Wednesday Skull Session

By Chris Lauderback on August 10, 2011 at 6:00a

Top of the morning Buckeye fans and welcome to what I hope will be the internet's version of Four Loko as we start your hump day skull session. 

There's just a few days left before Ohio State faces the NCAA, taking one more step toward putting all that drama in the rearview, and coupled with the fact fall camp has started - with full pads also set for Friday - I'm happier than Hoke with a $10 Golden Corral gift card. 

With said start of camp enhanced by increased media access combined with fans and players alike starving to talk football, it truly is a great time of the year. I love seeing the comments more focused on football and the watercooler talk has also shifted. Optimism is running high and mild to wild predictions are flowing like the salmon of Capistrano. 

Speaking of which, I threw out a couple over beers last night and figured I'd share them with you and invite you to offer your own in the comments. First, I think I've said it on these airwaves but in case I haven't, I'm feeling Storm Klein having a very good shot to be the starting Mike by game three or at least being heavily involved in a rotation that sees him stay on the field when Heacock runs with just two linebackers joined by Moeller. Wherever he lines up, I won't be surprised if he is widely considered the 2nd best LB on the team after we have the opportunity to see a decent sample size of game action. 

My other hunch is Bradley Roby beating out both Dionte Allen and Dominic Clarke for the starting corner spot opposite Howard Island. What you got? 

While you mull it over, let's see what's under the hood in today's skully...

The Great Twitter Debate. With teams across the land kicking off fall camp, lots of coaches are fielding questions about player twitter usage and what type of policy they have in place. It's pretty fascinating when you think of Twitter's impact on the sports world. The real time access to player thoughts, and ultimately their personalities, is insanely addicting as it gives us a chance to interact and examine our Saturday heros on a much deeper level. 

Think about it. How much better is your life thanks to following the likes of Keyboard James, Duron Carter and JNewsome? 

Of course, that access can come with a price if kids are too free and easy (ie. incredibly stupid) with their tweets as we saw with Marvin Austin launching what became a tweet-pedo leading to mass casualties at  North Carolina, amongst countless other examples. 

The worry of tweetageddon has caused the likes of Steve Spurrier and Chris Peterson to install twitter bans while causing the masses with keyboards to take sides. Gregg Doyel opines that such bans are for the benefit of the kids, therefore a wise move. Conversely, Darren Rovell makes a solid argument that banning players from twitter only further proves that college sports isn't about education. 

Personally, I side with Rovell in that kids, like all of us, learn from their mistakes and as long as there's plenty of coach/player discussion on the expectations, you give the kids a chance to show they can be responsible, armed with the knowledge there are consequences for missteps. What's your take? 

Like a back-footed post pass, Pryor's status still up in the air. Around dinner time yesterday, word began to circulate that TP was not on the first list of eligible players for the Supplemental Draft slated for August 17th. 

Soon after, Drew Rosenhaus applied salve to the situation tweeting, "we spoke with the NFL today and were told that no decision has been made yet regarding Terrelle's eligibility for the supplemental draft." 

With Pryor being the face of the supplemental draft, I'm a bit surprised the NFL would publish what is likely an incomplete list though I admittedly have no idea what the typical protocol might be. Bottom line, the kid should eligible and deserves a chance to make a living in the NFL this year. Hopefully for his sake the ruling is soon and favorable so he can move on. 

As we've noted, no good can seemingly come from him taking a year off (both for him and OSU) and it would be a nice boost for him to be knowingly eligible for the draft ahead of his pro day this Friday, with the likes of at least the Cowboys and Browns on hand. 

Elias Sports Bureau confirms Gammons holds record for most foot rubs given to Nomar at 5,498. And counting.Pete & AJ: Brothers from another mother

Yay! Another reason I can loathe Andrew Jackson Peter Gammons. Taking a break from his incessant Red Sox homerism, the baseball loving reincarnate of Andrew Jackson decided to dip his toe in the college football universe, making himself look like a jackass in the process. 

Speaking specifically of Nebraska hotshot QB recruit and 5th pick in the MLB Draft, Bubba Starling, and his supposed rift with Bo Pelini over Starling's impending 8/15 deadline to either sign with the Royals or join the Huskers, Gammons tweeted, "Bo Pellini going off on and threatening Bubba Starling is great news for the Royals." 

The allegation against Pelini forced the coach to respond, noting Starling was purposefully held out of camp because the risk of injury while Starling mulls his decision is far too great. Further, he takes a veiled shot at Kevin Millar's former stalker:

As I discussed Saturday, Bubba Starling, his family and I are all on the same page, and have been throughout this entire process. Bubba has a lot at risk. We are all aware of that, and everyone involved is comfortable with how the situation is being handled. I have a complete understanding of how this situation works, and from the outset we have supported Bubba and his family as they make a very difficult decision. All of our interactions as a staff with Bubba and his family have been nothing but supportive, and have been very respectful from both sides. Any information contrary to that is not accurate. It is disappointing that media would comment on the situation without talking to any of the primary parties involved.

