Miami (OH) Gave Their New Coach a Crusty Children's Jersey at His Introductory Press Conference

December 5, 2013 at 4:24a    by DJ Byrnes    
Football coach Chuck Martin, left, and athletic director David Sayler are ready to move the RedHawks forward. Provided/Miami U.


OXFORD — In introducing Chuck Martin as its 36th head football coach on Wednesday, Miami pulled out all the stops: marching band, cheerleaders, mascot Swoop. Two of the backdrops bore the familiar Cradle of Coaches branding with the 15 Mid-American Conference championship years emblazoned along the top.

Martin, 45, wore a tie with the beveled M logo and said the right things about the school’s coaching lineage and how the bucolic campus awash in red brick was “a special place.”

But make no mistake: Martin was hired not for his reverence for the school’s storied history but for his vision for making some of his own.

Well, Miami didn't pull out ALL the stops to introduce their new coach. What's going on with that jersey? It looks crusty, and as Derek Zoolander would say, "WHAT IS THIS!?!? A REPLICA JERSEY FOR AN ANT!?" 



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As someone that dislikes Miami and everything it stands for, this brings me no small amount of joy. 

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That is the worst looking jersey I've ever seen.  They couldn't buy anything better than that??? WOW!

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"Who put the wool jersey in the dryer!?"

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Jerry Sandusky-approved.

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“Not everybody’s the perfect person in the world, I mean everyone kills people, murders people, steals from you, steals from me, whatever. I think that people need a second chance, and I’ve always looked up to Mike Vick." -TP

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Really? Child rape jokes?

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Dry-Clean Only!

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Immediately after the press conference, the jersey was returned to the Miami Center for Equipment Managers Who Don't Laundry Good.

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You are really trying hard with the limited material that is available today.  I'll give you that. 

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I amuse myself.  It isn't that hard.

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I figured you would have gone with:  They then returned the jersey to Mordecai Martin, the individual in charge of picking up towels and ensuring the bath water is hot.

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You're seriously correcting intentionally bad grammar?

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Nice recovery!

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I'm nothing if not a well writer.

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What the heck ... when did I miss the EARLE CHANGING ICON thread?

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I switched back to the "Victory Earle" icon that I used during Hate Week last year.  It seemed appropriate to stick with it for another week.
I wouldn't dream of creating a thread for it, though.

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Good call ... there is no place on this site for shenanigans like that!

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"Queen my dishes please."
"It's 'Queen' to make it funny."
"He doesn't get it."

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Some lines should not be crossed.

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Come on Earle!  We ain't be the SEC.

"Say my name."

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Befitting of any of The Li'l Eleven Institutions. Of course Miami is a cut above any of those sewer holes of higher lurnin'. GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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I'm pretty sure that's a normal jersey- a lot of the new ones are made of some crazy poly-stretch fabric.  The big WTF is why are they giving him a jersey at all?  Does he have eligibility left?

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Get the feeling Chuck Martin want to look over that contract again.

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