What It Means to Be a Buckeye

By Alex on February 5, 2011 at 6:00a

After watching the above video, I found myself thinking: What does it mean to be an Ohio State Buckeye? I apologize in advance if this article/opinion piece takes you outside the normal 11W realm, but ever since watching this I cannot stop thinking about how lucky we all are to be a part of the Ohio State family.

My path to becoming a Buckeye was a little different than most. While many of you on this site grew up in Ohio and always dreamed of walking across the Oval to get to class, my journey didn't start like that. Born in Connecticut and raised in New Jersey I wasn't quite sure where I wanted to go to school. Growing up I was a UNC fan because my father brought me up that way, but once I found out the academic standards needed to go to Chapel Hill my attention quickly turned elsewhere.

Wanting to be a sports agent and being the huge sports fan that I was, I wanted a "rah rah" school. Unfortunately in Jersey the only real state school that is anything like that is Rutgers, and let's be real, it's not anywhere close to a place like OSU. Deciding I would go out of state like most of the people in my area, I decided to take a college tour before my senior year that would consist of trips to various schools to see which ones I liked best and would aim to get in to. Compiling this list was tough, but after getting told by my mom that I wasn't allowed to go west of the Mississippi River, I was able to narrow the search a little. Among the schools on my list were UConn, Pittsburgh, Penn State, Maryland, Indiana, and Michigan State. I was all ready to make those my final options when that same nagging mother had one last word.

After doing her research, she suggested I take a look at Ohio State. My first words were "Are you kidding me it's all cows and farmland there?". She insisted I take a look at the virtual campus tour online and after I did I was quite surprised at what I saw. I decided to add Columbus to the list of schools to hit up that coming summer and I'm sure glad I did.

After "falling in love" with Michigan State and enjoying visits to Indiana and UConn as well, I truly realized what it was to get "that feeling" when you know something is right. From the minute I walked through the South Oval up to Orton Hall, across the Oval to University Hall and down to the Horseshoe, I knew Ohio State was the place for me. Standing in front of the cathedral that was Ohio Stadium, I had to take a minute to slow down. The feeling that overcame me was breath taking and for the first time in my life, everything felt right in the world.

I applied to OSU a few months later and received my letter of acceptance on November 20, 2004 as I watched the Buckeyes upset #7 Michigan by a score of 37-21, as Troy Smith began his road to national prominence and Ted Ginn Jr. had Buckeye fans everywhere starting his Heisman campaign for the 2005 season. I didn't even know what "Dotting the I" was or what to say when someone yelled "OH", yet I wanted to be a part of the Buckeye Nation and being the sports nerd that I am, started consuming everything I could revolving around Ohio State sports.

Stepping on campus in the fall of 2005, my life completely changed. There was just something about the feeling of walking on a cold fall morning across the Oval that just set the world still. Something about seeing that sea of Scarlet on game day down on Lane Avenue that made you feel a sense of pride. Something about the hatred I felt for the entire state of Michigan that made me want to jump in a freezing cold lake on a Thursday night in late November, despite being exposed to the greatest rivalry in sports for just seven weeks. I was crazy about my new home-and yes Ohio State and Columbus was my new home.

Six years later I sit here, with a B.S. and M.A. from The Ohio State University, writing for an Ohio State blog while I work my day job in New York City. I still feel the same way I did in September of 2005 when I drove 8 hours to and from New Jersey just to see the Buckeyes take on Vince Young and the Texas Longhorns at Ohio Stadium for my first game as a student. I still get the chills when I hear Carmen Ohio played on TV after a big OSU football win. I still get a feeling of excitement when walking down the street in my Buckeye gear and I get a random "O-H" thrown at me from the guy walking across the street. And yes, I still love every minute of rubbing it in to my two friends who graduated from that school up north.

Woody Hayes said it best when he said OSU was about "the people, the tradition, and the excellence". The people I met while spending five years in Columbus have changed my life in ways I never thought possible. I am even fortunate enough to have that "people" segment reach to my immediate family and personal life, as I met my girlfriend of four years at college, my brother joined me at OSU two years after I started, and both my parents have become "adopted Buckeyes", joining the Alumni Association and running various college fair booths in New Jersey for the university. The tradition that comes with being a member of the Ohio State family is unrivaled. It is our duty as Buckeyes to carry out that tradition from generation to generation and ensure life for future Buckeyes is as good as ours. Finally excellence defines The Ohio State University perfectly. We pride ourselves on excellence in all facets of our lives at Ohio State and aiming to reach excellence every year is what makes OSU the special place that it is.

