The Eyes Have It

By Chris Lauderback on August 23, 2013 at 6:41p

Brent Yarina posted some photos today of Braxton Miller practicing with a video camera taped to the top of his helmet

Exactly how the video opportunity is being used isn't clearly defined but there are assumedly countless potential opportunities. The assumption is at the very least Tom Herman can get a feel for what Miller is seeing and reading from the defense and whether or not he's getting through his progressions, throwing to the most appropriate receiver etc.  

The equipment itself doesn't appear to be all that high-tech with layers of athletic tape holding the camera in place. This certainly seems like a potentially useful piece of coaching technology but while an affixed camera can give you a view of where the front of the helmet is pointed, it doesn't have the ability to see exactly where Braxton's eyes are looking. 

It seems like actual glasses/goggles of some kind would be the more likely evolution of such a coaching aid if it is determined this type of video can truly assist in quarterback development. 

You on board with this type of SCIENCE? 




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Why not? It's worth a look. If the camera gets Brax to do, or even nearly do, what Herman has in mind, it would be a useful tool.
Does it account for peripheral vision, probably not, unless the lens is wide-angle, but it's certainly worth an experiment.

Go Bucks!

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I agree, it should help Brax and in turn the coaches. I've wondered for years if they had a field view for the QB to watch after practice. The helmet cam is the way to go to see what the qb sees. I like it for the backups education too, it's better than explaining what goes on, they can be shown the offense and defense's perspective on what goes on 'live'.
Edit: Put one on the middle linebacker and the cb's, heck maybe the fans need to start wearing them.


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A helmet cam is *hugely* useful in every sport I've ever played. All of the pro shooters record all of their performances, as does anyone serious about racing. It sounds like a great idea for giving him an eye level view for diagnosing coverages, too.

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Braxton can look back at the footage and say, "OK so when we run Red Slants X (or whatever play) I like to take off running against a zone blitz after about 3-4 seconds.  But the camera shows that after maybe 5 seconds both Philly Brown and Devin Smith, or rather one or the other, come open on either the shallow cross or deep post.  I should hold on for one more second."
I dont see how insight like that could hurt.  It gives you the opportunity to basically get your own view of practice instead of always watching tape that shows you the entire field.
ALSO it will allow Miller and Herman to see if Miller has been keeping his head and shoulders squared downfield to try to hit an open man, or if he has been getting happy feet and looking around for running lanes.

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Sharks with laser beams on their head. Dr. Evil would love this.

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Wish I could upvote that a thousand times!

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Are they ill-tempered?

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Thats pretty cool stuff. I'd like to see what the footage looks like. See the game from Braxtons perspective would be pretty insane. See what it looks like when hes on one of those epic red zone scrambles like the popular one against penn st when he breaks that kids ankles and makes him look stupid would be sweet.

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I have always wanted to watch a college game from the QBs point of view.  It is hard to truly get a grip on how fast those players are with the high and wide sideways angle of broadcast cameras.  Only Ted Ginn's speed ever really shone through during TV broadcasts.   But yeah I have always wanted to see that angle.

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Time for Google Glass...?

Don't text while driving.

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My thoughts exactly. There has to be an application here...

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This seems invaluable when used in combination with regular film study. Seeing the helmet cam what a cover 4 out of a nickel looks like or what he is seeing (or not seeing) that would help him read the defense more quickly. Love the progressive thinking of the staff. 
Can you ever in a million years imagine the barista or Walrus trying something like this?

7 yards and a cloud of dust is a beautiful thing

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They should find a way for QBs to wear these during games.  Imagine how awesome it would be to see the real game from their perspective...

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I wish Vincent smith had been wearing one when he got lit up by clowney. Now, THAT clip would be fun to watch!

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I wish CLOWNEY was wearing them when he lit up Smith! We could see what it would be like to knock somebody unconscious using nothing but body mass.

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It works to some extent as it requires the head to actually turn, which doesnt exactly tell you what the QB sees. Another thing it cant tell you about is pocket pressure and how the QB reacts to it. IMO those are two very important elements to being an elite QB. I suppose this helmet cam does have its benefits, but I think it merely acts as an Introduction. Cool stuff. I wonder if they could incorporate eye tracking technology in helmet visors. I have participated in some eye-tracking experiments to determine reactions to stimuli for colleague's experiments in the past and  I think it works very, very well. Integrating the two would definitely tell you a lot about how a QB reads the pre-snap defense, and coverage during the play.

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I dont know about google glasses but fighter pilots have had this for quite some time( something that tracks where you eyes see to aim you cannons) . I'm sure it could be done for a football helmet with enough $$$ (of coarse only the tech to watch your eyes and and see what you are looking at, no cannons)

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These do, do do do...

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