Terry Richardson to Michigan

By Alex on May 19, 2011 at 12:50p

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This is a big story within Michigan, and pretty unimportant outside of the state.  It is only news because it just about completes a comprehensive Blue-Plate Special, of Michigan sweeping instate recruiting, to the detriment of Michigan State.  Three of the kids (Ross, Jenkins-Stone and Richardson) came out of Detroit Cass Tech, coached by former Michigan running back Thomas Wilcher.

These are very good instate kids; not national super-studs.  Not one of them was a big target for OSU.  (Ross held OSU and ND offers; however he was not a prominent target of recruiting or a strong lean anywhere but UM and MSU.)  But also interesting is the news of Michigan getting two kids out of Farmington Hills (MI) Harrison, which was formerly thought to be a Spartan feeder school.

Buckeyes:  this is a story that is much more relevant to "October," than "November."

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I saw this Buckshot and was all rage face (even though it was expected) but then read your comment, M Man, and my rage was assuaged. I thought your last comment about Oct vs. November was a good one. Are other TTUN fans excited about these commitments? 

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Is "TTUN" us?  Or Sparty?  I got as far as 'That T ___ Up North.'  I think I need to buy a vowel.

The MGoBloggers are pretty jazzed about Hoke's recruiting so far.  I don't think they'd disagree with me all that much; they just want 'reason to believe,' ya know?  As I say, these are all good, solid kids.  Our sweeping all of them is as bad for MSU as it is good for us.  Nothing wrong with getting any of them.  It's just that we're not exactly stealing Ohio's top kids away from Columbus.  And, naturally, I'd like very much to steal Ohio's top kids away from Columbus.

All your tailbacks are belong to us.

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That Team Up North...Woody phrase

"Just bow up and go out and play." ~ D. Lee

"As it stands right now, I know I am the best athlete in college football." ~ B. Miller

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Got it; I was accustomed to TSUN...  I was sort of hoping that perhaps you had something less respectful for Sparty.  You can work on it.