Quoting Woody again, he always said to "Pay Forward". I never really knew what that meant until my time at Ohio State was up. The university and Buckeye Nation has given me so much, that it is only right and now my duty that I pay forward to those that will follow in my footsteps. I hope my contributions on this blog can help pay back to the community that has given me so much and I hope that all of you can get the same joy from reading my work here at 11W that I get from providing it to all of you.

With that being said, I think it's only appropriate I end this post with an O-H


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As someone who always dreamed about attending tOSU and having life take me in different directions and institutions. I am envious of all of you that had the privilege to be a part of something greater... Maybe one day I might have the honor to teach at the campus while paying it forward as one of its faculty.  Until then... "I will endeavor to persevere" as I bleed scarlet and gray. O-H   

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I'm exactly the same. Life has taken me to different places, but my hope is to one day teach at OSU too. 



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Same here.  I was born and raised in central Ohio.  I grew up loving Ohio State, my dad was a volunteer usher (red coat) and my grandma sat near his section with her friends and she was also a booster.  She didn't make much money working as a secretary in the special education office for the C-bus school district, but she found enough money to love Ohio State.  One of her friends always owned a Scarlet and Gray convertible with the Ohio State Fight Song as the horn, Archie Griffin even showed up to her retirement party, needles to say I was shocked and absolutely pumped.  I've been to the end of year banquets and always dreamed of going to tOSU.  Chris Spielman was/is my favorite OSU football player.  One time after a game, on our way out, my dad and I walked across the field (at the time it was turf).  I was so pumped.  Then my dad saw Spielman's name taped on a bench so he tore it off and put it on my back.  I remember I acted like I intercepted a pass and ran in the end zone for a score.  My dad got a kick out of it.  I was like 10 or so.  I have so many memories, I love tOSU.

My senior year in high school I signed up for the the Marine Corps.  Awesome time, never will regret it.  I ended up meeting my future wife and eventually moved to her home state of Maine (hence the ME in my name, yes it is a double meaning).  I ended up graduating from college here in Maine and everyday I wish I was at The Ohio State University; big classes, hard to understand accented professors and all.  As a side note, I actually had two professors that graduated from Ohio State and they are not from Ohio.  There was also a few other professors that I didn't meet that had also graduated form tOSU as well.  Yes, Buckeyes are everywhere.  Back to the topic; I still tell my wife that I want to got back to C-bus and go to tOSU.  Shit, my little sister got her undergraduates and masters at tOSU.  I'm more proud that she went to tOSU than her degrees.  F'ed up I know.  Focus...; Even though I still would love to get a degree from tOSU, I still feel very much a Buckeye.

I guess the point is CHASSCRUSADER, for me being a Buckeye isn't only about having a piece of paper that says you got a degree from tOSU or attended tOSU. ( Luckily my piece of paper says I was born in the Buckeye State so I'm a Buckeye by birth.)  I believe it's in your soul, it's who you are.  I'm a Buckeye and I'm a part of Buckeye Nation, you are too.  You are part of something greater.  I give all my co-workers, friends, in-laws and any other soul I meet the Buckeye cool-aid.  You don't need to attend tOSU to be part of it, having said that, if you get a chance to teach at tOSU you jump on it and enjoy the ride. 

Alex, good post.

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Semper Fi!!! The number of Buckeyes in the Corps always impressed me when I was in.

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I apologize I did not mean I have never been a part of something greater. First of all, I have a family. As a patriot, I am privileged to be a citizen in one of the greatest nations that has ever existed. I am proud to be a part of the Buckeye Nation. I also had the honor to serve in the Marine Corps, 84 to 90, I was a 2841 assigned to HQ platoon 3rd Tank Battalion. Upon leaving the USMC, I always wanted to attend tOSU, but life just kept happening. I have three degrees and I am working on PhD. Tuition re-imbursement has always kept me local. Back when I was in, we had the VEAP (Veterans Education Assistance Program), the GI Bill was just being released, so it was good to have someone else to pay the bills. Now that I need student loans, family life has put restraints on where I could attend. From an educational standpoint, I would like to be a part of something greater. I have always loved tOSU, Hell, I remember Woody’s punch and crying like a baby when Charles White ran all over us in the Rose Bowl. The memories of the last decade have been a lot better. So far I have attended over a dozen plus games, I take every opportunity to walk around campus. It is like meeting the love of your life and something is always happening to keep you a part. From an educational standpoint, I do envy anyone that has attended there.

