Details of Marcus Baugh's In-House Punishment Emerging

By Vico on July 20, 2013 at 3:27p

Marcus Baugh

A week ago, we learned Marcus Baugh was arrested for underage consumption and possession of a fake ID. Now, we're learning what type of in-house punishment Baugh is being served by the Ohio State coaches.

This is all specific to Baugh. Reports also surfaced that suggested Mickey Marotti made the team run a few rounds of stadium steps as a team punishment for Baugh's transgression, likely to induce his teammates and senior leaders to put the squeeze on Baugh to encourage him to walk the straight and narrow as Ohio State prepares to embark on a national title run.

Marcus Baugh entered a plea of not guilty in court and his case is still pending.


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BlockO's picture

I love this no nonsense strategy that is being employed by Meyer....If you can't keep out of trouble you can't play football. I believe we will have far less distractions because of it. 

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BuckeyePoetLaureate's picture

If all this is true, I think it's appropriate.  He shouldn't get off scot-free, but he didn't exactly do anything THAT bad.

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Punishment fits the crime. Will probably be in doghouse for awhile til he proves himself Buckeye worthy again!! Nothing we didn't do in our teenage years


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You were caught drinking underage and using an illegal drivers license by the police?
Leave this "we" out of your circle.

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I was twice so I offer to be one of the we

I'm a friend of thunder is it any wonder lightning strikes me

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Sure, cause the first thing I thought when I read that was: "We?  WE?  I bet that means everyone here at 11W, including TOILRT PAPER!"

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His black stripe isn't going anywhere for a while I bet lol

stark county football

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Giving this kid more free time seems to conflict with the very fact that he didn't make appropriate decisions when he was on his own. 
PS Marcus try out Out R Inn, that fake ID will work there..

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Nice!.....Lets encourage that behavior, because thats a win win situation for all involved...shakes head. Look I know we have done some stupid stuff in our lives but why grease the wheel?

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Meyer is a master of psychology, and this punishment seems very much in line with his punishment philosophy. He runs a very 'family-oriented' team, and the mistake of one person is felt by the entire team in order to pressure everyone to walk the straight and narrow. He doesn't have to publicly humiliate a player, because just the shame in making your teammates do extra work due to your wrong-doings is a powerful motivator. 

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Whatever transpired at FL, it's clear Meyer isn't going to let that happen here.

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Agree 100 percent!

Toilrt Paper's picture

He can't afford to, his contract says he can't.

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Seems fair discipline in my opinion.

Keep out of trouble fellas, eyes on the prize.

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I believe a one game suspension would be an appropriate action along with the community service.  Obviously I was not there, and I don't know all the facts, but I am kind of surprised to see him plead not guilty.  Maybe there is more to this than we initially though.  This will also depend on whether or not he receives a red shirt.  Which IMO could happen.

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You are almost always advised by your public defender to plea not guilty.Even if you were caught on camera and gave a full confession you still plea not guilty at your arraignment.Its just how the legal system works.

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BuckeyeNationProblems's picture

Apparently you've never been stupid enough to enter the legal system. From experience, this is completely normal. 


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The community service now is for him being arrested. he pleaded innocent. If found guilty there will be further punishment.

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I like how Meyer let Marotti handle the corporal punishment duties. Then Marotti put the pain on the ENTIRE team. Baugh obviously wants to be a Buckeye coming all the way from Cali and early on he knows what its like to really let down his teammates/brethren. I don't see him as a spoiled, primadonna type like Manziel. Baugh will learn from this and grow into a leader who keeps others from making the same mistakes. The family atmosphere that Meyer instills in his staff and players is uncanny!

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Anybody have an idea what the community service includes?

rdubs's picture

At this point the case hasn't been concluded (he just plead guilty), so unless this is team imposed community service there isn't any requirement at this point.  That's why I am confused by this report because he wouldn't even know what his sentence is at this point.

Crimson's picture

It sounds team imposed: do x hours of community service, and we'll let you practice with the team again.

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Cleaning toilrts at the county jail?

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Be seeing on the roadways picking up the trash. Much more enjoyable with a hang!

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This! Comment so confusion to me!

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I'm not surprised to see this type of punishment handed down.  I didn't think it was that big of a deal to begin with besides he could have avoided it by just staying home after the first altercation with police (or whomever it was).  I tend to think it's going to be tough sledding for ole Baugh when he comes back.  Whether or not it was a one time punishment or many for the team, you can bet they're not going to forget (especially the SRs).  That being said, I can still see Baugh having a tough time breaking into special teams and especiially the starting line up due to three TEs on roster already (Heuerman, Vinnett and Thomas).  I hope it's not the case because he seems like a dynamic TE/Slot WR.  But he's going to have to work his ass off to get any playing time this year IMO.  

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More important than working his ass off will be completely staying away from alcohol until he is of age. He will be on a 3 year probation for underage drinking in the Meyer doghouse.

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I like the way coach Meyer handled this.
He'll be in the doghouse, but he'll hopefully learn his lessons about team responsibility early.
Other than that, he's a young guy trying to drink beer.   This wouldn't be an issue in a lot of European countries.    It still amazes me that you're eligible for the draft at 18, but you can't drink a beer (unless you're in the service) until you're 21.

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You can't drink until you are 21 in the United States no matter if you are a service member or not. It's bs, but besides the point. We've all made mistakes and all Baugh can do at this point is keep his head up and drive on. 

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Seems like a very fair punishment and gives him a chance to redeem himself.

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Not a big deal to me. Yes, it's wrong, but it isn't the biggest mistake in the world. Punish him and make him learn from it, if he doesn't, see ya later.

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