West Wins Sloppy Army All-American Bowl

By Johnny Ginter on January 7, 2012 at 8:45p

Well, if you wanted to get an idea of what cohesion and coach means to the game of football, the Army All-American Bowl that was played today was a pretty good indicator of what happens when both teams don't have a lot of either. There were a few crazy plays, a twinkling of things to come for the Ohio State Buckeyes, and Barry Sanders Junior somehow resisted the urge to strangle every single person who asked him what it was like to have the dad that he has.

The names that Ohio State fans needed to be on the watch for were DLs Adolphus Washington and Tommy Schutt, and WR Stefon Diggs. Schutt had little impact on the game, but several big plays by Washington and Diggs showed just what those two players were capable of, albeit in a meaningless game with weird rules where no one is allowed to blitz. The West team beat the East team 24-12, but since most people are probably far more interested in how OSU players, targets, and other major recruits performed, we'll focus on that instead.

The game started with the East going three and out, giving the West a short field to work with, which they immediately took advantage of. RB TJ Yeldon, an Alabama commit, showed both his wheels and hands with a terrific catch to get the West down to the two. A quick word about TJ Yeldon: he might have been the best athlete on the field all day. He's got incredible balance and quickness, and because of that I hope he finds a love for horticulture and quits football. West punches in the ball from the two, and it's a 7-0 lead in short order.

The East responded with a drive led by former Indana commit and current LSU Tiger Gunner Kiel, who looked a bit sloppy for the rest of his time in the game, but in this instance was sharp enough for the responding touchdown. East missed the extra point, but it seemed like this was going to be a relatively exciting AAA bowl with neither team getting a lot done in the way of defense. 7-6 West.

On the West's next drive, a fortuitous pass interference call set them up nicely in the East's red zone, where Stanford commit Barry Sanders Junior rumbled in for the touchdown to put the West up 14-6. Barry The Lesser is actually Barry The Somewhat Bigger; he's not really a clone of his dad, at least in running style, and part of that is the result of him being about 5 foot 11 and 190 pounds. He's got a great burst at the line, and will fit in really well with Stanford's offense. People at Oklahoma State are probably furiously shooting their guns in the air in anger and going "Ooooohhhhhhh!" but Barry Junior seems like an incredibly smart kid and he probably made the best possible decision.

Then someone flipped the "A Billion Turnovers" swtich. Anthony Alford came in for the East at QB and threw a pick almost immediately, which was then followed up by a bad handoff which was recovered by DL Eli Harold, a Virginia commit. The East couldn't make hay from that, however, and punted back to the West.

Did I mention how good TJ Yeldon is? He can both run and catch, as evidenced by him leaping over guys following a reception, and then adding a great run shortly thereafter. Then the Adolphus Washington show started. First, he blew by the left tackle for an easy sack, and in the following play he powered into the backfield and caused another one. Washington is a terrific recruit with a ton of upside, and his power and speed are evident on every snap. He'll likely shift more inside as he gets bigger, and take on more of a John Simon type role rather than a Thaddeus Gibson one (which also hopefully means he develops an affinity for flannel). Washington does need to hone his technique somewhat though, as in college a bullrush can't really be your only move.

The way more fun version of the army

Anyway, it turned out that two consecutive sacks and a 3rd and 38 was no big deal for the West, as WR Dorial Green-Beckham had a one-handed grab and raced down the sidelines for another West TD. 21-6 West. DGB is an incredible talent, although later in the game he would have two really bad looking dropped passes that made me question both my sanity and whether this is truly a just world. Like, if I had a newborn baby, and you told me that I'd get a million dollars if I could recreate those passes but I'd have to substitute my baby for the football, I'd yell for someone to bring me shoulder pads and some stickum.

The first half ended as the East fumbled the ball away, DGB dropped one of his aforementioned passes, and the West settled for a field goal to close out the half. 24-6 West. Numerous commitments were made during the game, including S Elijah Thompson (who was pretty easily the best player for the defense on either team), WR Jordan Payton, and DT Ellis McCarthy all going to Cal, DT Jon Bullard going to Florida, S Elijah Shumate going to Notre Dame, DE Tyriq McCord heading to Miami, and about a half dozen others all making decisions that will change their lives forever by literally picking up a baseball hat and putting it on their heads.

