Earl Campbell: Time for Mack Brown To Go

By DJ Byrnes on September 30, 2013 at 1:26p
This is awesome.

From CBS:

Former Texas running back, Heisman Trophy winner and NFL Hall-of-Famer Earl Campbell thinks it's time for Texas and Mack Brown to part ways.

"Nobody likes to get fired or leave a job, but things happen," Campbell told Fox 26 in Houston. "I'd go on record and say 'yes I think it's time.'

"I'd just say this, I take my hat off for USC for what they've done. They didn't mess around with it. They just said 'let's do it now.' I think at some point our university's people are going to have make a decision."

Mack Brown, faced with a no-win situation:

And incase you're wondering who is more popular with Texas fans at the moment:

Things are getting hot down in Texas, and unless Mack Brown rallies the troops and leads Texas to a next-door-to-impossible BCS title run, it's looking like he'll be on the outs after the year. (That still may not satiate Earl Campbell, who apparently wants to see Mack Brown fired in an airport parking lot.)


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BTBuckeye's picture

Awesome picture / Canadian tuxedo

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Not a good fit for formatting, but the all-around-boss-hoggness of the picture was too much to ignore.

Californian by birth, Marionaire by the Grace of President Warren G. Harding.

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Is Earl Campbell a registered trademark???

And when we win the game, we'll buy a keg of boooooooooze!! And we'll drink to old Ohio 'till we wobble in our shoes.

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im 99% sure i saw that same picture on a package of hotdogs at walmart...

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Ha...also, last time I checked (2006?), there was a statue of said boss-hog outside of their Stadium. I didn't see a Mack Brown statue.
That being said, Mack Brown has handled this situation pretty good so far IMO. I think he's mostly been a class act throughout his career. He doesn't deserve to be discarded like hot garbage (kiffin).

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Earl was and still is " the man".lol Agree with him though.Sometimes coaches wear out their welcome, because of recruiting, bad hires, or just bad decisions. College and pro legends never do, especially at their alma maters. The longer Texas waits, the more recruits they will lose to other schools. USC did it the right way. Why prolong the inevitable??


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When did it become "the cool thing" to have former players weigh in on the current coach??
Seriously  Tommy Frazier with Bo Pelini and now Earl Campbell with Mack Brown.....if it were Eddie George calling for the job of Urban or Tressel before him I wouldn't really care either way about his opinion. (and I really think Eddie is above something like that and I KNOW Archie is.)
When former players do that it gets to me...I understand you want your former team and alma mater to win...but c'mon....if you need to say something...say it to the AD and Mack Brown himself...talking about it on the radio is such a bitch move to me.

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"When did it become "the cool thing" to have former players weigh in on the current coach??"

Indeed. Or former players on former coaches (see Harris, Franco on Paterno, Joe).

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Eddie George and others all but called for Tressel to go in 2011.

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That's interesting, never knew that.
links? articles?
Edit: When did they call for his job for losing games and not winning championships? If it was anything was probably because he put the university in jeopardy by not reporting violations and costing Ohio State a bowl victory, vacated wins, and scholarship reductions.
Still would like to see some articles where Eddie George specifically asks for resignation from Tress.

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I met Earl Campbell a few times when I worked in Tyler and he came to speak to our kids at Gilmer as well. He's a very well thought of man and I would say that if he's calling for Mack Brown's head, it won't be long till there is a new coach in Austin. 

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The writing is on the wall....he just said what everyone is basically thinking. 

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This is still one of my favorite pictures...




     " I hope when I die, I die laughing"...                

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Sure Mack have a seat, Lane just got up.

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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Hottest t-shirt in Lubbock right now.  Texas Tech fans despise Texas nearly as much as Texas A&M fans do.

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The sentiment around Lubbock is to keep him so that he continues to turn 5 stars into 3 star players thus giving TTU a chance...

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Hottest shirt in Austin seen at recent tailgate, I might add...

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I think Mack's day has passed him by and he has allowed this team and program to get soft, but these idiots need to show some respect.  Mack brought Texas back from the damn dead when they were 8-4 every year and couldn't beat Oklahoma to save their lives. 

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Earl Campbell was a once in a lifetime player. I haven't seen any running back with his size and style of play come remotely close to his production as a player. He was the Oiler offense. Not to mention his 30+ inch thighs.

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The Tyler Rose speaks. He is one of the true legends down there.
Transitions in college football have generally become messy. I think we are going to see something soon on the Mack Brown front. I always thought he was a class guy. I have a cousin who is a UT alum. Great people down there. 
Making a decision like this is never easy. It is apparent that Texas needs to make changes to right the ship.