It's Tin Foil Hat Time in Florida

By Jason Priestas on November 25, 2011 at 3:30a

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That dude doesn't seem bitter at all.

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If Florida wants to improve their performance, the first thing they should do is join the other SEC teams that don't oversign and pressure SEC West programs (Alabama, Ark, LSU) to stop the practice.  They certainly have the pull within the conference to do this.

Oh Wait...I forgot, Conference pride, Dixie, SEC SEC SEC! Better to suck and have fellow SEC teams win NCs than even the playing field so to speak.

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I think Florida is a perfect example of why oversigning isn't the big issue everyone makes it out to be.  They won 2 national titles and had great success.  What hurt Florida more than anything else was losing so much talent to the NFL.  Look at the players the lost not named Tebow.  Alabama and LSU had good to mediocre seasons last year, but neither seriously made a run at a title last year.  Bama had what 4 losses?  

The fact that they don't oversign to me has nothing to do with the lack of success they've had the last 2 years.  Everyone says Urban lost Tebow and wasn't the same coach, but he also lost Cooper and Hernandez and O-lineman.  Not to mention, there are quite a few defensive players who have gone to the NFL from his teams.  He had a lot of talent, but it was young and raw. We know how that goes, and it's even more dramatic of a difference when you are playing in a conference that has so much depth.  

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And that depth, to me, comes from oversigning.  That doesn't mean that a school like Alabama or LSU won't have a semi-down year, like last year, but I think the recovery time as a whole is quicker because oversigning allows for stockpiling.  They were back at it after one year.  Florida is in down year number 2, and they will likely have another next year (although some of this is on the coaching change and not just talent/recruiting/signing).

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Since LSU beat Ohio State in the BCS title game they've been to the Chick fil A bowl, Capital One Bowl, and Cotton bowl.  Compare that to Ohio State's All BCS bowl run in that time frame and I'd say who has more depth?    

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We also have not really been challenged much in our conference, except for last year (we still got the title) and this year.  I'm not sure it's a fair comparison to make. 

I'm also not saying the only way to reload is to oversign... we do very well.  But I think oversigning still provides a big edge in preventing a sizeable drop off in production.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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Oversigning helps, period.  The extent of the unfair advantage is where the debate is at. 

I look at it like the steriods in baseball argument.  Many people claimed it really didn't help that much as the players still had to have other skills that roids simply couldn't give you.  Sure, but it helped those that COULD take advantage of what it provides. My response was always that players wouldn't do it if it didn't help.  If there was no benefit, players wouldn't take the risks invovled.

Same thing with oversigning - No one would want to deal with the extra hassel, headache, paperwork and emotional stuff involved in kicking a kid off the team b/c you oversigned, if there was no benefit to oversigning.

No, it does not guarantee avoiding down years, nor does it guarantee that you will even be competitive (see Ole Miss), but it must help or they wouldn't do it.   So, yes, teams that oversign have an advantage over schools that do not. But, depending on the particular coach and particular circumstances of each school, the extent of the advantage probably ranges from minimal (Nutt) to enormous (Saban).

We do fine recruiting in our way. I wish oversigning would stop, but I question how much of an advantage it really is over us.


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I've read several articles (and the ensuing comments) from Fl publications/blogs, and generally the sense of the fanbase is that it sucks Meyer is already returning to coaching, but they appreciate what he did while he was at UF.

Sure, many FL fans have questions regarding how he so quickly remedied the issues that drove him away, but they also understand that he had no idea that the OSU job would fall in his lap at this juncture. 

I'd say 75% of the fanbase is - "thank you Urban for what you did at FL, I understand taking that particular job, and goodluck"

The other 25% is more like the author of this article - "he lied, he never had any real issues other than his winning percentage going down, and when things got tough, he chose to quit."

On the surface, it seems legitimate to question how he could have found the appropriate balance in his life so soon, I guess. But, the more I think about it, the more I realize that a year off is a year off.  He was simply burned out at UF and I can see how a year off of work could recharge the batteries.  Think about taking a year off from your job...that's actually quit a while. 

I tend to believe that he got away from the day-to-day grind for a year and feels better. Simple as that. Why should he have to take 2-3 years off coaching to feel recharged and reinvigorated? Perhaps he would have taken another year or so had a job of this stature not become available this year.  But, this job fell in his lap now.  

I don't have any worries about him taking the OSU job, and most UF fans don't have a problem with it.  This article is the feeling of the minority that simply hate where their program is at this moment and worry that the current coach is not going to get them to where Meyer did.   That is all there is to it.  If UF was 10-1 right now, there would be almost no one complaining.



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The whole "the well was running dry so he bailed" argument is ridiculous. He was bringing in top 3 recruiting classes year after year. It's not like he wasn't getting the recruits. What about 07 when they had a mediocre season and Lost to Michigan in the bowl game. Why didn't he bail then?