Ohio State Considering Requiring All Second-Year Students to Live in Campus Housing

By Jason Priestas on May 14, 2012 at 11:42a

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If this was in effect when I was at OSU, it would have robbed me of my awful soph year living on Lane Avenue and paying ridiculously high rent to a slumlord.  It also would have robbed me of the chance to throw snowballs at passing cars in a blizzard with Lydell Ross (who, true to form and shortly after throwing a few snowballs, fell backwards for a loss of 3 yards).

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HAHAHAHA love the Lydell Ross joke!

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This has long been one of Gee's largest goals.  Hence the massive swath of dorm renovations.  The Stacks are going to be pretty sweet, once all is said and done.

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'stacks on stacks on stacks...' - E.G.Gee


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Comment of the year thusfar.  Well done, Denny.

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

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Gee did roughly the same thing at vandy, honestly i'm totally fine with it. creates a better college atmosphere, kids take ownership of the school, easier to manage, etc.

i mean, i'm sure some kids will be up in arms about it but who cares, i spent too much money living at indianola and hudson my sophmore year fending off knife fights and mice to really give a crap either way

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The gentleman would like a word, Johnny.


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Its sad how nice to how bad and how quickly it changes in that area from clintonville to campus/crew stadium/fairgrounds area. You'd think they'd try to fix it up like they did the Northland/Morse Rd area (although thats not even "nice")

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I'd rather pay too much for a house where I can do whatever the hell I want in, rather than pay too much for a prison cell complete with a chaperone. 

Californian by birth, Marionaire by the Grace of President Warren G. Harding.

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Not even joking, this comment swayed me 

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Agreed. I went to college to get away from authority figures hovering around all the time.
Not to mention, the RA my freshman year (Taylor Tower!) was a complete dickhead. I couldnt deal with that for two years in a row. Hey Seth _ _ _ _ _ _ _, if you're reading this, you were a complete tool.

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Not sure if I agree with this or not, but it looks like it won't matter for me since I'll probably have graduated by the time this happens. Plenty of valid arguments can be made for or against this.

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What good arguments are there for this? All of the stuff Gee is saying just sounds like an excuse to do it. If you want to encourage more kids to live on campus, fine. Make on-campus living irresistable by increasing facutly mentoring etc, but give the kids an OPTION of living on or off campus. To require it just seems like they're going after more money from students.

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Of course they/re going after more money from students, thats why they're privetizing parking too.  I'll be honest tho, I lived in dorms my first two years and really enjoyed it.  I think you meet way more people that way.

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Caution, long post ahead. Way back in the day (late 70's), it was the norm to live on campus first and second years. Not so these days. With living on campus another year, I do think you meet more people and gain more lasting friendships. I also think not all sophomores are really ready to deal with the responsibilities that come with living off campus. Most houses/apartments around OSU are beat to hell up, have interesting lease contracts, and have landlords that are pretty non-responsive. It can be more isolating to live in an apartment of house, as friendships can fade as you don't get as much face time as before for a myriad of reasons. There is also the safety issue, especially at night. That being said, however, having your own bedroom, not having to use a gross old bathroom down the hall, the ability to prepare your own meals, living with your friends, and not having to deal with an RA are definitely positives to living off campus. 
As to the claims that it is cheaper to live off campus, ahh, I wish it were so. That might also be affected by the fact that my kid is a girl and for my peace of mind, she had to find an apartment/house that was within a very specific "zone" right by the university. Add a twelve month lease, and yeah, it has been more expensive. And I still worry about her safety. I really do wish that OSU had more suite-type dorms with individual room where students could get the privacy that they crave, but with the access that being on campus affords.