Wisconsin Student Announcer's First Trip To the Horseshoe

By DJ Byrnes on October 3, 2013 at 10:34a
The Taj Mahal

A Wisconsin student radio announcer from SBNation's Bucky's 5th Quarter made his first hajj to Ohio Stadium this past weekend, and the results are rather hilarious.

  • Ohio Stadium is loud.
  • Ohio Stadium is big.
  • Ohio Stadium is intimidating.
  • Ohio Stadium is classic.
  • Ohio Stadium has a lot of history.
  • Ohio Stadium should be on your sports bucket list.
  • There's a lot of room outside Ohio Stadium to tailgate.

These are things you already know, but it's interesting to hear them through someone who has never been to Ohio Stadium/isn't affiliated with the school. The kid clearly realizes the regalness of what he experienced. I think, however, this is my favorite paragraph (emphasis his):

Side note: my favorite part was every time the Badgers faced a third down, "Hells Bells" by ACDC would come raining down from the sound system. It got so freaking loud it was absurd. I'm a huge fan of that song at football games and I got chills every single time they played it.

So, if you were in attendance Saturday night, take a bow. You've earned it.


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BuckeyeAtHeart22's picture

This kid might have converted if he was at the Shoe for the 2006 UM or 2009 USC games.  

DMcDougal24's picture

He was so careful to not come out and say that the Shoe beats Camp Randall, but it's hard to interpret it any other way. Both are fantastic venues I'm certain but he would not have this reaction if he had grown accustomed to it over the years at Camp Randall. 

Chief B1G Dump's picture

Refreshing that someone came out with a honest reaction.
Going to miss out nice little rivalry with the Badgers.

shortbus20's picture

I watched this on ESPNU yesterday and I thought they did a great job interacting with the players.

  • shortbus20
doodah_man's picture

If you can spend a day/nite at a game in the Shoe and not feel some type of emotion, you are emotionally dead....

Jim "DooDah" Day

"If I were giving a young man advice as to how he might succeed in life, I would say to him, pick out a good father and mother, and begin life in Ohio.” --Wilbur Wright, 1910

741's picture

I will say this: I think the difference in the Urban era (as it relates to stadium loudness and overall fan participation in the game) is the students. They are showing up and engaging - and honestly, it might have a lot to do with the quick cals thing they started last year. It is pretty amazing now in year two seeing all of south stands (and even some of the surrounding sections) doing the quick cals in unison with the team. Genius move by Coach Meyer and staff.

harp35's picture

Credit to the kid for keeping it real. Didn't tow the company line gave credit were it was deserved.It is refreshing to see.

toledobuckeyefanjim's picture

He's another kid in need of a dictionary. Monstrosity also means unsightly besides being large. The Shoe is definitely not unsightly, and certainly not a monstrosity.