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By Kyle Rowland on October 21, 2012 at 10:30a

Few wins have ever matched the excitement Ohio Stadium presented to fans on Saturday in Ohio State’s dramatic 29-22 come-from-behind win over Purdue. Last season’s last-minute win over Wisconsin comes to mind, but the stakes yesterday were much higher – the Buckeyes are in the midst of a dream undefeated season. 

All hope seemed lost when Braxton Miller went down. 

When you factor in Braxton Miller’s injury, Kenny Guiton’s heroics and the details of Ohio State’s final-minute drive, the likelihood of a win was miniscule.

But Guiton inserted his name into the Ohio State history books.

"I said, 'You're going to win us a game,'" said head coach Urban Meyer, retelling his conversation with Guiton prior to the Buckeyes’ last possession in regulation.

Ohio State scored a touchdown, converted the two-point conversation and then played a flawless overtime period to up its record to 8-0. The Buckeyes received more good news in the hours following the game, when it was reported Miller was symptom-free of a concussion and other major injuries.

Meyer was as amped up as you’ll ever see a head coach after the game. He celebrated with players on the field and gave the fans in South Stands a hearty ‘Get on your field,’ motion prior to Carmen Ohio.

“Some of the efforts I saw tonight were legendary,” Meyer said. “That was a moment that I'll certainly never forget.”

The biggest play of the game – and the season so far – was Ohio State’s two-point conversion play. Offensive coordinator Tom Herman made the call, though Meyer and the offensive line thought something different should be run.

“I asked (Herman) before we got the ball, I said, 'What’s our two-point play,'” Meyer said. “The offensive line was screaming at me to run the ball. I mean, screaming, and same with Carlos Hyde. And I almost changed that play. I said, ‘Tom, let’s pound it at them.’ He said, ‘No, let’s go with this.’ So he won that battle.”

“We practice it every Thursday, so I have had tons and tons of reps at it,” Heuerman said. “When they called it, you take a few deep breaths and it’s here we go. I just had to catch it.”

The euphoria inside Ohio Stadium was something usually only seen for a Michigan win. But the circumstances surrounding the game allowed for fans to share in an extremely joyful moment. 

“I’m still trying to figure this bad boy out,” Meyer said. “We won, right?”


“It’s the greatest team win I’ve ever been a part of,” Herman said. “That’s from the defense stepping up when they needed to, to guys getting hurt and other guys filling in for them on offense, to us really struggling to find momentum, to find rhythm.

“When all hope seemed lost, the guys never gave up. Even with 47 seconds left, we thought we had the chance to go and put the game into overtime.”

“It’s amazing to have a win like this because you only get these once in a lifetime,” linebacker Ryan Shazier said.

“I’ve never been a part of a comeback like that,” linebacker Zach Boren said. “Everything was against us – fans leaving, injuries, field position – and we managed to pull it out. We clicked at the right time.”

“Right now it’s No. 1,” defensive end Nathan Williams said about the win. “It was a great win and I’m proud of the guys.”

The Buckeyes were happy with a win, obviously. But an already injury-riddled team lost more impact players yesterday.

“Right now we’re on fumes as far as special teams and certain positions,” Meyer said. “We’ve got to regroup fast and have to get a lot better.”

Few backup quarterbacks are thrust into the role Guiton stepped into on Saturday.

“A lot of nerves came through my mind,” he said. “The people around calmed me down, got me ready to go and just went out and had fun with it. This is what I play football for. I have always wanted to start.”

Despite his inexperience, Guiton has been in the program for four years, and when needed he played with a calmness and poise that was more reserved for a three-year starter.

“I was too happy (after Fields’ touchdown),” Guiton said. “I wanted to tell my team to calm down because I knew it wasn’t over. I was happy, but at the same time I was ready to go again.”

The players and coaches may have been down about Miller’s injury, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t have confidence in Guiton.

“He’s not nearly the dynamic runner that Braxton is,” Herman said. “He’s got a little less zip on his ball, but he does a really good job managing the game.”

“You guys don’t see him at practice,” defensive end John Simon told the media. “He gets every mental rep possible. He’s coaching people all the time. Every time he gets in the game the team gets excited. You never want a starter to go down, but anytime you get to see Kenny go out there and perform and get everything he deserves, it is awesome to see. Everyone on the team had full faith in him at that point.”

In the middle of the fourth quarter, Guiton threw an interception that, at the time, many thought sealed the loss.

“I felt like I had let my team down,” Guiton said. “I’m a backup coming off the bench, and I just want to do well for my team. That’s when it took the offense to pick me up and let me know that the game wasn’t over and we were going to get the ball again.”

Chris Fields’ touchdown with three seconds left in regulation was close to being an incomplete pass. Fields was wide open, but Guiton underthrew him, causing Fields to dive for the ball.

