Foot Injury Sidelines Jordan Hall for 10 Weeks

By 11W Staff on June 30, 2012 at 2:55p

According to Ohio State, Senior running back Jordan Hall will be out for approximately 10 weeks while recovering for surgery to treat an injured foot:

Hall, who enters his senior season with 2,513 all-purpose yards to rank 26th all-time at Ohio State, suffered an accidental cut to the bottom of his right foot Wednesday afternoon while walking in grass outside his residence in Columbus. He had surgery Friday at the Ohio State University Medical Center.

“This is an unfortunate accident to a really fine young man,” Meyer said. “He’s handling things well, though. He’ll be in a non-weight bearing cast for about six weeks and then he’ll rehabilitate the injury for at least four weeks after that.”

The Buckeyes are still nine weeks away from the opener against Miami, so Hall should be back in time for most of the season, assuming his recovery and rehabilitation go as planned.

While he may only miss a handful of games, Hall's injury will provide an opening of sorts for some of the younger running backs, namely sophomore Rod Smith and true freshmen Bri'onte Dunn and Warren Ball, to make names for themselves in camp. That said, Hall is the Buckeye most likely to emerge in a Harvin-like roll for Ohio State, and his versatility out of the backfield is what sets him apart from some of the other backs, who are all more power runners.


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Nappy's picture

Hate to see it happen but better to happen now than in August.  Hope his rehab goes well and he doesn't miss too much time.

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

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Could be a blessing in disguise, Hall is a known commodity but Rod Smith and Brionte Dunn are not.  Urban previously said that he doesn't allow competition for jobs in the Fall, so this will allow Smith and Dunn to show their skills with the first teamers in a way that they otherwise would not have been able to do.  I'm also guessing they'll trying to incorporate Philly Brown more into the offense than they might otherwise would have, since he has some ball carrier experience and seems the most logical candidate for taking over that Harvin type role with Hall sidelined. 

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Agree.  I wasn't completely sold on Hall as much as I was on the system Meyer brings. 

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I'm still a Rod Smith fan.  Don't ask me why, I realize he has had possession issues.  Just a lot of potential there.

USMCBUCKEYE82's picture

I am a huge Rod Smith fan as well. Grew up in the same town as him. Anyway. Posession issues, I remember several other great backs that posession issues when they were young as well. George, & Wells (as in the Beanie type). Sounds like a ambulance chasin law firm. The funny thing is he is built and plays the same style of rush game. I am NOT saying he is that good by any means. Stating facts. 
muck fichigan

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Yep. Hopefully a blessing in disguise. Nothing against Hall, he is a good player, and based on those stats better than I had thought. But I have been dissapointed with his play for a couple reasons, inconsistant and appears to be easy to tackle. He needs a huge season this year and this certainly won't help. But I too am super excited to see more Hyde, Smith and Dunn. I assume Hall will be  back in form by at least the third game. But he will miss alot of practice in the new offense and they said "surgery" not "stitches".  I just hold my breath during the off season. No news is better than bad news. 

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I don't see who on the team is really going to effectively take Hall's spot. We've got plenty of quality runningbacks for sure but none that I see lining up in the slot and sending in motion all over the field. All of the other backs I see as guys that play along with Hall in the game. None of the receivers really inspire any confidence in me that they can fill in that oh so annoyingly dubbed "Percy" position.

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Well that sucks.



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Sucks but not the end of the world...RBs are one position that OSU has.  Hyde, Dunn, and Ball will be fine (and Smith if he can hold onto the football more consistently and especially in the red zone).  We'll need Hall in the mid part of the season more anyway.  It would have been nice for him to have more practice and game experience in this new offense if he were healthy, but oh well.  He'll be back before MSU...all that really matters.   

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Guy has great vision but not the Harvineque raw speed to take it to the edge the way Coach Urb probably wants. Besides, that's Miller's job given the kid is not the down-the-middle thundering man-beast Tebow was. I'd really like to see one of the young WRs step up, since it's a huge position of need and those wideouts will need to get used to wiggling a bit off short flash screens and end arounds.

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I agree with the " it sucks but we have some other guys that look promising "

Wherever you are, there you be!

