SbB Asserts Tressel Behind Poe's Reassignment

By Chris Lauderback on May 13, 2011 at 8:05p

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Brooks is the biggest joke of all time. I really wish people would stop posting links to his blog and making him appear legitimate. I posted a question for him months ago on facebook that, apparently embarrassed him. I was immediately banned from his page (along with the 3-4 people that 'liked' my comment).

He's not even the National Enquirer of sports. More like dime novel.

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Just out of curiosity, what was the question you asked?

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I don't disagree though the timing is certainly odd and her credentials and reputation are tough to argue with. 

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Right. The problem with Brooks is, he writes stories like this that take huge leaps and retroactively removes them when the truth doesn't fit the narrative. He's been called out on it multiple times.

"Tressel Breaks Promise, Ousts Football PR Person" is a completely indefensible headline. 

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I hear you. I'm no Brooks lover. Just throwing it out there for folks to discuss. 

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Phfewwwwww.  This headline made me a little nervous.

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His followers are just as bad. Look at those comments. Ohio State = Evil Empire. We've pretty much sold our souls to be Ohio State fans.

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2 words: who cares.

"There's a fine line between stupid, and....clever.  David St. Hubbins/Nigel Tufnel

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I do.

As a guy who was around the Ohio State communications department quite a bit as a college student (and being a part of it for three years), I became pretty acquainted with Shelly Poe, and she's a first-class, delightful, wonderful person to work with and she deserves much, much, much more than this. It's a shame this is what it has come to. And, believe what you want about the gentleman that wrote this post, but I wouldn't be surprised AT ALL if Tressel had something to do with it. While I worked there, there was plenty of buzz that Tressel and Poe frequently disagreed and butted heads. It's no secret that Tressel is no fan of disclosure in regards to player availability, that's a fact.

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In fact, the media nearly had a stroke during the Fiesta Bowl week when Terrelle Pryor was made unavailable for interviews. This is the kind of approach that is going to piss your PR point person, and the entire media, and Tressel hasn't changed that approach much. I'm not saying one or the other is wrong or right, I'm just saying, the crux of the post isn't exactly hard to believe.

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piss off* your PR point person.

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Anybody think that Shelly just might have wanted a less stressful job?

Long live the southend.