“Thirteen years of baseball paid off,” Fields said. “I used to be a centerfielder. I used to dive all over the place. I’m used to it. I knew it was a great catch, no question. They didn’t even need to review it.”

“Chris Fields is a product of our program,” Meyer said. “Three weeks ago he wouldn't have been on the field. But he just changed his whole dynamic, the way he works, his practice habits and his performance.”

On the first play of the game, the Ohio State defense showed its ugly side once again, allowing Purdue to go 83 yards, untouched, on a pass play for a touchdown.

“It was a trick play,” Boren said. “They showed something similar on film, but not exactly the way they ran it and we just got mixed up. I thought after that we executed well and played a really solid defensive game.”

“After the first play of the game, we just needed to remember we have a lot of game left,” Shazier said. “We were down, but everyone had each other’s back. We knew they would score. We just kept pushing and no one had their head down.”

Purdue head coach Danny Hope spent some time after the game criticizing officials, saying Ohio State was holding on its final drive of regulation. He did lay some blame on his own team, though, and gave Ohio State credit.

“We didn’t manufacture enough pass rush, and Ohio State was able to get better protection than I thought they should have been able to get,” Hope said. “They made the plays they needed to and we didn’t.”

Purdue’s star defensive lineman, Kawann Short, said Purdue’s troubles were not playing 60 minutes.

“We hope that Braxton is all right,” Short said. “When Kenny came in, we knew he was going to be good. As a defense, we had to continue to be disruptive. We were confident the whole game, but we needed to finish at the end.”


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gwalther's picture

I was at the game.. And didn't head to the exit until after Carmen Ohio. I got so ridiculously pumped when I saw Urban going nuts in the south end zone it's hard to describe. I think I've watched the YouTube clip 12 times. Awesome. Go Bucks.

Class of 2008

Buckeye2005's picture

Do you think Urban was giving the fans who stayed a little extra to make the point that you never leave the game??  Also, I saw that Zach Boren referenced that the fans were leaving Ohio Stadium.  Pretty remarkable come from behind victory. 

njc2o's picture

i don't think he was making any specific point... he was just really freaking excited.

gwalther's picture


Class of 2008

osubuckeye4life's picture

Exactly, I remember some fans left back in 2003. NC State trailed 24-7 with just over 8 minutes remaining in regulation, but scored on its next three possessions to force the first overtime game in Ohio Stadium history. 

brylee's picture

Purdue head coach Danny Hope spent some time after the game criticizing officials, saying Ohio State was holding on its final drive of regulations.

Danny Hope is a whiner...  Purdue had the benefit of refereeing on their side for the entire game...  What a douche...

Doesntwork's picture

cut him some slack, his job is going out of the window, he has to find some reason to b*tch and moan

Max Power's picture

True, they did benefit from a Braxton fumble, which he had possession when he went down...just got outmuscled under the pile.

Melissa's picture

Unfortunately, I am one of the fans that left early.  I always stay to the end and sing Carmen Ohio,  (win or lose) but yesterday, I had no faith that our defense would get the ball back after the Kenny Guiton interception. I did not want to watch Purdue celebrating in the Horseshoe. Shame on me. I ended up watching the end  of the game at Riverwatch. Great win,  but I sure feel like a loser for leaving.

45OH4IO's picture

Upvote for honesty! But still, shame on you...haha.

RBuck's picture

Way to man lady up!

Long live the southend.

O-H Kee Pa's picture

I know the excitement has been turned up to 11 this season, but does every win need to be "the best since..." or "the worst since..."? We've been playing football since 1890; yesterday wouldn't be on any short list of most exciting wins in Ohio Stadium history. Awesome win no doubt, but perspective.

omahabeef1337's picture

Down 8, back-up QB in, less than a minute -- then winning on OT. It has to rank up there.

O-H Kee Pa's picture

One of the more improbable wins that I've witnessed in my short time as a Buckeye fan (only 27). However, it's improbable because we played awful football. Something tells me Jack Park won't be waxing poetic about this win. If we do go undefeated, I will happily eat my words.

NW Buckeye's picture

O-H,  How often has it been said that "your're only as good as your last win"?  There have probably been more dramatic wins in the shoe, last minute scores, a few OT's, but yesterday's was the most current.  And, I have to admit, I really enjoyed it.  And I have been watching games there since 1960!!!!  Go Bucks!

