Vanderbilt Coordinators Have Followed a Bunch of PSU Recruits on Twitter

By DJ Byrnes on January 7, 2014 at 11:41a
Vandy Coordintors Could Be on the Move

Al Golden was the next coach at Penn State until he announced he wasn't. And yesterday, six out of 10 Penn State assistants tendered their resignation. Now, speculation has turned to Vanderbilt's James Franklin. This morning, the speculation was ratcheted up a bit: 

This morning on Twitter, Vanderbilt defensive coordinator Bob Shoop and his offensive counterpart John Donovan began following Penn State commitments on Twitter, adding fuel to the speculation that their boss, James Franklin, will replace  Bill O'Brien as the Nittany Lions' coach.

Obviously this is something truly bizarre or something is afoot. If this hire does pan out, and it doesn't tickle the fancy of highly-touted tight end Mike Gesicki... well, kid, Urban Meyer is on the line.


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Or they are looking to flip kids that don't have a HC.   

Fitzbuck | Toledo - Ohio's right armpit | "A troll by any other name is still a troll".

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It was pretty funny when he joined the set on ESPN2. They introduced and said, "current Vanderbilt coach, James Franklin"
His response, "slow down"

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I'd prefer him over the other names thrown around. I think he's a really good coach and that's what the B1G needs right now. Just wish BOB wasn't the trade off... 

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If you really think about it, this would be the third B1G head coach upgrade over the past two offseasons. Gary Anderson is clearly better than Bert (BERT!) at Wisconsin. I'd argue a ham sandwich would have been an upgrade at Purdue, but they insisted on Darrell Hazell, which is even better.
Finally, BOB was not long for the collegiate game. James Franklin seems to be, and if he stabilizes the program at Penn State, all the better.

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Spam would have been an upgrade

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Remember when his Signing Day room erupted in celebration when Vonn Bell picked Ohio State over Tennessee?  

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I'm torn. I want the conference to be stronger and have better coaches, but then again, if I'm honest, I do find a certain level of satisfaction when certain teams are terrible. 
Having said that, I think Franklin would be a good hire for Penn State. Living near Nashville though, I wonder about the impact him leaving Vanderbilt will have there. He has done things there that have never been done before and has gotten the school to upgrade facilities and work on the stadium. I can't imagine another coach coming in and having the same success there.

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The PSU fans are still arrogant and delusional, if you visit their 24/7 board. They keep thumbing their nose up at certain candidates, and they act as if a PSU is a top 5 coaching job.

"You win with people." - Woody Hayes

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 PSU is a Top 10 question.

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After the Paterno nightmare and the current Paterno cult to deal with, I say you're wrong.
Top 5 coaching jobs, all tied in my eyes for being the best:
Ohio State, Texas, Alabama, Notre Dame, USC

After that I would say:
6. M*chg*n
7. Florida
8. Nebraska
9. Florida State
10. Oklahoma 

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Nice list.
I'd go with 
1. Texas - High school talent, money from school
2. Ohio State - High school talent, most fans of any college team
3. USC - High school talent, live in Cali
4. Alabama - Tradition, cute girls in case I wanted to have an affair
5. Notre Dame 
6. Penn State - Tradition, large stadium, great fanbase
7. Florida State - Live in FL, tradition
8. Michigan - Reluctant to put them in the top 10 considering nobody has wanted the job the last 2 times.
9. Nebraska - Not sure if it's the same job it used to be, but its still up there
10. Florida - Because Urban used to coach there.


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Not sure a school like Nebraska gets on this list ahead of Florida.  Clemson is paying their OC $1.3m and DC 800k and is in the middle of a wealth of recruiting and a gorgeous location.  At this point I'd say Clemson is a better gig than Nebraska.  I'm not sure how the Oregon job isn't better than Nebraska as well.  Hell I'd say half of the PAC12 are better jobs than Nebraska.  Tell me how well tradition is selling Nebraska when they can't get a recruit on campus before their Senior year because the recruit doesn't want to pay to get there out of his own pocket.  Or that they hold onto Bo Pellini when clearly they have huge issues with his conduct and coaching because they are petrified that they won't be able to land anyone again and will end up with Bill Callahan.  
1. Texas 2 OSU 3 Florida 4 Alabama 5 USC 6 ND 7 FSU 8 A&M 9 Michigan 10 Penn St

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Vanderbilt's just going all Tim Beckman on PSU's (future) players.