11W Roundtable: A Buckeye Beginning's End

By David Sokol on November 30, 2012 at 10:00a

The Ohio State 2012 football season is in the books, but that does not mean the Roundtables are through.

Unless you're watching the Canadian Football League.Buckeye fans will never have to see this guy again

We're back, once again, for another edition of the Eleven Warriors Roundtable, featuring your favorite staff members.

This week, we discuss the ending to the Buckeyes football season, analyze a few of the conference championship matchups, the NCAA and more.

Without further adieu, let's get started.

The Buckeyes made a huge statement and went 12-0 this season. If you could stand in front of the NCAA infractions committee now, what would you say?

Dave: The statement was made with the Buckeyes' wins. In addition, I'd let them know that the two best teams aren't playing for the National Championship.

Sarah: First I'd probably say, "Hey, remember that time you cleared Cam Newton of any wrongdoing? Good times!" and then I'd start speaking their language and point out how much money and ratings an Ohio State-Notre Dame national championship game could've delivered.

Chris: Gents, I know we just met but would you kindly oblige me and find a way unleash the death penalty on Alabama, USC, Maryland's uniforms, Beth Mowins calling OSU games, Notre Dame, Indiana hoops and Ted Valentine. Preciate it. 

Ross: We will happily give you back that Gator Bowl loss...

What about the current trash talk to Michigan fans? What have you been hearing and saying yourself?

Dave: I heard a Michigan fan say that he was satisfied with their football season and their future is bright. Me: sorry bro, Buckeyes are only going to get better.

Sarah: Michigan fans who I know personally haven't said anything to me, probably because they know better than to mess with me. I'd simply tell them that I know the truth: deep down in places they don't talk about, they have to be legitimately worried about the state of the program. 

Sure, Brady Hoke has been a much better fit than his predecessor and he's doing well on the recruiting trail by and large (pun intended), but they couldn't beat good teams this season and they barely even got the win at home over a 6-7 Ohio State last season. It only took Ohio State one year to "be back" while people are still wondering if Michigan is back.

What I've seen the most of, via Twitter or my mom reading me derpy Facebook comments from even derpier Michigan fans, is what we saw on signs made by Duke students on Wednesday night. Free tattoos! Cheaters! Have fun in your bowl game! Such clever, clever hot sports takes from two fan bases we really need moral fortitude lessons from.

Wolverine fans have sure got us on that last one, though. Ohio State, who finished 12-0 and beat their team in a "rebuilding" year, can't go to a bowl game. Oh yeah, and Ohio State also has one of the best coaches in the biz who will be spending the next two months focused solely on recruiting. So Buckeye fans have reason for actual confidence; Michigan fans can enjoy all that overcompensating. 

Ross: I've seen two trains of thought from Michigan fans. There is the delusional side ("we controlled that game and gave it away") and the reasonable side ("our offense was a train wreck and how are we going to be able to run the football going forward without Denard Robinson?"). I think the latter is a much more reasonable interpretation. As I noted this week, OSU outgained Michigan by over 100 yards, and Michigan's stats were inflated by several long gains. The Michigan offense was frankly pretty predictable, and I do not know where any kind of consistent run game is going to come from for them next year.

Chris: I love seeing their fan base shred Borges for the elementary playcalling. When they aren't doing that, they are justifying Hoke trying to get Gardner a redshirt from some bee sting he suffered a few years back. As for me, I haven't been saying anything. I just watch the replay once every few days and cackle to myself. 

What are your thoughts on the recent All-Big Ten teams? Talk about snubs and who you think deserved to be where?

Sarah: No matter what the award, there always seem to be head scratchers due to variables like behind-the-scenes politics and lazy voting. I mean, these teams were announced on Monday, and the B1G season ended just two days before.

Still, I'm not sure how the coaches can completely overlook Ohio State's offense or Ryan Shazier. Both Braxton and Shazier should have been on the coaches' first team like they were for the media. The offensive linemen, who helped pave the way for the nation's 10th-ranked rushing offense, should've gotten more recognition, too.

Whether other coaches were being even a little bit spiteful or not, I have to think they inadvertently helped out Ohio State. This week, Urban mentioned he didn't want a complacent team next year and would do whatever he needed to motivate them. So if he uses tactics like telling Braxton, "These other coaches don't think you're a real QB", then it might benefit Ohio State in the long run and once again, we can thank the incompetency of B1G coaches.

There's certainly an argument to be made about Urban getting snubbed for Coach of the Year. It's been discussed enough, but is heartening that several players took umbrage with it on Twitter and shows just how much they've bought into his system.

Chris: Roby deserved whatever the hyphenated name is for the DB of the Year trophy. I assume it's the Winfield-Jenkins-Springs-Tatum-Doss award. Anyway, Micah Hyde over Roby? That's rich. 

