Two Ohio State Assistant Cheerleading Coaches Fired for Sexual Harassment

By DJ Byrnes on November 18, 2013 at 12:45p
OSU Cheerleaders

The Lantern dropped a well-reported story today on Ohio State cheerleading, and the picture it paints is not very pretty:

When nine Ohio State cheerleaders were questioned during an investigation into sexual harassment allegations brought against two assistant coaches, none of the students were surprised a complaint was filed. The coaches’ behavior, which included hinting at sex and touching team members inappropriately, was described as “creepy,” but it was conduct the cheerleaders had come to expect.

... The two coaches were fired in May after an OSU investigation found “sufficient evidence” both men had violated the university’s Sexual Harassment Policy.

OSU received an anonymous complaint via EthicsPoint, OSU’s anonymous reporting line, April 6 that accused OSU assistant cheerleading coaches Eddie Hollins and Dana Bumbrey of creating a hostile environment by sexually harassing cheerleaders, according to investigation records obtained by The Lantern. The report alleged Hollins had specifically harassed male cheerleaders, while Bumbrey had specifically harassed female cheerleaders.

Head coach Lenee Buchman was disciplined this summer for not following proper protocol with reporting a complaint she had received against her assistant coaches.  She has been retained by the university.

Again, props to The Lantern for a well-reported story.


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They should have been fired. Wonder why Head Coach was retained instead of getting the boot as well?? No place for that junk to be tolerated,at all.


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3 things the national media is going to run wild with IMO:
1) Happened at OSU
2) Assistant Coach was dealt with once in 2006 for sexual harassment, and yet was kept on staff all these years later (despite the apparent sentiment amongst the OSU cheerleading community [according to The Lantern article] that he was doing inappropriate things all along)
3) They gave the cheerleading coach a raise despite two members of her staff getting fired for sexual harassment only months earlier (1% raise or not)

Not saying that it's fair for people to run with those points, just that I foresee them doing so. Horrible situation regardless, feel very sorry for the young men and women who were taken advantage of by those who had authority over them.

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It's cheerleading....
As much as Ohio State moves the needle, I don't think the national media is going to run wild with any story about cheerleading coaches.
Don't misinterpret this comment for me thinking that this isn't a big deal either.

And when we win the game, we'll buy a keg of boooooooooze!! And we'll drink to old Ohio 'till we wobble in our shoes.

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I ask this question not to doubt you, but because I'm relatively ignorant on the matter -- would Cheerleading be something that's perceived as being under the OSU athletic department's administrative umbrella? If so, I could very easily see people applying this as another "OSU administration lacks control" story. 

FWIW, I've already seen this particular story posted three places today, one of which was the front page of MSN. So I do feel it may get some national run.

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It does appear to be part of the athletic department (although not a varsity sport)

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The 0 is silent.

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"yeah, me and that cheerleader, we GOT IT ON!!!!"
"no, no ya didn't..."

"Yeah well, the other assistant coach, him and her GOT IT ON!!!"
"No, no they didn't..."

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The 0 is silent.

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Wonder how the student newspaper beat the Dispatch on this?

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The Dispatch, Blade and all had stories on Saturday. 

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The Lantern did not beat the Dispatch to the story.
On Friday evening, I checked my Dispatch phone app. This story was on there. It was a classic OSU move. Take out the trash to Encarnacion Pyle of the Dispatch for the late Friday afternoon news dump. Folks are focused on the weekend or other things.
Standard operating procedure for any entity.

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This is just a weird story that I hope gets dealt with by the grownups at the school.
Also, a head cheerleading coach gets $43,000 a year? How much work does that involve? Does she have to teach a class too?

High and tight boo boo

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I'm even more surprised that the head cheerleading coach has at least 2 assistants.   We need at least 3 cheerleading coaches??!!!!

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Whereas I totally appreciate differing views, I would like to share my own. Lenee was my coach at Kent before she was hired at tOSU in the same position. I do not condone any type of sexual harassment in any means as it is terrible, but I am going to say (well, type) this... I for one, know her as a quality coach and human being. She is very skilled at her craft and was a very accomplished individual in her college days and elevated Kent State to a perennial top 20 squad. I want to say she took third in the nation in the partner stunt competition. I do not know what exactly occurred, but from what I know of her as my coach for 4 years, if she knew all the details, she would not stand for it. Take this as you will, but this is me pledging my vote of confidence for Lenee. She is very dedicated to her profession and in addition to games, camps, and community events, we still had around 25 hours of practice per week. No disrespect is meant to anyone, especially the victims involved, but I will always respect that woman and her family...

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