Mike Stoops as Defensive Coordinator?

November 27, 2011 at 12:47a    by Jason Priestas    


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No, no, no, no! The man is a complete embarrassment. He carries on worse than Bo Pellini. I don't think he fires up the defense. I think his players just look at him and think "Shut the f up. You're humiliating yourself and this team on national television." Please let this not be true.

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If he were a canidate for head coach, I would agree with you. But since we are (potentially) only hiring him for defense this would be a great pick up.

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The guy can coach! Hope it is true!

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If this is true, we have the best coaching staff in the country.

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It might sound good, but then again the idea of a Muschamp/Weis coached team at Florida sounded pretty awesome to me when I first heard about it, and they're not doing so hot.


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Their QB and O-line play is just about as bad, if not worse than ours. Muschamp is overrated as a head coach prospect IMO..same with Cheeseburger Charlie. They have a lot of young talent though..they'll probably be back once they get a good consistent QB.


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And the plot thickens, just have to wait,  he has OHIO roots,  concern is for Luke and Vrabel.


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After yesterdays defensive performance and pretty much this whole season I think a change is due. I think we'll see more man to man coverage and aggressive calls similar to what the SEC does now.

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Gotta be better than what we had this year.  Totally unacceptable to continually get beat up the middle.

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All these great assistant hires are going to do us wonders in recruiting. Very excited!

Born and raised in Columbus. Business brings me to Alabama. Ready for the Urban Meyer era!

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" Business brings me to Alabama"

They do business in Alabama? Huh.


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I must admit that Stoops as D-coordinator actually sounds reasonable given the Ohio ties and timing of it all.  I would think he would be a guy that gets consideration at least, right? Most of the assistant-related rumors I have put zero stock in (like spiels, herby, coordiantor at LSU, etc). I do think Urban will take the job, but if that is not even completely settled yet, then currently employed assistant at other schools are certainly not a done deal. 

But, stoops is currently unemployed, an ohio guy, someone ready to take that position, a brand name in recruiting, etc.  I'm for it, he assisted on some pretty good defenses at Oklahoma....I'm fairly confident he coach up 4/5 star guys into a great scoring D.