2012 BCS Title Futures

By Jason Priestas on January 13, 2011 at 12:20p

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I'll buy that for dollar!

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Futures are usually a huge sucker bet, but we might be very undervalued here.  I'll need to do some win probabilities to figure it out, though.  Also, all are based on the odds of being undefeated up to that point.

Akron: .999

Toledo: .99

@Miami: .65

Colorado: .95

MSU: .7 (.8 if suspensions reduced)

@Nebraska: .5

@Illinois: .7

Wisconsin: .65

Indiana: .95

@Purdue: .85

PSU: .7

@Michigan: .75

BTC Game (Nebraska?): .6

4% chance of running the table.  50% chance of winning title game, 2%.  50-1 or so going undefeated.

Odds of losing a game and making the title game are probably fairly close as well, but that requires a lot more work.  Even so, 25-1 by my calculations.  It's going to be a tough season and the conference championship game makes it even harder.