Semper Fi

O-H!!    I-O!!

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I knew quite a few people from NY/NJ while I was at tOSU.  It is affordable, close enough to home and offer's the kind of college experience that as you pointed out, can't be found at Rutgers or the other in-state schools.  I haved lived in NY/NJ since I graduated in '76.  There is a HUGE alumni base in this area and during football season I meet alum all the time.  It drives my son nuts when we are out running errands and I stop or get stopped by a fellow Buckeye fan and we chat like old friends for 15 minutes. 

I grew up in Cols. and it was always a foregone conclusion that I would attend tOSU.  I wasn't upset about it, I loved going "up to campus" as we called it when I was in HS. I had older friends that lived on campus and we would go to parties in their dorms.  My senior year of HS my friend and I got on an elevator at Stradley Hall right behind us Jack Tatum.  I have never ever in my life seen a scarier dude.

What does being a Buckeye mean to me?  It means as much to me as Cols. itself.  I fly back for a game every year and even though I have lived here for 30+ years, I still say I am going "home."  Now that I am older, I can apprecitate the solid midwestern values that were instilled in me, the kind we see on display by our favorite coach.  Those values have served me well in business and in life itself. Good manners and a "glass half full" attitude goes a long way.  Being a Buckeye is much more than being a fan and I couldn't be prouder to be one regardless of how our teams do.  I cherish it. 

Go Bucks!


The Ohio State University, class of '76

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I thought for the greater part of high school that I wanted to go to either UPenn or Duke, like my mother did. When it came time to start looking at schools I went to UPenn and thought it was in the ghetto, Duke's tuition was far too much to justify, and so I ended up looking at Miami U. I liked it a lot, knew that some of the allegedly 'cool kids' from my high school were going there, and I thought I was set.

But I went to Columbus to look at campus, just to be sure that I had a 'fall-back' school that I liked. I fell in love with the school pretty much instantly, applied the first day that I could, and spent the majority of my senior year of high school stress-free knowing that I didn't have to wait for test results or admissions responses any longer.

To me, OSU means growing up. Graduate school has been a similar experience (though likely just one that is well-defined in terms of time), but spending time away from home, learning how to balance hangovers and classwork, meeting some of my best friends (and my wife), and having a great learning experience along the way is what Being a Buckeye means to me. 

My time spent there is such an ingrained part of who I am now that it's impossible for me to separate and think in 'what-if' scenarios. Going to OSU was far and away the best decision I've ever made. It means pride, family, and a place that I can call home, no matter how far away I live or how many times I move.


Great piece Alex, and this is the type of piece that would be good to see from all the writers, or at least the writers who'd be willing to write such a piece up.


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I was born in Columbus and have pretty much lived my whole life here (save for a year in Florida as a toddler and 4 months in Oklahoma while doing Basic and AIT in the Army) so going to Ohio State was a natural choice for me.  Besides that, my mother went there as an adult and I was able to go to a few football games on her tickets and get some autographs because she attended the senior appreciation banquet.  I started watching the team faithfully in 1972, which was the freshman season of a guy named Archie Griffin.  Since then, I've been in love with Ohio State and the football program.  In the late 70's I also developed a love for the basketball program.  Attending the university for 6.5 years to get a 4-year degree (a situation not uncommon among my peers) I was able to grow up a lot while I was a student. The campus will always seem like home to me, even though it's changed a lot since I was there.  The stadium, the Ohio Union, the Oval, all are landmarks that are burned into me for life.  I will always cherish the time I spent there, and thankfully I still live here so I can go back any time I want. 

Joe (class of 1989)

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Great video, great piece of writing.

Born/Raised in Columbus and Ohio State was a foregone conclusion from a very early age - After twists and turns in my life, I finally reached OSU and graduated in 2007 before moving out to San Diego for my M.A. ... The beautiful weather, mountains, ocean and amazing Southern California way of life don't make up for how much I miss Columbus and THE Ohio State University.

My journey at OSU fundamentally changed me - I came in as a brash, arrogant know-it-all and left quite chastened by timeless questions for which no easy answer exists. Life skills and tools were developed in me that changed the way I think and brought me to a greater realization of reality around me and reality within me.

All in all, Ohio State is a crucial part of my identity and integral to my path in life.

