Cecil Newton Was at the Game, After All

By Jason Priestas on January 11, 2011 at 11:28a

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Is it Saturday Yet's picture

"Now wait and see if this photo was actually manipulated.  We can't rush to judgments.  Do we know if he has a twin?"  <Herbie Voice>

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Brent made it a point of emphasis during the game to say that his dad was "watching on TV".

The Auburn officials had to know he was there.  And if he got onto the field, how did that happen?  Did he have creditials?  Or did he say I am Cam's dad and they let him go? 

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I'm sure there was a TV in the Auburn AD's suite, so Brent wasn't making things up.

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I dont think he ever got onto the field.. I believe the picture is taken of him in the stands hugging his father.... which makes that picture that was taken by that press member friggin impressive

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I'm pretty sure Brent said Cecil was in town but not at the game or not at the stadium - I forget the exact wording he used. Auburn's AD did say he wasn't at the game.

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i wish it was a year or two from now with that cheater is giving back his trophy and auburn is getting the death penalty

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Wow. Apparently some people just don't believe the rules apply to them.

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Those rules don't apply to SEC, only to kids that sell their own personal property.