Dave: How can Braxton not be first team for both the media and the coaches, but win the QB of the Year and be a Heisman contender? They've got to please everyone apparently.

Ross: I've long thought that all-conference teams generally in no way reflect who are the best players in the conference. When in doubt they always give it to the upper classman, and they want to make sure every team is represented. So OSU had a lot of snubs, particularly on the coaches side. I think that Andrew Norwell, Jack Mewhort, Corey Brown and Ryan Shazier should be on any all-Big Ten team. But this principle applies beyond OSU. For instance, Michigan put Patrick Omaheh on the first team but not Jake Ryan. The fact that Omaheh made it but Ryan didn't is pretty laughable.

Fill in the blank: Notre Dame and ___________ will be playing for the BCS National Championship. 

Sarah: It'll be Alabama and having to decide who you'd rather win will be like a Marry, Boff, Kill version with Bret Bielema, Brady Hoke and Charlie Weis as the choices. It'll basically be the most insufferable national championship game ever and no matter who wins, that team's fans will claim their victory was the result of divine will. 

Chris: Some other team I hate which I believe will be Alabama. Figures. Once again I'll be rooting for a meteor in the MNC game. Sweet. 

Dave: Alabama. Alabama will probably win the title, too.

Fact or Fiction: Ohio State would beat Notre Dame in the BCS title game. Why?

Dave: Fact-ish. In reality, Notre Dame would win five and the Buckeyes would win five out of ten games. That's just my opinion. Notre Dame finds ways to win close games, just like the Buckeyes.

Sarah: I'll say fact. On paper, it seems like a fairly even matchup that could go either way, but I would also like Ohio State's chances after a little time off to get healthy again and more team practices to keep getting better. And while Brian Kelly could probably beat Urban in a rage competition, I'd put my money on the guy who's coached two national championship teams and is 4-0 in BCS games.

Chris: Fact. But my therapist told me not to think about it so I can't offer a why. 

Ross: They certainly could. OSU has improved throughout the season. No reason to think they wouldn't through bowl practice. Plus, no one would pick the Buckeyes to win, giving OSU a chip on their shoulder. And they would have the better coach and the best playmaker in the game, in Urban Meyer and Braxton Miller.

Who wins the B1G Conference Championship Game between Wisconsin and Nebraska?

Dave: I can totally see Wisconsin pulling a win out of their behinds. Nebraska is the better team and has legitimately won their division, but this is the situation where Wisconsin gets lucky and pulls it out. Then, they'll embarrass the conference and get throttles by Stanford in the Rose Bowl.

Sarah: Nebraska's the better team, but it took a big comeback for them to beat Wisconsin earlier this season, so who knows. Even though I'd rather Nebraska win, I don't care all that much, especially since I can feel smug knowing the champion will only be a champion by default.

Honestly, though, what I'll think most about during the game is planning my bromance screenplay centered around Pelini and Bielema. This is what the latter said this week: "At Big Ten meetings, I find myself sitting next to Bo. We always share the same kinds of thoughts."

There's so much gold to be mined from just those two sentences. NO ONE STEAL MY IDEA.

Poor shooting doomed the Buckeyes vs. Duke

Chris: Nebraska. Wait, is that the team Ohio State scored nine touchdowns against? Yes? Okay, I'll take Nebraska. 

Rank your top 5 for next season.

Dave: 1. Alabama 2. Ohio State 3. Georgia 4. Florida 5. Notre Dame

Sarah: If it were up to me, there'd be no preseason poll. Alas, the powers that be never consult me on these matters, so take three SEC teams (probably Alabama, Georgia, Florida), Oregon and of course Ohio State, and put them in some sort of order that won't resemble what the poll will look like in November.

Chris: 1. Ohio State 2. Alabama 3. Florida 4. Oregon 5. Rutgers

Talk about Buckeye basketball's game vs. Duke. What did we learn from that game? Are the Buckeyes a national title contender?

Sarah: I didn't have very high hopes going into the game, and even at halftime, I got the sense that we had another '06 UNC game on our hands. Despite the loss, though, it went better than I expected it to. They were rebounding well and for the most part taking care of the ball; had the Buckeyes not been so completely frigid with their shots, they would have won that game. It was frustrating in that sense, but it's also a November game on the road to the second-ranked team in the country, so I wasn't too upset...except for the lameness of those trash talk signs.

Overall, the game summed up the team. The talent is there, even if it might take a little patience for them to really start meshing and for a reliable offensive threat outside of Deshaun to emerge. If they can find that consistency, then by March they should be a contender and not a Terry Malloy-style bum.