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I had the privilege of attending an elite liberal arts college founded in 1815 also King's College, at Cambridge University in England so I know what the goosebumps are like the first day on a historic, impressive campus. I also know what those of you lucky enough to be Buckeyes mean. Having visited the campus I felt the same sense of the ghosts of greatness, of tradition, of family. I became a fan of the experience I never got even at Cambridge -- sharing that spirit in the magnificence of following Buckeye athletics. The Big Ten schools all have a prestigious hallowed atmosphere unmatched by other American schools except perhaps the Ivy League. But Ohio State stands above them all. I have adopted tOSU and bleed scarlet and grey, with the nod to my English education as spelling grey with an "e". For any of you reading this who have not had the experience of visiting during academic term, especially on a football Saturday, this is one of America's great destinations. I have also shared the O-H- around the world so I-O to the Eleven Warriors team for this. Go Bucks!

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Nice post, Alex.

I was born in NJ, but my family moved to Ohio when I was in kindergarten, so I was more "bred" a Buckeye than I was "born" one. My original intention was to attend Otterbein for a particular academic curriculum that interested me, but it was cost prohibitive (I think it was a 2-year commitment to expensive on-campus housing at the time, which our family couldn't swing - and no cars freshman year). Ohio State was my fallback but I've never been happier to "settle" for a second choice. In the end, my career path totally changed, anyway. Go Bucks! 

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Growing up in Ohio during the 70's, I only wanted one thing in life...to play football at tOSU for Woody Hayes. Well, I ended up playing basketball in college for a small PA college so although I never attended tOSU, it was always in my heart. After college I moved to Chicago and now reside in the NYC area. I have found the longer that I have been away from Ohio, the bigger tOSU fan I have become. I have my tOSU flag flying high every Saturday during football season and finally attended my first tOSU-scUM game this past fall. Growing up in Ohio I always understood the importance and tradition of tOSU football, but getting to experience it first hand has given me a new appreciation for the greatest football program in the land. I got goosebumps watching Script Ohio and found myself choking up listening to Carmen Ohio after the game. The people I work with don't understand how I could be such a big fan without having actually attending tOSU. All I tell them is "it's an Ohio thing, you can't understand." Sometimes I see folks in NYC wearing Buckeye gear and I always shout out 'OH' and love seeing the reaction of people when they hear someone say "IO." I wear my Buckeye Nut necklace to work sometimes and people always ask what are those things hanging around your neck? I explain to them what they are and usually they say "I always wondered what a Buckeye was." 

I am proud to be from Ohio and want everyone to know where I'm from. Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone on the subway in NYC wearing a scUM hat and watching the look on their face as they see my tOSU hat. They usually drop their head and hope I don't make eye contact with them. They are embarrassed, I am not. I wear my Scarlet and Gray colors with pride. 

Go Bucks!!


Brian Stadnik

tOSU Fan for Life!!


Go Bucks!

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I just lucked into OSU by getting a scholarship there for grad school. Growing up in PA, I never paid much attention to it since PSU wasn't in the Big Ten then. But the first day I was in Columbus, I loved it and wished I had done my undergraduate work there. Great campus, great atmosphere, and great town. I don't get back nearly enough.

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Love the post Alex

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA under two parents that went to the University of Pittsburgh and an older sister who went to Penn State. My parents lived in Columbus from 1981-1985 when my dad worked for Huntington and they used to tell me about stories of how tight-knit the community is about Ohio State. We talked about Woody, Earle and how my dad loved going to St.John arena to watch Granville Waiters.

The first day I ever embarked on campus, we went to park at the meters on 11th Ave and as I stepped out of the car, Troy Smith was walking right next to us down the sidewalk. It was sort of like a shock thing, this was college. This is where I want to be.

My friends I met at OSU, the finance professors that got me excited to make a difference in the workplace after graduation, the opportunities (clubs/intramurals), the student body, the night life, the sports, the camaraderie. As good as I can sum The Ohio State University.

 Another thing that makes me proud of Ohio State is the man that oversees the school; E. Gordon Gee.  He is the most likeable, student-friendly person I have ever met in my life. I will never forget graudation this past december, we all had to wait in that small little area in the Schott before walking out onto the basketball floor.  I was talking to some kids in the line with me, when all of a sudden someone put there hands on my shoulders.  Low and behold it was President Gee, he stepped in and started having a conversation with us like we were all friends.  At my time at Ohio State, I learned that once you sign up to become a buckeye, you become a part of a huuuuuuge family that will look out for you no matter what/where you are destined for the rest of life. Best desicion I've ever made.

