Suspended Players Apologize to Teammates

December 27, 2010 at 11:11a    by Jason Priestas    


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I just don't see what is gained by benching them.  They appeal would be a waste of time because Ohio State would thoroughly piss off the NCAA/BCS because the ratings will definitely suffer as a result.  They guys will still be missed for 5 games or at best 4.  All they'll do is make 0-10 inevitable.  I guess it's a pretty repectable thing for Tressel to do, but I don't know, doesn't seem like anything positive comes from it, and we get to see another ass whooping by the SEC on January 4th.

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0-10 what? are? you? smokin?

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I'm smoking whatever it takes to realize that if TP doesn't play in the bowl game there is no damn way Ohio State beats Arkansas.  Therefore, 0-10 against the SEC in bowl games.

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Maybe I'm downplaying the psychological impact of all of this, but all of the commentary surrounding this has a bigger impact on the fanbase than on the players. We're dealing with football players, and dumb kids. That's it. To talk about how this affects Tressel's trust in TP is like talking about what goes on in the Oval Office on a daily basis. Quite simply, we have no clue.

When these guys are on the football field, all of the other BS falls away. TP is not spending his time pondering the finer points of morality. He's a football player, and they will do what they do best come January 4th. This will not be the reason that we lose.

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Lou Holtz just said on CFB Live that if he were the coach at tOSU he would absolutely let them play. 

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Lou Holtz loves OSU. Therefore, I love Lou Holtz.

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When your boss, and your league's boss, fight for guys to be eligible, you can't thumb nose at them, by sitting players RT @GenoG:

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Mark May hates OSU. Therefore, I hate Mark May.

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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Lou Holtz spits on Mark May when he talks, so therefore I like Lou Holtz.