Chris: I think they have the potential to be a title contender but as I've said all along, it's going to be a process, not only for the players, most of which are being asked to take on significantly more expansive, but also the coaches who really have a lot of guys to mold in prep for March. As such, the loss didn't really bother me. There were some positives to take away but also some issues. The same issues we knew about really.

This team needs more offense. The fact that the Dookies took away the pick and pop is legit and all but that doesn't excuse Thad for not running any other sets to get Deshaun touches. At the same time, Deshaun was forcing stuff at times trying to make up for lost minutes and Craft did have great looks – he just kept missing. That's going to happen for both Craft and Smith Jr. as they try to supplement Deshaun's scoring.

It's early. I'm not worried. Amir's showing some life though still raw. Thad finally realizes, I think, that he has to be willing to go to Ross when offensive punch is needed. And they lost to a team that has now won what, 97 games in a row against non-con foes? The Buckeyes just need to keep gaining experience and working on their new roles. 

Ross: Hard to complain about a close loss on the road to the No. 2 team. But I think Thad needs to figure out his rotation. He is going to have to play LaQuinton Ross more because they simply do not have enough offense without him. Also they need to make more of an effort to get Thomas his touches.

Dave: Although the Buckeyes didn't pull out the victory, they showed that they are an elite team and a contender. They can compete with anyone. Duke may not have had their best game, but the Blue Devils are many analysts' number one.


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cplunk's picture

Man, when Sarah is on target that girl can really make me laugh.
I really don't understand the whole "enjoy your bowl" taunt. This team just polished off a "rebuilding" by showing that its floor is somewhere around undefeated.
Of course they're not going to go undefeated every year, but you have to like watching a 12-0 season in a year when our talent level was down and our recruiting seems to be in one some major nationwide targets.


Sarah: Michigan fans who I know personally haven't said anything to me, probably because they know better than to mess with me. I'd simply tell them that I know the truth: deep down in places they don't talk about, they have to be legitimately worried about the state of the program.

Pure Gold!
As for Dookie fans, their football is a joke and I seem to recall we embarrassed their tails on national TV last year. I also don't consider their taunts valid. Anyone remember that little mess with the lacrosse team? Maybe they should be looking at themselves first before pointing any fingers at people.

"Sherman ran an option play right through the south" - Greatest Civil War analogy EVER.

Orlando Pancakes's picture

I am 100% with you on Duke football being a joke and their taunts were very unoriginal and uncreative, especially coming from what are supposed to be very smart students. I have to call you out on the Duke lacrosse team though. Those players ended up being vindicated and all charges were dropped. They were crucified in the media and already presumed guilty. To a much lesser extent (discounted cars compared to rape) the same thing happened to Ohio State with the whole car issue. They were ultimately cleared of that but not after being prosecuted in the media without evidence. Would you want somebody saying there was an "auto dealership scandal" when it didn't happen?

OSUBias's picture

Since 1996, Duke football has submitted the following win totals:
0 - 4 times
1 - 2 times
2 - 3 times
3 - 3 times
4 - 3 times
5 - 1 time
6 - this season
7+ - zero times
Yes, please taunt us about what bowl game we're going to this year, considering this is your first bowl eligible season since AOL was athe best way t oget email. They haven't won a bowl since JFK was alive.

7 yards and a cloud of dust is a beautiful thing

avail31678's picture

Agree with Orlando.
But, as far as the Duke taunts....they don't really make much sense.  They were at a BASKETBALL game.  Cheaters?  Tattoos?  That was FOOTBALL.  I thought Duke students were supposed to be smart.
And, also agree that a 5 or 7 point win at home is not as great as the blowout we handed to them last year.  Coach K even said  last year, "Sometimes you just get your a$$ beat," or something like that. 

Alice in Aggieland's picture

But, as far as the Duke taunts....they don't really make much sense.  They were at a BASKETBALL game.  Cheaters?  Tattoos?  That was FOOTBALL.  I thought Duke students were supposed to be smart.

I attended a men's tennis match between OSU and Texas A&M here in College Station right after Tatgate went down, and the Aggie fans were taunting the tennis team as cheaters, liars, etc. It was one of the most pathetic things I've ever witnessed at a sporting event.

buckeyedude's picture

No fan of Duke, but the lacross players were wrongfully accused and the case was dropped. Using that case as a point of argument holds no water with this Buckeye. That said, their fans can sometimes be douche nozzles.
It just goes to show you how biased and PC the media is, and how they manipulate the people and news. Perception is reality, except in many cases, such as the wrongfully accused Duke lacross players, it isn't.



Grant Edgell's picture

"5. Rutgers"

Ethan's picture

Curious to hear Chris' explanation for Rutgers in the top 5 next year.

Grant Edgell's picture

I literally laughed out loud because it caught me so off guard, which I'm sure was the intention.

