Breaking Down the '14 Corners on Ohio State's Short List

By Miles Joseph on April 23, 2013 at 4:30p

The Ohio State coaching staff has done excellent work landing elite cornerbacks the past couple of years, thanks mostly to the impressive recruiting jobs from head coach Urban Meyer and defensive backs coach Kerry Coombs.

Jabrill Peppers is a five-star talent according to everyoneJabrill Peppers is a five-star safety.

In the 2012 class the Bucks landed high upside corner Armani Reeves. They followed this up in the 2013 class by landing a stellar list of names including the likes of Eli Apple, Cam Burrows, and Gareon Conley.

This good run continues with the current class with the pledge of Detroit Cass Tech's Damon Webb, considered by some to be the best player in the state of Michigan.

You can never have enough elite corners, however, and many are still considering the Buckeyes. The list of cornerbacks on Ohio State's radar includes Jabrill Peppers, Jalen Tabor, Tony Brown, and Quincy Wilson, among others.

Saying that, the staff will probably only accept one more commitment from a corner, unless it's Marshon Lattimore and another corner who both want to commit since Lattimore could play on the offensive side of the ball at the college level.

Join us after the jump for a look at where Ohio State stands with Peppers, Tabor and some of the other corners mentioned above.

Jabrill Peppers, Paramus (NJ) Catholic

Jabrill Peppers might be the best defensive player in the 2014 class. 247Sports has him as the fourth-best prospect in the 2014 class and his offer list includes every team that has won a meaningful football game in the last decade.

He's definitely a guy the Buckeyes would want to have in this class, but there's a lot of competition for his services. He visited Ohio State a couple of weeks ago and the visit went pretty well; however, his visit to Michigan went even better, making them the likely favorite at this point. Stanford and LSU will also have a big impact on his recruitment.

Jalen Tabor, Washington (DC) Friendship Academy

Tabor is one of many talented prospects who attend Friendship Academy in Washington, DC. I don't think the Buckeyes have a great chance with Tabor as things currently stand, but things could change for the better after he visits Ohio State this week.

Expect the red carpet to be rolled out for the junior star because this is the Ohio State coaching staff's one chance to make a big impression on Tabor. The Buckeyes are also interested in his teammate, running back Jonathan Haden, the younger brother of Cleveland Browns corner Joe Haden.

Marshon Lattimore, Cleveland (OH) Glenville

Glenville's Marshon Lattimore

Lattimore is very, very high on Ohio State's list for this cycle. He's a Glenville product and is regarded as one of the state's best player's in the class of 2014.

He has been productive on both sides of the field for Glenville. He could star at corner or at receiver for the Buckeyes — and expect a healthy debate in the coaches meeting room over his services if he does choose the Scarlet and Gray.

I think the Buckeyes lead for Lattimore right now, and they have already secured a commitment from fellow junior teammate Marcelys Jones, which can only help.

Tony Brown, Beaumont (TX) Ozen

Brown might be the top junior in the state of Texas, which is saying quite a lot. The Buckeyes need to get him on campus before his interest can be considered legitimate, but if they do eventually get him on campus, watch out.

Right now it's pretty safe to say the LSU Tigers lead for his services as he has family ties to LSU. The Buckeyes could have something to say about that before his recruitment comes to an end — he has told me a couple of times that he is really interested in Ohio State.

Quincy Wilson, Fort Lauderdale (FL) University School

Wilson is a player who is flying a little under the radar, but that shouldn't last too much longer because he can flat out play. Wilson talks to the Ohio State coaches pretty frequently and seems to have pretty solid interest in playing for the Buckeyes.

This is a situation that will need to be monitored in the coming weeks and months, but seeing him play his college ball in the Scarlet and Gray definitely isn't out of the question.


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Buckeyeholicwompa's picture

Would love to p/u Peppers. He looks like the kinda safety that will knock you the F out!!

nmaxwell's picture

was osu looking at him as a safety? he could definitely do either at the next level, but seems more valuable to have a corner that size than safety.  i think that's where michigan is recruiting him

Buckeyeholicwompa's picture

I'm going by what it say's under his pic. Who know's these days you just recruit and then plug em' in at both positions or at a multi-tude of positions and see where they do best.

