Spurrier Has Some Cash

By Jason Priestas on June 1, 2011 at 9:37p

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Ya Sure.  And we will let the track coaches and the tennis coaches pay their players.  Not to mention lacrosse, baseball, fast pitch, etc., etc.  What is it about Title IX that he doesn't get?  This is just a plan to take the heat away from the football teams, but it would create more controversy than it takes away. 

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'What is it about Title IX that he doesn't get?'

Exactly. Whether or not we all agree with Title IX, it's the current system in place. As such, there's no way any of this would fly. Opening it up to individual sports opens a whole new can of worms - do we pay athletes for every track meet they run in? Or every event, since they're essentially separate competitions?

I think Spurrier has an idea that's 5% reasonable, until you start to unpack it.


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Who really first discovered the story about the tattoo exchanges?  Wasn't it Yahoo, or was it the NCAA?  Through this I've felt that the commonly resonating comment "it happens everywhere" is true, but we only have the local media sources in other college cities and towns across the country to blame for not investigating and breaking these stories. 

Who initially broke the Cam Newton story?  The NCAA or a news outlet?  Please correct me if anyone thinks I'm off-base, but if local media did a better job of scrutinizing the local schools, more discoveries would be made.  But then of course you have people who won't listen or read anything by anyone who fails to not speak positively, and after all, for the news sources it's all about readers, listeners and ultimately money.

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Yahoo broke the story about Tressel lying. The original suspensions were actually self reported by OSU after the FBI (I think) found the players' memorabilia in the tattoo shop during their raid. They thought it might have been stolen so they alerted the school.

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Slight correction to the above. Yahoo broke the story but the university was already aware. The emails which showed that Tressel knew about the tattoos were also part of a self-report, but different than the self-report in December about the Tat5. This is what irks me about Yahoo trying to take credit for revealing that Tressel lied. The university had been investigating for nearly two months and had been preparing the self-report before that Yahoo article was released. All Yahoo did was find someone who knew about the internal investigation and reported the basic facts (yahoo handn't even seen the emails at that point). Gene Smith said as much during that abomination of a press conference when he said they had to hastily finish the self-report because of the leak to yahoo.

At this point, I don't expect the NCAA to go easy on us, but I do take some comfort in knowing that OSU compliance didn't try to cover this up after they found the emails. But judging by Gee's and Smith's comments today, it sounds like heads will roll in the compliance department. Smith should be fired as well, in my opinion.

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Thanks for the correction, "broke" was just them putting the story out to the public. I was just clarifying that the original Tat5 stuff wasn't revealed by news programs.

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I would bet a player like Cam Newton could have gotten a nice bag of weed for a $300/game stipend.