Chris Lauderback's picture

Thou ask...My explanation is that I was fairly buzzy when I answered these questions at 2am last night and after having watched Rutgers put forth that magical effort against Louisville it just seemed like the right thing to do. 

gwalther's picture

Hilarious. Wish I could upvote that explanation of your reasoning.
"Had a few beers.. Fuck it - Rutgers, youre number 5!"

Class of 2008

MediBuck's picture

Hahahah. I snorted my coffee when I read that this morning. Your reasoning should be:
"Just cuz..."

That's basically all the logic most of the AP voters use anyway, so your method is more than valid.

"There is a force that makes us all brothers, no one goes his way alone." --Woody Hayes

gwalther's picture

"I'd simply tell them that I know the truth: deep down in places they don't talk about.."
...They NEED Urban on that wall...They WANT Urban on that wall.. THEY CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH. #afewgoodmen
Apparently, Sarah was also watching A Few Good Men on AMC Monday night.

Class of 2008

okiebuck's picture

Very nice GWALTHER; and yes Sarah rocks!  Also kudos to Chris on calling for the Death Penalty for that clueless Beth Mowins; whenever she's calling the game I can't hit the mute button fast enough. And if I were in front of the NCAA; I would ask; er beg to allow us to practice in December like other bowl elegible teams.

"Fate has cards that it don't want to show"

bassplayer7770's picture

Any taunts from scUMmers or Dookies mean nothing.  Fans of TTUN (and the rest of the B1G) should realize this season was their best chance to beat the Buckeyes, and they failed.
As for the Duke game, I was mostly upset because we had three players who couldn't seem to hit a shot, and many of the shots were forced.  Beyond that, it seemed like we took a few plays off defensively which gave Duke some easy buckets.  Regardless, I know we need some young guys to step up, and they will get better.

vetcopDr's picture

I love Sarah's comments! More Sarah please

Dougger's picture

Winfield-Jenkins-Springs-Tatum-Doss award
in two years it should be Winfield-Jenkins-Springs-Tatum-Doss-Roby award

I like football

QBYBuckeye's picture

Beth Mowins has a voice for Newspaper.  I can't watch a game with her announcing, even if it's the Buckeyes.  Horrible!

New York Buckeye

QBYBuckeye's picture

After suffewring through a rebuilding year in 2012, Buckeye fans are poised to enjoy a much better season in 2013 ...

New York Buckeye

avail31678's picture

Excellent caption and pop-up caption for the Denard pic!  Love it!

ShowThemOhiosHere's picture

Denard and his cereal.  Probably the most worthwhile personal foul penalty ever.  I would have loved to see one of our guys go over and just truck him over every time he did it.  Flag be damned. 

Class of 2010.

avail31678's picture

I might have been alright with that.

MediBuck's picture

Meh, that's a lame celebration. Now THIS is a celebration!

"There is a force that makes us all brothers, no one goes his way alone." --Woody Hayes

toledobuckeyefanjim's picture

Gardner supposedly had a back injury. Probably happened when he picked up Hoke's carryout order at the restaurant.

Oyster's picture

That is the excuse they are using for the redshirt, but here is the story behind it.  When Tate was pouting because DR was the new starter, he basically stacked arms.  DR gets hurt and to prove a point with Tate, RR played DG.  Now, if his back was so injured, why would he dress for every game, which he did? 

"Scrolling hurts my finger"

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

buckeyedude's picture

I for one won't miss all of the pre-season "Deenard Heisman hype," but I will miss his very RichRod-like record vs. Ohio State.



Oyster's picture

Oh, C'Mon, the September Heisman talk was the best ever.  Reggie may hold the title of Mr October, but DR is without a doubt, Mr September!

"Scrolling hurts my finger"

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

Ahh Saturday's picture

I'm always puzzled by the question of whether michigan is "back" or not.  Back to what?  Or maybe back to when would be a better question. Back to the days of Fielding Yost and leather helmets? Certainly they don't mean Bo Schembechler who never led them to a title in 20 years of coaching.  Or maybe they do.  Maybe "back" for michigan means back to the their last split championship under LLLLLLoyd Carr?  No, they probably don't want to go back there either. Honestly since the days when this was their schedule, what has that school up north done? 

notoriouswojo's picture

Wait....I am completely sober. Did I see 5. Rutgers in there? 

Chris Lauderback's picture

Ha. You did. 'Twas a joke after how good they looked last night against Louisville.

BME_Buckeye's picture

That picture of denard spooning food in his mouth annoys me! Glad I don't have to see him anymore. 

Look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see.


Doc's picture

Sarah is funny, you tell it like it is.
Bye bye Detard.  I hope you get your degree from AACC, cause the NFL isn't in your future.

CJDPHoS Member

The Official DDS of 11W