Braxton Miller Fluff

By Alex on October 14, 2010 at 9:35p

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JakeBuckeye's picture

I hate to be THAT guy, but calling Miller "The Next Pryor" is kind of racial...

I mean, they're just really different in size and as players.

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I think you're always doing a player a disservice by comparing them to other players. No 2 players are the same, and it's unrealistic to have those expectations on someone. It's like calling calling Trey Burton Tebow 2.0. You're just setting the kid up for failure.

buckeyedude's picture

I sure don't see anything "racist" by comparing Terrelle to Braxton.  Odd to me that anyone would.



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Or maybe it's because they're both QB's, both Dual-threat, and both playing at Ohio State. Your probably right though it's because they're both black...SMH

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In my opinion it is definitely because they are both black.  That's what got TP all the Vince Young references, he's tall, fast, black and a QB.  No one ever made comparisons to Tebow who was similar in style.  Same with Dane being compared to Wes Welker and Jordan Shipley all the time.  Drives me nuts.  TV guys just don't have enough brain capacity to come up with original material so you see a quick white guy at WR and automatically he reminds you of Wes Welker. 

Alex's picture

You're right...always thought Dane was the next Greg Camarillo!!!! ;)

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Thanks Alex, that's the best laugh I've had for a while.

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You don't see any other simlarities among those receivers?

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I NEVER compared Dane to Wes Welker or Jordan Shipley. I ALWAYS compared him to Anthony Gonzalez(Hispanic surname, duh). Does that make me a racist, or "racially sensitive?"

I never can figure out this P.C. crap.



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With the passing abilities they're talking about, he sounds more like a Steve Young, or (dare I say it?) Donovan McNabb type.