at Ohio State?  They cared more about their education than be bothered to know the players' names?  Then why the hell do they make it so hard for us young'ns to get our hands on some damn tickets these days?!
Interesting read, though.  The more things change...right?