GOSUBUcks's picture

Referring to peppers, I'm just wondering what Michigan's selling point was for an out of state recruit and how it was more effective than OSU's. The only thing I can think of is the fact that the depth at osu for db's is enough to scare him towards Michigan. If this is the case then I think that's too bad because no recruit as talented as him should have that mindset that they won't scratch the surface of the depth chart or have a hard time doing so as a 1st year unless he was coming from the juco ranks. 

Buckeyeholicwompa's picture

Good point. But there could be many reasons why he would lean to Michigan. For all we know, Hoke probably gives out yummy chocolate chip cookies and milk prior to the recruit leaving after their visit so it leaves them with a temporary impression of awesomeness to commit there. However, visit OSU and not receive your cookies and milk and Urban can say, "You will receive a nice ring and crystal ball if you play here." ; )

Oldschoolbuck's picture

Don't think the Hokester leaves too many cookies on the table!

nmaxwell's picture

i don't think peppers is scared to compete.  he said flat-out [in a bleacher report interview] that he thought he was the best player in the country, and intended to prove it.  hoke and meyer seem to have different feels about them (having met neither of them, but reading quite a lot about them).  both stress the family dynamic really well, which resonates with recruits, but urban seems to me to be more business-like as a recruiter, and has his record that can speak for itself.  hoke is obviously passionate about michigan, and that might be an understatement.  in his intro press conference he said they would have walked to michigan if they had to, and i believe the guy (would have definitely showed up to AA a little more trim if he had).  some recruits like urban's personality more, some like hoke's.  peppers happened to like the combination of athletic opportunity, academics, and coaching staff better this go around.  i am confident osu will win it's share of battles

b_pbucksfans's picture

Hoke can't even walk from the Golden Corral to Hometown Buffet, let alone from San Diego to AACC!

bucknasty13's picture

I think I read that he grew up a UM fan.

nmaxwell's picture

yes he did.  initially that was reported, then it was said to be kind of overblown...something along the lines of he played as michigan in ncaa football video games.  later clarified that he was a legitimate fan growing up, but said he didn't want that to factor into his decision.  that could definitely have given michigan a leg up on how much more he liked the visit.  i know people here probably could care less about schembechler hall and the big house, but to a lifetime fan, probably a pretty great experience to see them firsthand like that

cinserious's picture

Last I checked, Peppers is a jr in H.S. Exactly how much winning winning has ichigan done lately? Especially against Ohio State? Maybe he just likes the colors. Or maybe he can appreciate the athletic prowess of a Hoke.

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

nmaxwell's picture

i haven't said a single thing about winning in this entire not sure what you're talking about.  i said he had an athletic opportunity at michigan, which he does.  think of the tennessee situation.  everyone in the country is scratching their heads at the recruiting class they're putting together, but long-time fans of tennessee might look at that as an opportunity to return tennessee to relevance.  maybe some of the top targets on michigan's board feel the same way.  michigan used to be a nationally elite team year in and year out.  due to the RR disaster, decreased talent, and loads of attrition, michigan was left with memories of it's former self, but not much more.  they're on the way back up, due in no small part to hoke.  nobody said a thing about michigan winning, or winning vs. osu, because it hasn't happened much in the last 10 years.

cinserious's picture

@nmaxwell: Why on earth did you people 'coerce' lllloyd Carr into retirement? Did you really think Rich Rod was a better option?  Sounds to me like you people got too cocky and wrecked a winning program. If it aint broke, don't fix it!

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

lippertini's picture

He's also very interested in the academic side of things and, although OSU is a great school, Michigan is considerably higher ranked in most programs.  Note that Stanford is his only other finalist.

okiebuck's picture

And LSU...but the only reason academically he would would have them listed is if he wants to be a chemical or petroleum engineer when his playing days are over.

