Eleven Dubcast: Separate Vocations

By Johnny Ginter on May 30, 2012 at 5:52p
Me in a week

Greetings, and welcome to a special summer fun edition of the Eleven Dubcast with Johnny and Sarah (I get top billing because I'm way cooler)!

Ohio State has been going through a tumult lately, what with all the irritating secondary violations and kids burning recruiting letters and then grown adults sending them death threats. I'm personally of the opinion that we all need to CHILL OUT and concentrate on maxin' our relaxin' instead of focusing on all the fussin' and fightin'.

So this week we decided to kick up our feet a little, do a little depth chart analysis, goof around with Buckeye Sports Bulletin's own Jeff Svoboda, and answer some very difficult and pressing questions from Yahoo! Answers. Not a ton on our plate this week, but! We certainly love getting input and answering questions, so if you're interested, go ahead and send us some OSU (or non-OSU) questions at [email protected] Sarah and I are all about dispensing advice to internet strangers, especially if it's a nonsensical question that requires an obtuse answer.

In any case, I think this week we pulled off a pretty good episode. Here's the rundown, as per usual:

0:17- Sarah and I break down the recently released depth chart for the summer, which holds few surprises but many secrets. Such as: where will the new d-linemen like Noah Spence and Adolphus Washington fit in when they begin to make their mark this summer? Do we have more than three linebackers? Who is Keyser Soze? Bueller? Bueller? ANYONE??

16:57- Our good buddy Jeff Svoboda comes on, and we discuss NCAA violations. The fun kind this year, though! Also we trudge sadly back in time to the day that Jim Tressel got fired, and the inevitability thereof.

36:18- Ask Us Anything! We help out some random people on Yahoo! Answers, including a very sad and confused young man who claims to be an OSU football recruit (he's probably lying).

43:43- Sarah's lament. Community has lost Dan Harmon, and it will never be the same. Then I make fun of her because I'm a jerk.

The intro music this week was from the Wudos Band project, followed up by Space Hoes (one of my all time favorites from MF Doom), and wrapped up with the summeriest of summer songs, Fat Man In The Bathtub by Little Feat.

And that does it! Thanks again to Jeff Svoboda for talking with us, and we hope you all continue to have a great summer!



RedStorm45's picture

I'm more concerned with the LBs than the DBs.  Grant doesn't have much experience, Sabino has shown himself to be slower and missing gaps, and Shazier is sitll a bit raw since he was a DE in high school.  I don't really have any confidence in the guys behind them yet.  Roby is 5'1'' and I think Barnett is 6 feet +.  I agree about Bryant getting "over excited" but if he can play under control, we have some pretty darn good safeties.  It'll be interesting to see if Doran Grant pushes Howard for p.t.

Scott's picture

Good work. I think you two should plan on recording one of these during the E2B tailgate.

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