Rod Smith Still in Ohio?

December 30, 2011 at 12:00a    by Jason Priestas    


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That's because the tweet was directed to Roby's account from Smith's.

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So Smith is Fonzie?  I'm too old for this twitter stuff to make any sense.  Very tough reads.

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I'm not sure why you posted that here. You should post that in the forum, that is the coolest thing ever!

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You'd think he could find a ride home for the holidays, if not, I feel for the kid. Indiana is not far. The "ALL UR DOODZ HAVE FREE CARS HURRR" crowd is dismayed by this setback.

I'd be bored and bummed out too. It's been 3 shades of gray, with constant rain-crud outside. Maybe he suffers from S.A.D. and needs a sun lamp.  Midwestern winters suck a lunchbox, that's science.

"Okay -- I've got an El Camino full of rampage here." 

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My lightbox is a PS3

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Uh, he should be down in Fla, not Indiana, correct?

"2014 National with it!!!"

"Damn I miss El Guapo"

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Nice Fonzie reference!

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I always think Pulp Fiction when I hear that

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

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I just saw a tweet that Rod missed the team charter.

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Did he drop his plane tickets as he was about to board the terminal?

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This dude wont be around long..I don't think.


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Do you think he'll want to transfer, or do you think Urban (and/or Luke) will be ticked that he missed the charter?  Or both?

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Rod Smith will be around...his brother is 6' 3" 225 and is considered the 2nd best linebacker in Indiana.  He is a 4 star recruit and is a split end on 3rd down with over 14 TDs in 3 years.  Best part is he loves OSU and OSU loves him.  Dick Tressel is great 1st contact recruiter and has been with this kid since he was in 8th grade.  Urban wants him, he is there.  Rod is just doing what he's told to do.  Meyer will take care of Rod...and his brother.

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I'm almost willing to bet that there is more to it than him simply missing the plane ride.

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Absolutely, there must be more than a "missed the flight" kind of excuse.   This is the biggest thing he had on his calendar this week, I imagine.   Not like he could have "forgotten".   Might mean another scholarship opening up soon?



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Given the nature of our circumstances we'll not have to wait long to find out, the hounds will be all over it before the Monday kick-off to "hopefully" have something to bash. Did read a snippet on scout suggesting there's more to it also, but unsubstantiated.

Another roster spot would be nice though.

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yeah, but losing his brother jaylon would suck.  plus I still think rod can be a stud

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good point, forgot about his brother....

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Everyone is in a panic about this and trying to read more into it.  If he missed the team charter he is in big do-do.  However, that does not mean he will be transfering or getting kicked out just because of this.  Wait for it to unfold, and we will learn the truth.  Just don't try to read anything more into it than he missed the team charter.  Shit happens, and he is not the first football player to miss a team charter, even at OSU.  

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Rod smiths brother would def be nice to pick up next year, he's a helluva prospect. I just don't have a good vibe about Rod Smith..especially with Hall and Hyde most likely getting the most of the carries next season and Ball/Dunn coming in for the future years. He just doesn't seem that mature from what I've seen and heard..also not very impressed with his ability as a running back.


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come on man, what has he done to make you say that you arent very impressed with his ability? im not saying he's a future star, but dude he hasnt really had his shot yet. 

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 I live close to Ft. Wayne. The scoop is his little brother is heading to Notre Dame. My guess Rod will join him. Too deep at RB here, and he knows with Dunn and Ball, he won't play. The Irish could use a replacement for Jonas Gray, Rod would be an ideal fit. Not sure if Rod has the smarts for ND.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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You must not live close enough.  J Smith is Ohio States to lose.  ND is the fall back.  Its all up to how Urban Meyer decides who to go after.  I live in Fort Wayne and that is about as relevant as ND being in Indiana.  J. Smith wants to play for Ohio State.

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Could it be grades? Behavior? Or just missing the plane, which I imagine he would get in trouble for too.

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“@2Tha_LiveWire: 5oclock N the morning and I'm still out partying white boy just told me we dnt stop until the light shine bright lol #Weak”

Doesn't sound too good for a possible return

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Song lyrics? I have no idea what he's saying.

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I really appreciate a coming here and seeing that I'm not the only one who doesn't understand twitter-speak.

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Sounds like a great kid...this is part of the stuff I was talking about. He won't be here very long and if he does he won't be playing much.


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I have no idea what either of them just said.



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Sounds like he stayed up all night partying and slept passed his flight.