ESPN's Ohio State Site to Launch Soon

By Jason Priestas on May 7, 2012 at 3:27a

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Wow, what a joke. I bet this fails. Don't worry 11W, you'll always be my favorite ;).

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Who cares where he came from? This looks like a step up for the guy, give him a chance before acting like hes going to carry some bias. Have you never left a job opportunity for a better one? Did you carry over allegiences from said previous employer to your new employer? Give the guy a chance.

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I don't believe he will carry a bias, but ESPN has hired a beat guy that doesn't know the first thing about Ohio State or Ohio State traditions.

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Must not be enough Ohio State beat/media/bloggers for ESPN to choose from the same way it usually does for its regional sites. I've always said the Buckeye media contingent is super tiny. Wish our team was more interesting.

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I told you guys I wouldn't be leaving for ESPN......(not that they asked me haha)

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I don't think I've been on eSECpn since the beginning of Tresselgate, and I cancelled my cable subscription too.  Frankly, it's cheaper for me to watch Buckeye games at bars than pay for cable all year, plus, it denies eSECpn money.

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ESPN will be filing for bankruptcy because of you

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That's not the point.  I canceled my Insider subscription and SI and only watch ESPN for games.  I know it won't hurt them finanicially, I just don't want them having any of my money.  I don't buy crap from Wal-Mart either for pretty much the same reason.

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One of his tweets says his wife is from Cols.

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I won't go on that site.

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It will be a cold day in hell when they get any views from me on their site. Total boycott. Nothing to do with the writer, everything to do with Espin.
@Powers - we little people do what we can!

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The UM (WolverineNation?) actually does a decent job. Will be interesting to see.
I know (at least I read awhile back) they tried to lure Doug Lemerises away from the PD, but he didn't go for it.