Pretty impressive out of Bo. You know he wanted to strangle the Nomar out of Gammons but toned it down fairly well in his prepared response. 

"Blue 32, Blue 32, Ready, Set, Triangles!". Chris over at Smart Football published his latest lesson in I'm smarter than you, taking a look at the three foundations for all effective pass plays, because you know, "football is governed by its immuatable twins of strategy - arithmetic and geometry." Seriously, how awesome is this guy?!

Chris takes a deep but understandable dive at vertical stretches, horizontal stretches and "object receiver" reads exploring how they work including the usual video examples. If you do anything today, block out 30 minutes and check it out. 

I spent about 45 minutes digesting it all and I'm now scanning Monster looking for offensive coordinator gigs at places I'm gambling won't complete a background check. 

Fresh Eats: Some background on fresh commit Roger Lewis...Seantrel's back surgery went well...Psycho cloud...Realistic Stadium Bathroom Rules...Shaq in jorts with his lady...Ultimate Batting Practice. I love the last line, "probably fake." Ya think?



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Ian_InsideTheShoe's picture

I'm feeling Storm Klein having a very good shot to be the starting Mike by game three or at least being heavily involved in a rotation that sees him stay on the field when Heacock runs with just two linebackers joined by Moeller. Wherever he lines up, I won't be surprised if he is widely considered the 2nd best LB on the team after we have the opportunity to see a decent sample size of game action.


My other hunch is Bradley Roby beating out both Dionte Allen and Dominic Clarke for the starting corner spot opposite Howard Island. What you got? 

I love Storm Klein, and I think he can be the next big OSU linebacker. I think he has a great knack for the ball and you can tell he loves to tackle people. He's a man-child.

As for the CB spot, I really thought Clarke was going to win over the job, but if Roby is impressing, I'd rather have the better corner out there. Just interesting to me.


thorvath22's picture

I also thought Clarke would be the guy, I thought he fared well in the Sugar Bowl against Arkansas' passing game.

thorvath22's picture

To all who want to have a fun evening with the family and watch a good movie...oh and all while sitting on the most sacred land known to Buckeye fans.

Toy Story 3 is playing inside the 'Shoe tonight
Opens at 7:30, starts at 8:30
Tickets: $5
Free parking

German Buckeye's picture

Well it's not like all these guys won't play.  Starters start....but no starter plays every minute of the game.  The 2nd and even 3rd string will get plenty of action on the field, especially during the first two games...

blazers34's picture

I thought Klein was already repping with the ones on first and second down at Mike?  Then Sabino slides over in a nickel? 


or do you just mean he will take over in the nickel as well?


maybe im wrong, just thought i had read that from the first couple of practices

Buckeye in Athens's picture

Yeah, I read this too. Sabino plays Sam in 4-3 and then Mike during nickel, with Klein heading out. 

Chris Lauderback's picture

From the guys I talked to, I took it as Sabino and Klein more-less splitting time in the middle then Klein leaving the field when we shift to nickel.

I see Klein evolving into an every down defender with Sabino again failing to live up to the hype.

I'm anxious to see them both in the jersey scrimmage since that'll give us an extended look at how this might play out.

btalbert25's picture

Why are the holding Sabino back, he's OMG the greatest LB recruit ever!  J/K, just expecting to hear that several times the next few weeks.  I'm more curious about Curtis Grant than I am Sabino, is he going to see the field his freshman year or redshirt?

BuckeyeBacker98's picture

Based on the lack of depth at linebacker, I would be surprised if Grant gets the redshirt.  He's about 1 injury away from being in the 2-deep.

btalbert25's picture

I remember Gammons back in the ESPN days always cooked up some crazy trade rumor that according to his sources was a done deal.  Later when the clubs would be asked the GM's would almost always say they never talked to the other alleged team.  Gammons was always coming up with crazy stuff.  His sources were as strong as Herbie's when he had "breaking news"

NH-IO's picture

I disagree re Pryor.  He left the program for the purpose of entering the supplemental draft, the official notice of his "dismissal" from the program (issued long after he had already left)  notwithstanding.  He could have declared for the regular draft had he wanted to.  He should have to wait for the next regular draft.

GoBucks713's picture

I'm a Red Sox fan, and even I can't stand Gammons. That dude would eat Fenway if they would let him. I think he only buys his hookers on Yawkey.

