Report: Ray Small Busted with Over 200 Oxycontin Pills

February 27, 2012 at 9:30p    by Chris Lauderback    


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Sad to see what's happened to Ray.  That is a known drug trafficking route in the state and one the police watch closely.  One break for Small, the judge in Meigs County is a huge Buckeyes fan...  

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Not sure if that's a break for Ray Small, however.

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Ha. Well played.

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That bastard Tressel is at it again. Its all his fault, right Mr. Small?

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A .25? Dude wasn't going to let anyone mess with him.

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Huge cottage industry.  Fly to FL from Huntington/Charleston airport.  Complain of "pain" to 20 FLA doctors, get a few hundred pills, carry them back to Ohio to sell on the street.

Surely its Tressel's fault.  ESPN will do a two-hour special on it.

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Yes, I watched a thing on Pill Mills in Florida on NatGeo and it was fascinating. They're trying to shut them down by not allowing doctors to distribute drugs from their clinics, only from pharmacies, and now there's a whole bunch of people applying for pharmecy permits down in Florida, smh.

From what I've read as well, I guess Kentucky is the new pill-pushing ground. (As covered in this season's "Justified").

Californian by birth, Marionaire by the Grace of President Warren G. Harding.

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would not be surprised to see Coach Tressel bailing him out of jail. Or Ted Ginn Sr.... Ray needs a life coach now more than ever. 

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His Dad always seemed like a pretty stand up guy. 

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It's amazing how some guys always look for the easy way in life.  I had a friend in highschool.  Probably was good enough at basketball to get a schollie to at least NKU for basketball.  Could've been drafted in baseball.  Threw mid 90's and was a good pitcher, was insane at the plate, and was a great short stop.  He also had a very high IQ. 

Instead he screwed around in class doing bare minimum, just thought he needed to show up for practice in sports, and was always doing shady stuff, cutting corners to make a few bucks.  If they guy would've just exerted a little bit of effort in the classroom or in either sport he would be in great shape today. Some guys always just look for the easiest way to get by.  Funny thing is, usually they put more effort into dodging hard work than what they need to put in to succeed. 

Aggrivating.  It's hard to feel sorry for the guy.  He was given so many chances and constantly screwed them up.  Small is one recruit I wish would've ended up , "up north" That's an Ohio Kid OSU could've afforded to lose. 

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"Funny thing is, usually they put more effort into dodging hard work than what they need to put in to succeed."


"Without winners, there wouldn't even be any god-d*mned civilization." 

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a .25,  what a puss. 1911 or a .357, Old Ray, always half assing it.  My lasting memory of Ray Small will always be me sitting in the shoe and watching him get knocked out cold by Domonique Barber from Minnesota on a bubble screen pass.  

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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I thought the same thing. A .25, what was he doing, shooting squirrels?

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seriously!  my 82 year old nana carries a .25.  no joke.

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I grew up in the area and know the road well.  long and boring with a 55mph speed limit.

the funny thing is, Tress got pulled over (just for speeding) on the same stretch a few months ago. 

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Yeah, i have been through meigs county back when i was in high school.

We would go down there to pick up some "herb".

Not a lot of police and a known growing area.


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