The 3rd quarter was apparently played in tribute to James Tiberius Tressel, because the teams punted back and forth in some kind of blantant attempt to get me to change the channel. It did provide OSU target Stefon Diggs the opportunity to strut his stuff a few times; he didn't show much (other than a hilarious vault over another player in the 4th quarter), but he clearly has explosive speed and is pretty much everything Urban Meyer could want in a WR.

Finally, the last OSU commit/target to make any real noise during the game was Tommy Schutt, who recovered something like the 5th or 6th turnover (fumbles, another Gunner Kiel interception) in the game as time was winding down. Schutt is a DT in the Hankins mold, and frankly did not look nearly as powerful as He Ate Me. His mobility is good for a big man that size, which should help him, but he needs some time in the weight room if he wants to make an immediate impact the way Hank did.

The Army All-American Bowl ended with the West beating the East 24-12, after a garbage time TD from the East, but the most interesting thing to be gleamed from this game is the play of Adolphus Washington. Put in the right system, his combination of speed and size should mesh very well with the other defensive line recruits that OSU has picked up this season, and it appears that the Urban Meyer tradition of fielding walking war crimes in the trenches might just continue for the foreseeable future.


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GlueFingers Lavelli's picture

Glad I didn't waste my time watching it. I'd like to see Kiel go to LSU and flop. That'd suit him right for ditching the midwest.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

Jenkins just got smoked by Megatron....

zbd's picture

Thanks for the daily updates on recruiting. 11W is the best website in having currrent recruiting information and I have checked out about every site available.  Hope the Buckeyes get a couple of OL, a linebacker and WR/athlete. 

dgrubbs's picture

Thanks for the write up. Great work. Do you think We have any shot at Diggs? And I'd we do, do you think he is any better than Neal?

Alex's picture

Better shot of Neal than Diggs. Diggs is slightly better though

poop's picture

I didn't see either do much in their games. Diggs impressed me from what I saw, minus the fumbles. I have to say that I was glad that this game wasn't a feature piece for SEC recruits like the UA game was.

toledobuckeyefanjim's picture

Meyer will make sure Schutt spends a lot of time in the weight room, and the whole team will be with him. We got pushed around by Michigan, Penn State and Florida on defense. Really, both sides of the ball need to be much stronger.

btalbert25's picture

I was watching the game and was surprised that a recruit from a school 3 miles from my house in nky was playing.  too bad he was an auburn commit.  kid got busted with synthetic pot earlier this year and missed some time though

blazers34's picture

kid is supposed to be pretty good i guess, but every time i saw their teams scores they seemed to be getting their asses kicked.

btalbert25's picture

His school isn't really a football powerhouse here in NKY.  They have had some solid teams, but honestly not ever anything great.  Plus they play against some really good teams in NKY.  Ft. Thomas Highlands is routinely very good, Covington Catholic has some good teams, they played 2 lower division state champs too.  The high school football here isn't nearly as good as what Cincinnati has, but NKY usually seems to have some pretty good football for Kentucky.  Maybe the best in the state outside of Louisville.  To me it's amazing he didn't end up at Beechwood or Cov Cath which are pretty good football schools and he would've certainly had the option to attend either. 

blazers34's picture

yeah, i know the area well.  there a few good times, but a lot of shit.  Dixie Heights is a pretty big school, and im surprised they werent better with a qb like him.

do agree with you that outside louisville, nky is up next.  still, not a ton of good teams.

btalbert25's picture

No what makes NKY a good football region for the state is that they've always had 1 really good team in each division.  When I was younger Beechwood was a 1A juggernaut, Cov Cath and Highlands dominated AAA, and Boone County was always in the running in 4A.  Back in the Day Highlands was a AA power. Now that it's broken into 6 divisions, I'm not sure who is where anymore lol.  I went to a small catholic school that doesn't have football, but I think schools like NCC and Holy Cross have really gotten strong when it comes to smaller division football too.  So yeah, there are probably 7 or 8 really good schools for their division and a bunch of crap after that.