-The Aristocrats!

Chris Lauderback's picture

As a lifelong diehard yankee fan, I admit my hate for Gammons is highly biased though I'm being completely objective when I say that the little glob of spit he'd get that would flow from his top to bottom lip during diatribes about Schilling's greatness is not missed when I'm getting my Baseball Tonight fix.

btalbert25's picture

Being a diehard Reds fan, I can't stand Gammons because all he ever talked about was the AL East.  That's where my real hate for ESPN lies, the have made baseball about the AL east and everyone else.  Greinke didn't deserve the Cy Young because he didn't pitch against the Red Sox and Yankees as much as CC.  But in his defense, he never got to pitch against the Royals either.  Last year it was King Felix, sure he only had 12 wins, but dude basically lead the AL in every other pitching stat, but the "experts" called for Price to win it because he pitched in the Al East.  Anytime someone from another division does anything great, he's criticized for not playing in the AL East.  It drives me crazy!

Bucksfan's picture

Yup.  AL East, SEC football, When are the Knicks going to be good again?, LeBron should go to a big-market team, Kobe, Celtics, Cowboys...

That about covers it.

Edit:  Forgot about AFC East

Nappy's picture

The Steelers and Patriots feel left out

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

GoBucks713's picture

You can pretty much put east everything on that list. AFC and NFC East, AL and NL East, then go to the big markets like LA, Chicago, and Dallas, then who they are starting networks with, SEC and Texas. the E used to stand for Eastern, now it is Entertainment, but it should be D for Dbag. Maybe we should start calling it DSPN. Doucher $ports Peen Nibblers.


The Disney ban goes on at home. I got into an arguement witht he wife about going to Disney next year. I told her I would rather sniff Brady cHoke's jock than give that company my hard earned money.

-The Aristocrats!

Bucksfan's picture

Rant of the Day nominee!

RBuck's picture

Are you sure you're not talking about Colon Coward?

Long live the southend.

Baroclinicity's picture

The Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees are bigger than Major League Baseball.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Denny's picture

I'm trying to figure out whether or not to have a Twitter ban, and then I think of Will 'Capitol' Hill.

Keep athlete twitter accounts going. I mean, how else am I going to read about debaucherous things, non-sequiturs and shout outs to God?


J.Mo's picture

I would love for Dom Clarke to light up Duron Carter... But for that to happen, Ohio State needs to meet 'Bama in a bowl and also (which is far less likely to happen) Carter would need to be academically eligible. The shit Carter was tweeting about Clarke during the Sugar Bowl... it would be just as sweet as seeing Mike Hart go 0-4 against THE Ohio State University to see Clarke take his head off.

RoweTrain's picture

Please enlighten me as to what these tweets entailed.

"Just bow up and go out and play." ~ D. Lee

"As it stands right now, I know I am the best athlete in college football." ~ B. Miller

Maestro's picture

The more I read about this defense the more excited I get. The big holes to fill are pretty obvious, but Larimore leaves a huge void IMHO. Hankins/Bellamy/Goebel have some big shoes to fill.

vacuuming sucks

Sarah's picture

Until that guy makes a connection between the seam route and the Kato Conjecture, I fail to see what's so "smart" about him.

Denny's picture

Why you gotta bring up the OJ Simpson trial, Sarah?


TLB's picture

NFL has no interest in litigation surrounding Pryor so he will be included in the supplemental draft with the out being that he was banned from university functions.

Northbrook's picture

If Linsley is missing 2 games and with Adams out the first five we are left with true freshmen  as our depth. We need our starting five OL to stay healthy and some quick development from the freshmen. A walkon or two stepping up and being ready would be a nice cushon.

d_sisler40's picture

If this suspension holds true it could not have come at a more inconvienent time. We are already in the danger zone with depth at the o-line. I guess if we lose any more guys we can split chris carter in half to create two lineman. Brewster is going to lead these youngsters to the promise land.

Todd-Not Boeckmann's picture

First two games are Akron and Toledo.  Ummm, I'm not worried.

On the wall guarding the North Coast from all Weasel invasions.

Northbrook's picture

Yeah but what about getting in and out of the shower injuries?

d_sisler40's picture

Fickell will have to bring in Derek Dooley to preach the importance of shower safety.

BuckeyeBacker98's picture

Don't sleep on the Rockets.  They are a solid team and they return quite a bit from last year.  Many have them favored to win the MAC.  If there ever was a year they have a shot to beat Ohio State, it's this year.

I understand that Ohio State is far more talented and should still win, but they can't just roll their helmets out there and win this one.

Northbrook's picture

I slept on the Rockets last night. Bunch of lumpy bastards.