Hot Off the Press: Cal Game Poster

By Walt Keys on September 11, 2013 at 1:00p

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Livin just another day
AK gun play
LA to the bay
Livin life in California

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I can't pinpoint the exact reason, but I love this. Great work.

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Maybe it's because Brutus was locked up for crushing any hope that the Cal Bears may foolishly possess.  He's ruthless!

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Ah yes, Alcatraz. My old friend...

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"Welcome to The Rockhhhh"
(spoken in my exact Sean Connery impersonation)

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Best one yet.

When I walked in this morning and saw the flag was at half mast I thought, "Alright, another bureaucrat ate it." but then I saw it was Li'l Sebastian. Half mast is too high. Show some damn respect.

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Great poster !
I'd like to visit Alcatraz island someday.

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I not only have another great game day poster from the master himself, but also have a reason to go back and watch a great action flick!


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Walt you know I love your work and your font game here is immaculate and so is the Alcatraz but the proportions are off on the Golden Gate (I have this book about the bridge and it's a beautiful book) and I know that's probably an artifact of the poster dimensions but that is making me do sadness and I usually don't do sadness about your posters and I'm sorry to complain :'(


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It's okay, Denny, i took some license with it. That book looks pretty boss, may need to seek out a copy.

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I figured as much (you have earned leeway, sir). I saw that book in a little gift shop on Union Street when we were out in SF this past spring. It's a really nicely detailed book about the design of the bridge and Art Deco and etc. Quality coffee table material if that's your sort of thing.


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Louie Rankin = +1

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Highest compliment I can pay: Walt is the Ramzy of graphic design.

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love the scarf. classic touch. who says buckeyes aint stylin?

None can love freedom heartily, but good men; the rest love not freedom, but license. ~ John Milton

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Is Walt foreshadowing again like he did last year with Purdon't? Will the Bucks have to sneak away under the cover of darkness this year with the W? Or perhaps that they will break out in this game and show the college football world they are ready to take over this season.

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Awesome. Absolutely awesome.

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Very cool.

I know I used this in ATX's Trolling in AA post yesterday, thought it warranted a repeat appearance considering......

Thumbs Up

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4:00 local time (Pacific) 7:00 eastern standard.

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Posters are usually made with the 'door time' on them.
I.e. this game, live from the Winterland Ballroom, will be at 4 PM local.


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Someone made a forum post last year where their wife/girlfriend maybe? made them a huge framed picture of all the game posters from last season. I know the poster gave out the website she used to make it and I'd like to do the same thing this season. Anyone know what the website was?


Love the little details.......(Name of the boat is awesome!)
Hope we end up there at the end of this season!

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Fantastic poster, as always! I'm sure others have mentioned this, but I'd love if these came out earlier in the week. I use them as my backgrounds at work and it'd be great to have the upcoming game ready for display on Monday.
In fairness, though, you don't rush greatness - so as long as they keep coming I'm happy.
Thanks for sharing your work, Walt!

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As always cool as heck.

vacuuming sucks

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I must be pretty cynical because every week I think, "Sooner or later there will be one that's just okay." Well it hasn't happened yet, another great job, thank you. 

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Wow, that poster is great.  Reminds me of Saul Bass minimalism.  VERY cool.  I love the foreshadowing.  Is there a reason that Brutus is trying to escape...?  =)
Thanks for sharing your creative gift with us; that's what I try to do with my poems.  

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Great job, Walt.  I sat in bed last night actually thinking of what you would do this week.  I thought it would be too hokie to involve a bear.  I love what you've done here.  Very Steve McQueen. 
I'm planning on framing each of these and hanging them all around my house.  Hopefully the season will be a memorable one.