Looks Like Drayton Will Definitely be Retained

By Jason Priestas on November 29, 2011 at 6:02p

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I have a serious problem finding this out from a commit

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Meyer's probably still ironing out his staff and doesn't want to make an announcement until things are set. Maybe Thomas should've kept quiet about it, but it's not all that surprising. He's probably been in contact with some of the staff and is understandably excited.

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why??  of course the committed kids want to know if the coaches who recruited them will be back or not.

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According to theozone, Thomas was one of the players that Urban called last night. Guessing that Urban mentioned that Drayton will be staying. 

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Welcome to the information age where it is impossible to keep anything from leaking. Don't have an issue with it.

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Gold jacket, green jacket, who gives a shit?


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With Drayton's past, I'm not too surprised. Three hefty recruiters so far (Luke, Drayton & Meyer) and not anywhere close to the conclusion of staffing.

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Is Thomas only eligible for 2 years? I like his enthusiasm about the coaching staff

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pretty sure he has 4 years.  F U is a prep school, at least I think

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i just love thomas' twitter background. Favorite recruit simply for that fact