O-H Kee Pa's picture

NW: you've seen quite a few more games than I have, so I'll defer to you. And you're right in terms of OSU fans having a "what have you done for me lately"? mentality. Hence, the hyperbole isn't totally unexpected (or unwarranted). If we do go undefeated, I will GLADLY tell my kids where I was on October 20, 2012.

chitown buckeye's picture

Incredible finish yesterday! Pobably played our worst game of the season offensively. Defensive breakdowns, injuries, questionable officiating everything going against us and with 47 seconds remaining somehow walk out of that stadium with a victory is nothing less of a miracle! Speaks of the resiliency of this team and it's players. 
The play calling by Tom Herman is incredible. So refreshing to have a great young offensive mind calling plays. I, like the purdue players, was fooled on the play call! As Kenny was rolling right I was looking to who was open in the flats, as he began to slow n stop, I was screaming at the tv "what are you doing!!" As he looked back left I then realized what was happening and screamed "tight end!!" It felt like the entire play was slow motion! Great play call, great execution! 
There are problems and miscues all over the place on this team but sit back and enjoy the ride! We can't win any title this year so enjoy the small victories like this that will build character in our players and coaches! Appreciate the fact the we are undefeated and we have a head coach that truly loves OSU! Watch the video of him in the south stands yesterday and it will give you chills! OSU football is in great hands and I tip my cap to the seniors of this team! Best thing about being 8-0 is the chance to go 9-0!! Go bucks!

"I'm having a heart attack!"

unknownmusketeer's picture

Not that this season is anywhere near over, but I am very excited about the incoming recruits and the Black Stripe tradition.  The current group of players is going to be extremely close, and it will take considerable effort from these younger players to earn that right of being part of the team.

WiliestBuckeye's picture

This is the type of win that pays divedends for the rest of the season. Guys will be feeding off of this win and come out ready to go agaisnt Penn State.

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment."

TennesseeJohn's picture

My quotebook from the game:
"I STILL BELIEVEEEEEE!!!" -me, from 22C as the offense trotted out with less than a minute left in regulation.
"KENNY GUITON FOR HEISMAN!!!" -someone seated behind me after he threw the game-tying 2-point conversion.
"YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!" -every human being in Ohio Stadium not wearing black and gold when the Silver Bullets held Purdue to clinch the win.
Truly an amazing game and was actually my first game at the 'Shoe. I think the decibel level doubled after each successive play as they pulled off this miracle ending. 
Yes, there were numerous mistakes and missed opportunities but WHAT A GAME. I'm still reeling 24 hours later.

Max Power's picture

Hope can whine all he wants about holding but he can't lay this one on the zebras. Your team was up 8 points and came away with an interception late in the fourth quarter. You couldn't manage a couple first downs to end the game. Purdue got points off of a Braxton "fumble" but he's not pouting about that. Your D couldn't stop our backup QB, driving under a minute and we  had to convert for 2 just to send the game to OT. Plenty of opportunities for Purdue to put the bucks away but they couldn't. That's why you are Purdue and we are OSU. Great programs know how to finish games and those "other kind of teams" don't know how to handle themselves once they get to the top of the mountain. Great teams play all 4 qtrs and know how to put teams away. Great effort bucks!

Arizona_Buckeye's picture

My wife and I were at the first game - it was freakin hot and muggy and we were all pretty much sweaty and smelly lumps at that point in time.  It was early in the 4th and we had the game locked up.  I looked at my wife and knew she in a bit of pain (cronic back issue) so I ask her if she wanted to leave - her response:  We've flown all the way from Arizona - we're not leaving until it is over.  This is from a woman that is from Boston and went to an all girls college so she is a Buckeye fan only by marriage proxy!  Frankly, I was pretty much disgusted by the 'fans' who left the game before it was over and to hear Boren say they watched these people leaving just plain pisses me off.  Real fans aren't the ones that stay only when we win but are the ones that are there for both the victories and the losses. 

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southernstatesbuckeye's picture

About Hope's whining...he also forgets that the very obvious holding call was not made on the Purdue player when the kickoff was returned for six. Watch the play develop and directly behind the runner is the blatant hold and pull down.

Hey Hope...Get used to it!

I like cookies.

daytonbuckeye's picture

I was standing in front of the tv wanting to throw something during the drive that Guiton threw the int. I purposely did not wear my jersey that was full of bad mojo (referring to the superstition forum post). I started thinking about the Ohio State shirt that I was sporting and decided that that one must have had some bad mojo as well for the team to be performing the way that they were. I took off my shirt and stood in front of the tv for the remainder of the game and I swear, as soon as I took the shirt off, the defense held purdont and forced them to punt and the rest is glorious history. It seems that a lot of my Buckeye gear needs to be replaced with stuff with good mojo so that I can do my part to help the team. I am trying to use this as reason to persuade my wife in letting me buy some new shirts/jerseys.

3 85 yards and a cloud of dust.

Buck_Michigan's picture

I have been to many many Buckeye Football games...only once did I ever leave a game early.  In 1999 or perhaps it was 1998, we played Illinois and they beat us by over 20 points...I was so disgusted, because A. I hate losing and B. it was frickin Illinois...we never lost to IL in those days....hell we don't lose to them now!  At any rate, we left in the 4th quarter...I  just couldn't take the misery of watching IL pound OSU.  Other than that game I never leave a game early. You gotta see it through!

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