Trey Burke Named Mr. Ohio Basketball

By Jason Priestas on March 24, 2011 at 11:47a

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Mr. Ohio does not mean you are good enough for tOSU.

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lol true, but Michigan hoops is on the right track, seems like they are moving toward being a very good team with a good coach.   Maybe we are seeing the birth of the greatest rivalry in college basketball! lol.

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We'll all be very lucky if both guys just play all four years for their respective schools.  I like to beat Duke like Jalen does, but I have nothing but respect for the way that Duke gets most of its kids to stay all four years, play as seniors, and get degrees.

I have to say that the picture of your four graduating seniors doing O-H-I-O is one of the Conference's best basketball pictures of the year.

Welcome aboard, Trey Burke.  You're really going to like the new Basketball Player Development Center.


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how the hell did matta let this kid slip away? Christ, you would think the kid would want to play with his high school buddy on the #1 team in the country! And he even played for Satch Sullinger? I hope this kid doesn't turn into the Chuck Woodson of TTUN b-ball.

Btalbert, you sound like you're excited about the fact that TTUN actually might have players to compete and occasionally beat Ohio State. Do you long for the Ayers/O'brien/Cooper years?



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Burke committed to Penn State a couple of years ago and Matta already had Craft and Shannon Scott in the fold, not to mention Lenzelle Smith. Simply wasn't enough room, but I'll take Craft for the next 3 years and Scott is a McDonald's AA.

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not enough schollies, plus craft is already here and shannon scott (i think thats it) is a McD All american and Mr. Georgia and is headed here next year.