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I dunno...Urban went from saying "we have no playmakers" to concluding after spring that Hall was a playmaker.  Did he mean, he's the best chance we have at a playmaker?  Or did he mean he IS a playmaker.
He'll hopefully only miss a game or two, but I wonder if this affects his learning of the new offense (timing, routes etc), since he won't be taking as many reps with the 1st team. 
Agreed we do have other backs, but none (so far) that are as versatile as far as catching passes.  I'll conclude this is a bummer, and potentially a "big" bummer.

toledobuckeyefanjim's picture

Don't let you get yourself down, fans. Hall will miss a game, maybe two. He will be OK and I hope he will heal fast. What the hell was in the grass? Must have been a broken beer bottle. I guess he will now know to wear shoes outside.

buckeyedude's picture

College kids aren't supposed to drink beer out of bottles. It's supposed to be either cans or kegs. Everybody knows that. They can't have beer out of bottles until they get more beer experience. And for Pete's sake, don't pee on the side of building at 3am in Sycamore Hills(or whatever that town's name is).
Don't get me started.



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Tough loss but in reality this season doesn't matter. Best case scenario he's full go by mid season. Worst case scenario he redshirts and comes back next year when we can win the NC. 
Good thing were Ohio state and get the best talent in the country. Hyde, smith, Dunn and ball are all elite talents. Well be fine. 

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Out for 10 weeks for cutting his foot? Did he step on one of those I.E.D.s from Iraq?
MOD EDIT: Those of us that have been in-country don't find IED or VBIED to be joke material. I understand what your point was, that there was no malicious intent, but contrary to popular belief, this country is at war, if you've never visited Walter Reed or seen a hobbled comrade it's possible you didn't realize what poor taste that joke was made in. Here's your warning. Pleas be more considerate, kaithx...
He's a little something to get the martial blood pumping, but lets leave football out of it.
-SGT Elias, Charlie Co, 1-32 Infantry, 10th Mountain Division. Korangal Valley `07-`08. We had a real bad time there. Ever seen Restrepo? Thar was our AO. 

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There's a HUGE difference in being able to put some weight on your foot after a surgery like that and it's a whole different animal when you need to plant said foot and make sudden cuts or jukes. Not to mention the fact that up to 300 lbs of muscle and body mass will be trying to smash you to the ground as you're trying to make these moves. Besides, 4+ weeks of that will be to rehab him and get him back into gameday shape.

USMCBUCKEYE82's picture

That is not funny. That is not cool at all. Man that is some really fucked up shit to say. I do not know you and do not want to know you after that comment. I don’t think any of the wounded warriors could appreciate that comment either.
Shit is not funny. It is sad that you represent this great university as a fan with that common sense.

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Oh come off it. 

cplunk's picture

"oh come off it"?
i'm guessing you don't have friends missing limbs. I do. IEDs are not a joking matter. 

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If the OP said "hand grenade" instead of "IED" you would not have said shit. 

USMCBUCKEYE82's picture

Really!!! Help me come off my PTSD help me come off my three out of place vertebrae my two other^ vertebrae. Help me come off my cane for good. Come help my fellow wounded warriors that are quadriplegic and paraplegic come off of it.

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Were you drafted? Nobody made you go. Further, the OP was just making a joke. Anyone seriously wounded on the job could say the same. I'm sorry life sucks for you. However, you had choices. Jokes are jokes and those that take them seriously are upset about something else... "In jest there is truth".
I am sorry that you were sent and were wounded. But don't bring your holier than though crap around here punk. 

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@ Schooey, Wow, you're a real loser. Everytime I think things are improving around here, some new, more disgusting piece of filth posts.

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Schooey, seriously? I always thought you were one of the better posters on this site, but then you say this crap. It's quite logical how you spewed such disrespectful material and then called someone else a punk. Pot meet kettle. 

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El tempo de El Guapo.

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That's a shame, hope he heals up fast.

In the meantime, more reps for Carlos Hyde

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Not a lot of people are talking about how much this sucks for Hall himself - this is supposed to be his year, in a good-fit offense, with his last chance to prove himself for the NFL. 

The team may be ok, but you have to feel bad for the guy if he misses any gametime at all. 

thatlillefty's picture

Trying to stay positive and personally I'm a big fan of Hyde. But you're right, this is most unfortunate for Jordan Hall and i definitely feel for him.

buckeyedude's picture

You make a really good point, Chad. Seriously feel bad for the kid. You know he's been working his azz off since UFM got here. I wonder if it would be better for him to take a red-shirt this year and be 100% for next year and the run for the NC?



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Bummer for Hall, but he will be back for the conference slate most likely and I expect him to have a solid season still.

vacuuming sucks

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I also think Hyde is a better receiver out of the backfield than most people think/expect.

vacuuming sucks

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I hope Hall does not redshirt. 

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Jordan Hall was the one playmaker/hybrid back we had that really fit Urbz offense he will be missed! Hyde and Rod Smith are more traditional style backs so it will be interesting to see how we go about replacing Hall.