"Fate has cards that it don't want to show"

osubuck57's picture

Would love Peppers,but being that we already have Webb,and a very good shot at Lattimore,how many Dbs are we gonna take  with scholly limitations??Plus we're high on a few safeties,and our LBs.Class is going to fill up sooner than later.not saying you don't take a Peppers if he wants in,but we can only take about 20 this year.Not including d-linemen,QB,TE/HB,and of course the LBing crew this year.Gonna get real tight for a few spots/positions.


TheBadOwl's picture

It'll be interesting to see where Lattimore plays. Webb is going to be a beast, and seeing as we took 3 corners (assuming Gareon and Cam stick there) last year, I wouldn't be shocked if Webb is the only true corner we take. Then, I think we take Erick Smith and Montae Nicholson as our safeties. 

When I walked in this morning and saw the flag was at half mast I thought, "Alright, another bureaucrat ate it." but then I saw it was Li'l Sebastian. Half mast is too high. Show some damn respect.

osubuck57's picture

Like your thinking!! 2 safeties and 2 corners(with Lattimore,assuming they don't switch him to WR)


Hovenaut's picture

Good list of talent here, hoping to see a few (or more) of these young men in scarlet and gray.

CentralFloridaBuckeye's picture

A lot of great players in the defensive backfield!  I like Urban's chances to land some good ones there.  The 2014 recruiting class is going to be the best one yet!!
Go Bucks!

buckeyedude's picture

I always get a chuckle out of these kids when they say, "academics are another criteria I use to make my decision..." Please. I guess I'm getting cynical in my old age. Some of these kids barely pass the entrance exams.
I'm sure there are some kids that actually look at academics, but the vast majority of top high school players want to go where they can likely play early, and they want to win championships.
For every Craig Krenzel, there are probably 20-30 kids that are General Studies or Recreation majors. Especially at TTUN! I saw it right here on 11W!



nmaxwell's picture

with a lot of kids, i definitely think you're spot on.  makes them sound more mature if they talk about stressing academics...peppers, however, has a 4.0 gpa i believe, and has gone from making bad decisions in his life to making good ones.  i want to believe him when he talks about academics being important.  otherwise, i don't think stanford would be as high on his list.
and as far as football majors go, michigan has plenty of general studies, but osu has a similar number of 'exploratory' majors as well.  same difference

Triv's picture

Wasn't the number something like 23-12, with UM having 23? That's nearly 100% more 

Sorry Urban, Woody is still my favorite

nmaxwell's picture

michigan does have more (47) between their undeclared/general studies, but not by a lot (osu has 45 between exploratory, which is essentially general studies, undeclared, communications, and sports leisure combined).  after that, we get to the 'real' majors, and each team has a small handful of engineers, afro american studies, etc.  the original chart hanging up in the woody hayes athletic center conveniently forgot to show the 29 osu athletes either undecided or exploratory.  the numbers are very similar.
i would imagine with the time commitments division 1 football has, most schools in the country look like that

ODEEZ330's picture

Wow urban meyer n coombs will be doing work in these boys. Brown from texas would make this class unreal I like him the same as peppers

stark county football

cinserious's picture

Aint nobody like Peppers. He's like 2014's Jadeveon Clowney as far as the impact he'll have in CFB. Difference is, a defensive end gets his nose in alot more plays than a shutdown CB who's entire half of the field is avoided. Peppers will be a run-stopping monster too though and if OSU gets him and Webb, the opposing QB will have nowhere to throw. Plus throw in the CB beasts from '12 and '13!
Between Urban, Coombs, and Withers we have as good a chance as any with Peppers.

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

Yme's picture

Love the topic, and great insight..but Peppers has already turn down OSU and been to AA several times.....This one may be in the bag already ...I think he's just waiting for the right time.

nmaxwell's picture

peppers has been to ann arbor once....same week as his osu trip.  i think michigan gets him at the end, but i believe he's going to take a visit to stanford, the last school on his top list, over the summer.  if that visit wows him too, i'd expect him to take officials to both, and maybe a few of his other top schools.  if that summer visit doesn't wow him, i could see him committing shortly after to michigan.  still, i worry about stanford.  beautiful campus, top notch academics, recent success on the field, and a great coach in shaw