Hate GIF: The Scrap

By 11W Staff on November 19, 2012 at 11:30a

Minutes into the 1997 edition of The Game, Ohio State wide receiver David Boston and Michigan cornerback Charles Woodson allow their hate to overflow at the end of a Stanley Jackson scramble.

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My God, I saw this a second ago and thought the exact same thing.  Kudos for beating me to it, so I'll add this as a companion:

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I love it, but Boston's lucky he didn't break his hand!

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Dumbass took off his helmut in a fight.

Long live the southend.

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Dude- meant to up vote that but fat fingered it on my iPhone. Total fail. Sorry man. Anyway- my first thought was also that it was dumb to take off his helmet.

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Shoulda been flagged for taking off hemet and out for at least one play....

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I love this.
In other news: Did you guys know there's a petition to lift the bowl ban? Yeah. I just saw the 18 forum threads and a Buckshot about it. Must be a really big deal. 

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hahahahahaha ...you nailed it TENN




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As much fun as that was to watch all it really did was piss Woodson the hell off and he had a monster game that helped him win the Heisman. As much as i love seeing OSU players stick it to Michigan let's not do that much this weekend. Lets beat them stupid on the scoreboard.

"Sherman ran an option play right through the south" - Greatest Civil War analogy EVER.

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^^^This. Woodson ended up killing us in the game, and worst of all, we lost.

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Ah, the Cooper years against UM. What a thing of pure joy and sheer beauty...or not.

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Boston owned his ass in that scrap.


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Can't we have a gif from a game we didn't lose?

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how could he not win that scrap?

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^^^^^^^^who's the d-lineman ?




     " I hope when I die, I die laughing"...                

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^^^ + 1 - Can't upvote yet so this is all I got. 
I just lost even more work productivity this week thatnks to "The Gentlemen's Response" channel on youtube.  Yes, I'm ashammed to admit I never knew that exisited unitl just now.... LOL

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I didn't see it until early last week, and it did the same thing to me!

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Charles would have to sit out the next play if that were to happen this year ;)

~Charlotte Buckeye Chip

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HAHAHA Dave bostonnn roid raging

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I thought that was funny then and it's funny as shit now. Still, cooler heads prevail. Focus that energy on whippin' their ass.



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                                                                                          Go Bucks!   O-H    

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David Boston has done some bad things in his life.  THAT is NOT one of them.
Who has a gif of the Bucks tearing down the Go Blow sign?


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I definitely think Boston got the better end of the deal in that fight. Woodson just looks like he's slapping away to keep D-Bo off of him.

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Woodson did own us in that game.