Dixie, Simon Kenton, and Scott are all three huge Kenton County Schools, but never seem to be very good at football.  It's really weird.  From time to time all have pretty good players though, and once in a wh ile good teams, but overall they just never have had any sustained success.  I wonder if it's because the great players who would go to all three end up at Cov Cath, or for Highlands.  Jared Lorenzon lived in Scott's district I believe but ended up playing at Highlands.  Dixie has great players in district that end up at Cov Cath or Beechwood. 


mshaf's picture

Diggs appears to be a bit on the " look at me,give me the ball " side.I was watching him during the game a lot.On the last touchdown when the qb ran it in,he seemed to just turn around and walk away when his teamates were congratulating the qb for the run,He seemed to be mad because he wasn`t the one that scored.I hope I am seeing this wrong and we don`t have a Terrel Owens coming to Columbus.

Jdadams01's picture

I actually noticed the same thing. There were a few other similar occasions but that last TD was the most obvious.

buckeyechad's picture

I'd give him a pass for the all star game seeing as he probably barely knows his teammates and is there to show his abilities/probably doesn't care too much about the final score of a meaningless game.

Buckeyevstheworld's picture

I wouldn't mind having a T.O in Columbus. Heck it's been the one thing Ohio State has lacked in recent years.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

poop's picture

Yep, saw that too. He better fix that fumble problem or he'll be running track instead of playing football somewhere.

Buckeye06's picture

Seems that Washington was Impressive at the game to the analysts



Why is he listed as a WDE?  I figured at 6'5'' he'd end up like 270 and be a SDE with Noah on the other side at like 250

Johnny Ginter's picture

well, he's listed as 6 foot 4, and i don't think he's quite that. like i said in the article, i actually don't see him being exclusively a DE but a lot of that is predicated on what defense OSU decides to run. if they stick with the modified base 4-2-5 they've been running, i can almost see him being 4 technique kind of guy. i dunno, a lot of it depends on depth and how quickly he picks up the scheme/moves

Buckeye06's picture

I love the 4-2-5 look in today's CFB.  Still generate a pass rush and can defend the spread more effectively. 

Am i kind of correct in the WDE vs. SDE size wise?  Like you want a SDE to be like 270+ and a WDE like 250?  I don't understand that split on rivals/scout when they differentiate. 

Like with Miller/Hayes/Spence/Washington/Pittman, who are SDE guys and who are WDE guys?  Sorry if this is a rookie question but I always wondered

Johnny Ginter's picture

i think "ideal" size is more or less overrated, especially in a heacock/fickell defense. they had freaking hankins lining up over the tackles at times; players move around constantly.

in general though, yeah, you want your strongside guy to be a bit bigger. honestly i'm not as well versed in where the DL recruits project as alex is, though.

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

Is the recent comments box gone now? I might buy a chair from that place if you put it back....

Alex's picture

It is just lower on the sidebar so we can get more recent comments in and enable you to see all by selecting MORE

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

Thanks Alex.  That's a great move.  And that place did have some cool furniture.  

cbusbuckeye's picture

Seriously what happened to it? I almost had a heart attack when I got on today and it was gone!

Alex's picture

Did you read my above post?

GlueFingers Lavelli's picture

Off Topic; Rumors swirling in Indy that Blue and White Sweatervests are about to be handed out.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

johnblairgobucks's picture

IMO, can't win going for FG's in NFL and can't see 75% of NFL players giving a cr@p enough to get to know Jim Tressel.  Different game.  Don't know that Tressel will make a good NFL coach.

Hope him well though.

btalbert25's picture

In my opinion, he'd be a great option.  He has proven over the years that with a dynamic offense he'll take some chances.  Well, healthy Payton Manning with Dallas Clark, Reggie Wayne, and Pierre Garcon is pretty dynamic.  I can see him doing pretty well.  Not sure his dictatorial style when it comes to running the offense would work in the NFL though.  Coordinators make good money to do their job and can't see guys laying down to him in the NFL. 

I think he'd be a nice change, from the SOS in the NFL.   

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

Martyball was awesome in San Diego and they would probably have a few rings right now if they kept Marty and Brees.

btalbert25's picture

It's amazing to me that they fire Shottenheimer when his teams had a lot of success but they refuse to get rid of Norv Turner?  WTF?????