Ohio State to Wear Scarlet Rivalry Jerseys in Orange Bowl

By DJ Byrnes on December 23, 2013 at 12:28p

Per the Ohio State YouTube page, it appears Ohio State will be donning the scarlet rivalry uniforms last seen during the Wisconsin game. If it feels like it's been forever since OSU wore scarlet in a bowl game, it's because the last time they did was in the 2008 BCS title game against Louisiana State University.

Hopefully it turns out better this time.

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RED?!?  really?

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I think you mean Scarlet, but it's all good. We're undefeated in alternate uniforms so let's hope that trend continues. Go Bucks!

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Sorry to offend your guys' delicate sensibilities — I'll change it — but the color on those jerseys is RED. 

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They have been lying to us this whole time.


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Really makes ya think. Eat the bread, everyone.


Californian by birth, Marionaire by the Grace of President Warren G. Harding.

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Grey? Gray? Grey? Gray? ...... hmmmmmm.

did not know this

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You can't hide from this behind a weird twitter classic, my good man. Just take it. It's ok. We all slip up sometimes. 
(however, you do get a figurative +1 for use of a graeyalien tweet. I see what you did there.)

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Hide!??!?! BUDDY I WILL NEVER HIDE!!!!1111


Californian by birth, Marionaire by the Grace of President Warren G. Harding.

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damnit dj!  I never wanted to be that guy...and I ended up doing it anyway...  please forgive :)

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Why is the foul pole in fair territory?

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At this point, lets just make those "rivalry" uniforms (both home and away) our full time uniforms...then for the dUMb game we'll wear the "throwback" uniforms, which are our current set of real/non-rivalry/Indiana-Pudue-Illinois-Iowa uniforms.  
I would be cool with that.  They're pretty fresh looking.
I would venture to guess, that the casual fan outside of the state of Ohio, has only seen us in these "rivalry" uniforms the past couple years anyhow.
Urban?  Phil Knight?  Gene Smith?  Beuller?

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After the last two games, I'm glad we're at least not wearing white...

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If you look good, you feel good....and vice versa.

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I'd agree with just going with the current "rivalry" jerseys as the default.  Both the white and scarlet tops are good looks and seem to be just a fresh take on the current uniforms we are used to.
The players like them, the recruits like them, they aren't that much different than the historical Ohio State uniforms.  I say go for it - Urban obviously likes them.

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I agree that these are both great uniforms, but I think there is an attraction to having regular uniforms and special alts (e.g. Notre Dame's green jersey). I like that our alts are amplified versions of our regulars. 

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I would love to have that orange bowl patch. Where can I purchase that?

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really. wish. that. we. would. wear. white.

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Your. Avatar. Disagrees.

vacuuming sucks

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nice. my avatar better be able to cover sammy watkins, or i'll be drinking heavily by halftime.

"The will to win is not as important as the will to prepare to win." - Wayne Woodrow Hayes 

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I want to see my avatar.

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We never lose wearing alternates so sure why not.

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"The will to win is not as important as the will to prepare to win." - Wayne Woodrow Hayes 

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Much rather see OSU in road unis while Clemson sports their horrendous all orange outfit.  Also prefer that OSU had a consistent policy of only wearing scarlet in the Shoe.

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Clemson should wear their navies

"The will to win is not as important as the will to prepare to win." - Wayne Woodrow Hayes 

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I thought that we are Scarlet and Gray team!!!!


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Did we last see these during the Penn State game?

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As long as we don't wear the shiny, helmets with the huge, pink stripe ever again I'll be happy. I can actually live with these jerseys over our current  home ones who have not even a hint of grey/silver whatsoever...

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The person sewing those patches didn't appear to be an Asian child.  Are we sure Nike authorized this?

A man got to have a code...

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Although I agree, this comment comes very close to being political.

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I've always wondered how its decided which team wears the away uniforms in bowl and neutral site games. And why do we tend to wear the away white jerseys more often than the home scarlet in such games? Is it a flip of the coin, higher ranking, bowl committee, TV producer's choice ...? 
Anyone know?

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I asked the same question when we wore the whites for the B1G Championship game.

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Not sure about bowls, although I think the higher ranked team is "home" and gets to choose uniform color...
here's some info about the B1G Championship...
a snippet, if you don't want to follow the link:

The Big Ten alternates home team status between the two divisions, Legends and Leaders, with Michigan State serving as the home team in the inaugural event in 2011 and Wisconsin rocking home kits last year against Nebraska.


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Nobody knows. Not Gene Smith. Not even Jim Delany.
I hear it's an ancient Chinese secret.



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I really like these unis - both the scarlet ones and the white ones - but I'd prefer that they were left for rivalries as the name implies. Of course, I won't lose sleep that the Buckeyes are donning them in the Orange Bowl, but whatevs.

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Totally agree.  Regular uni's are the best, I would prefer those.

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Am I the only one that got super confused when he said Louisiana State University instead of LSU?

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Am I in the minority in not being crazy about alternate uniforms becoming a regular thing?  I'm fine with doing them every now and then (i.e. once or twice a year), but if they switched those things to be the default I'd be pretty disgusted.

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The frequency of these "rivalry" jerseys - which I absolutely love - is the program's way of desensitizing us to the inevitability of them becoming permanent. 

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Fact: That is the first time anyone has ever spelt out LSU. 

I wasn't born a Buckeye but I became one as fast as I could. 

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Whoa, we always have to wear white for big games. I thought it was BS that the bucks had to wear white in the B1G championship game (higher ranked team should have choice).

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Maybe I'm in the minority, but I prefer the away white uniforms. And I really love our all-white away uniforms, and I consider myself a traditionalist. The recent throwback uniforms have not been good in my opinion. I hate that they changed the helmets. Our helmets are non-negotiable, however our alternative helmets keep all the  character, while giving them an updated feel. 

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"Sweet, recruits will love this..."

"I'm having a heart attack!"

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If my records ( memory ) are correct, we are undefeated in alternative jerseys, correct?