2013 Through Glass: My 30 Favorite Photos of the Year

By Walt Keys on December 19, 2013 at 11:50a
Vonn Bell

#30 / Freshman, Vonn Bell waits to take the field.

Throughout the course of the 2013 season, I snapped 15,566 photos of the Buckeyes playing football. Each week I narrow those down into 100 or so shots that I like, or that tell the story of the game. From that large pool of shots, I have managed to sort out my favorite 30 photos from 2013. You can check those shots out, starting with Vonn Bell above, and counting down to #1.

Dontre Wilson

#29 / Dontre Wilson, pre-ejection.

Chris Fields

#28 / Chris Fields celebrates at Purdue.

Evan Spencer

#27 / Evan Spencer and the boys take the field in California.

Ryan Shazier

#26 / All-American, Ryan Shazier.


#25 / Cheerleaders.


#24 / TBDBITL watches on at Illinois.

Carmen Ohio

#23 / Joey Bosa and the gang sing "Carmen Ohio" in a chilly Ross-Ade Stadium.


#22 / The artists formerly known as "The Clown Show" endure a fall practice.

The Smoothest

#21 / Kenny G, cheesin' pre-game. He likes his one, too.

Dontre Wilson

#20 / The Dontre Wilson Hype Machine.


#19 / Braxton Getting loose against Northwestern

El Guapo

#18 / El Guapo's emotional press conference following the Northwestern game.

Carmen Ohio

#17 / "Carmen Ohio" in Indiana.


#16 / X-Brax Five.


#15 / Bandemonium.

Carlos Hyde

#14 / Carlos Hyde flying in to save the day at Illinois.

Jon Waters

#13 / TBDBITL's Fearless Leader, Jon Waters, directing the band up north.

Adolphus Washington

#12 / Queen City Sack Machine, Adolphus Washington.

Carlos Hyde

#11 / Carlos Hyde celebrating with the Chicagoland Buckeyes.


#10 / Hopping around in Indianapolis.


#9 / TBDBITL marches on Ann Arbor.


#8 / Three-headed monster

Michael Bennett

#7 / Michael Bennett getting his mind right.

MIke Mitchell

#6 / Freshman, Mike Mitchell, at his very first Ohio State practice.

Carlos Hyde

#5 / Carlos Hyde, doing his thing in the endzone.

Noah Spence

#4 / Noah Spence takes a walk during fall camp.

Urban Meyer

#3 / Urban Meyer ventures into Michigan for the first time as head coach.

Cal fans

#2 / Berkeley had a distinctively Midwestern feel to it in mid-september.

Braxton & Philly

#1 / Braxton and Philly making eyes at each another at Purdue.

Full 2013 Photo-Sets: Spring GameFall Camp / Media Day / Cal / Northwestern / Purdue / Illinois / Michigan / B1G Championship Game / 


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shadybuck's picture

I hate to be "that guy", but # 17 looks like Ross-Ade

Block_O's picture

You are correct, it is Ross-Ade Stadium

FROMTHE18's picture

this picture makes it look fuller than it usually is....

Walt Keys's picture

Indeed, I've updated it, those early November road trips really blend together. Thanks for the catch.

chad1244's picture

Technically, you are right....Ross Aide is in Indiana

Denny's picture

I realize this is me getting into the weeds a bit but what do you use to shoot on gameday, Walt?


Walt Keys's picture

Generally I shoot with a Canon 7D, and sometimes a second 5D body. I bring along a 7-200mm 2.8 zoom, my trusty 50mm 1.4 and something extra on the wider-side.

CCatanzaro's picture

That picture of Bennett (#7) is enough to give people up north nightmares.  Glad he's on our side.

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stittracer99's picture

Great pics. Interesting that all of the game shots are from road games.

Jason Priestas's picture

Ohio State won't give photo credentials to blogs for home football games. Yeah, it's dumb.

stittracer99's picture

Not even for The Best Damn Blog In The Land???

d5k's picture

Send a link to these to the right people and that could change I would think.

Baroclinicity's picture

15,566 photos?  Can you please send them all to me in a zip file?
I really like #24.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

BeijingBucks's picture

I sent them all to you in RAW format but it says your mailbox is full... Like forever? Please advise. 

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DJ Byrnes's picture

Walt, obviously I begrudge you out of spite and jealousy of your massive talent so my opinion doesn't hold much weight, but this is my favorite of the year (from Purdue):

Full sizes found here.

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Walt Keys's picture

DJ, I didn't want to steal the thunder from your glorious Twitter page: https://twitter.com/marion_ohio

cinserious's picture

I didn''t recognize Vonn Bell in the first pic without his bowtie ;)
Also the Dontre Wilson pic was blank, was he to fast for the camera?

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droessl's picture

Love #9 and #4. Great stuff all around though, Walt! Really appreciate the work. 

TMac's picture

Some really nice captures Walt!

ONE Not Done!


Love Meyer's expression on his face in the TTUN pic. He looks like he's smelling a really bad smell LOL

"Sherman ran an option play right through the south" - Greatest Civil War analogy EVER.

MN Buckeye's picture

You are a true artist, Walt! Awesome.

Maestro's picture

Awesome, thanks for sharing.

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Hovenaut's picture

Bravo, well done folks......very nice look back.

BuckToAsT's picture

Clearly, Dontre provoked the ambush by scUM players.  Just look at the way he pointed at one of them. 
I mean, he was basically asking for it.

00Buck's picture

Why didn't Urbans ANGRY PIC make it....scared the hell outta me !

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AngryWoody's picture

The last photo from the Cal game is my favorite.

Our Honor Defend!

PittBuckeye's picture

Some of the band were awesome. Good stuff all around.

Poison nuts's picture

Hey Walt, thanks for this post! My business here in Florida is video production & photography & I appreciate your stuff quite a bit. Both the photos & all the design work. It's sort of a not so secret dream of mine to shoot an OSU game from the field some day. You're a lucky man & thanks once again. Keep up the good work - Go Bucks!

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OSUNEA1986's picture

Bandemonium! LOL!