Trey Burke is Expected to Enter the NBA Draft

By Sarah on April 4, 2012 at 3:05p

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That's an impressive amount of NBA talent from one high school in the same draft.

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Michigan would have been serious B10 title contenders with Burke and McGary next year.  With Burke gone and Smotrycz (among others) transferring, Beilein's squad -- and his job -- could be in trouble in a year.

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Anyone know the status of Mitch McGary going pro or going to UM? I had read months ago that since he had gone to a prep school and is already 19, he could enter the NBA draft and forego college ball altogether. Since then I haven't heard anything about it. 

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Not too long ago a lot of people on this site were questioning why Matta didn't go after Burke and openly wishing that Burke was here at OSU and not Craft. I wonder what they're all thinking now. Craft's here for two more seasons folks AND he brings more to the team then Burke brought to his.

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This comment reminds me of 11W's need for a "Like" button. 

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I saw the two avatar pics and thought the original commenter was saying this about his own comment haha

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Glad I'm not the only one.

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The only thing IMO that Burke does better than Craft is score. Craft is not much of an offensive threat. Burke is. Craft has time to develop his offensive game in the next couple years. Craft is definetly the better defender. I think assist and distribution wise they are pretty even, but haven't looked at the stats to back that up. All in all I would take Craft over Burke. 

The reason OSU didn't take Burke wasn't only about Craft. Shannon Scott ranked higher for OSU as a point guard than Burke coming out of high school. 

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Burke couldn't stand being in TSUN any more.

It's good to be home.

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Lets not fool ourselves maybe its the homer in me but Burke was a monster, he led TSUN to some victories including against OSU, where he outplayed Craft.... Burke is a better PG then Craft which is why he will probably be a first round pick. And Craft wont play in the NBA.  I think he is a better creator/passer and scorer then Craft. Craft is a better defender/hustler/student.... Burke can get better at defense and had he been at Ohio State he would have been a much more significant part of our rotation compared to Scott and we probably beat Kansas by 5 or 6... Its a huge loss for Michigan and Im very happy to see Burke take that next step Im happy for him, hes a Columbus kid who loved Ohio State they just didnt show it back. 

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Let's not get carried away. Steve Blake is in his umpteeth season and Craft already shows more promise than Blake did at Maryland. Handle? check. Defense? check. Orchestrating an offense? check. 


He needs to work on his 3 pt shot a little bit, and be more aggressive on offense, but I firmly believe Craft has an NBA future ahead of him. He might not be a star, but he could definitely come off the bench and give you at least 6 to 10 a night. He still has two years to reach his ceileing.

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Burke is good, don't get me wrong, but I don't think he's ready for the NBA. But I think he sees this as hi sbest chance to go. Next year Michigan could be taking a step backwards.

Again, Craft isn't the only reason OSU didn't go after Burke. OSU ranked Shannon Scott higher than Burke. Now obviously I would've taken Burke over Scott, and it would've been great to have him. But with the way Matta distributes PT, who knows how much Burke would've even played. He fell into a great situation @ Michigan because they needed a PG. 

For the upcoming draft, it helps Burke that this draft is supposedly not a deep one for guards. There are not that many good guard prospects, so if you're close to NBA-ready you might as well go pro. Your chances of getting drafted are higher now than they could be in other years.

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this is a really, really bad decision on burke's part; he's got all kinds of talent but the speed and athleticism of the NBA is going to shock him

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Speed? How about the SIZE of NBA players? He should have went to Europe. He'd have a better chance to shine.



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It will be like BJ Mullen... Could have used another year or two but get drafted later and develop while in the league.

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I think its a good time for him to come out. Another factor is his good friend Sully being hurt by coming back for a second season... Strike while the irons hot. Trey was underrated coming out of highschool and he apprently is still underratted after a great season at scUM. But in all reality I guess we should look at what point gaurds would push him down in the draft. 

The first PG taken will probably be 

1. Austin Rivers (probably a SG) 

2. Damian Lillard (Weber St) 

3. Kendall Marshall 

4. Marcus Teague (if he leaves)

5. I think Burke could fit in here With Tyshaun Taylor being his only real threat and I think he will be a better bro then Taylor.

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Rivers is definitely a 2 in the NBA.  Tony Wroten has also declared and is definitely rated higher than Trey.

You could also make the argument for Taylor (just because of his size and athleticism as a point), Scott Machado, and Maalik Wayns as being better pro prospects than Trey.

I like Trey as a player, but the problem he has which he'll never be able to correct is his size.  There are very few points in the NBA who are 6'0 or under, and even fewer who actually contribute much on the floor.  That is his uphill battle.  If Trey was 6'2, it wouldn't even be a question.  Unfortunately for him, he is not.

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I prefer Craft over Burke. He's got more heart....and his defense is second to none.

Burke is solid, but, my dear Lord - I have NEVER seen anybody get away with more push-offs then Burke.

"You win with people." - Woody Hayes

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THIS is why 11W needs a like button hah...

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Anyone think Sullinger might have convinced him to go?

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.