Eric, Class of 2010

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We talked about Woody, Earle and how my dad loved going to St.John arena to watch Granville Waiters.

Good old "Granny" Waiters (he was going bald at age 18).  I thought I was the only one here that remembered him. He was Herb Williams' back-up at center in 1980-81 and then a starter after that.  Great defensive center with long arms and good timing on the shot-block.  Also a great rebounder.

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I love stuff like this - being from NY and having moved back since, I am always reminded of how truly a place like OSU is. I run into alumni all the time here - and everyone speaks the same way. We played Hang on Sloopy at my wedding - not one person was from Ohio, but everyone got involved with the O-H-I-O dance. When I go on vacation and wear and OSU t-shirt, I always get an O-H. I still remember the first time the band took the field and having every hair on my body stand straight up. I'm proud every day to be apart of the best university in the world

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Grew up on the North Shore of MA. My earliest Buckeye memory was the '97 Rose Bowl. Growing up in a place where college football wasn't necessarily at the forefront of people's minds, I went to Columbus with a smug East Coast mentality. I left Columbus unapologetically Buckeye, and damn proud of it. Being a Buckeye is  about taking to heart/fiercely defending the values that OSU stands on. On Saturdays, we get to watch OSU's morals and values defended. Against Michigan, it's S&G vs. Maize and Blue. Morals that Woody built the program on vs. the "Michigan Man" mentality. For those who only see W's and L's, I feel sorry for those people.

The only redeeming quality of Cincinnati (my current location)? Its proximity to Columbus.

OSU Class of 2007

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Cincinnati Style Chili is pretty good, O-H KEE PA!



KE's picture

My Buckeye roots are very deep. My grandfather was a professor in the medical school in the 20s and 30s, and my grandmother was one of the first women to get a Ph.D at OSU in 1920. I was born at University Hospital when my father was a resident there. ost importantly, my mother was at the 1950 Snow Bowl game when she was a sophomore at Oberlin. I grew up in northern OH watching OSU football, and I vividly remember the first game I watched when I went off to Cornell as an undergrad - the football was absolutely terrible. OSU law school in the early 80s, and I've been holding forth for the Buckeyes in Florida ever since. Living with the obnoxiousness of Miami and Gator fans for almost 30 years will harden one's allegiances.

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I was born and raised in Dayton, not moving out of state until I was 20. In those 20 years I grew a deep appreciation for OSU athletics.  While I never got to experience being a student the family atmosphere that everyone is describing is apparent even to me.  I currently live in Indianapolis and I think we could quite literally change the name of the city to Columbus West. I cant go anywhere in public while wearing OSU gear and not hear an O-H or Go Bucks being yelled by some random person.  A lot of my friends here who are ND, IU, Purdue fans cant believe how often I can strike up a conversation about OSU with a complete stranger like we had known each other for years.  It amazes me at times as well. 

A couple weeks ago was the 10 year anniversary of Tress being hired at OSU so I wrote him a quick email congratulating him and his staff on representing the university with class.  To my surprise he actually wrote back thanking me for writing which I think proves Buckeyes look out for each other. 

Great article, Alex.  Thanks for sharing. 

Go Bucks!!

I never saw a football player make a tackle with a smile on his face

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I grew up in Columbus...went to Ohio State for 2 semesters, dropped out and join the Navy. I wish there was a way to finish my degree there, but it isn't going to happen. Would I trade my life now for it? No. Do I regret not finishing it? No, because doing what I do, I find it cool when I run into a Shipmate or Marine from home (home being the whole state), and showing some Buckeye love to them, especially the younger guys.

I'll always remember checking into medical on my first ship...Buckeye stickers everywhere. I asked who put them up, and this crusty old Senior Chief asked why I wanted to know. It turns out, he went to the same High School I went to, Brookhaven, and graduated 20 years before. For the next year or so, that Senior Chief looked out for me, kept me out of trouble, and was a solid mentor. I still have a picture with him on the flight deck, prior to pulling in from deployment, with both of us wearing Buckeye gear.

So to me, even though I didn't graduate, being a Buckeye means being a mentor, a  leader and someone the younger guys who get homesick can lean on. Plus, I may be able to keep them out of trouble, away from the "Drunken Sailor" mentality.


"2014 National Champions...deal with it!!!"

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I got a scholarship to play soccer at another school.  I hated the place.  I never fit in.  My hair was too long, my politics weren't right.  So, I transferred to Ohio State because that felt like home.  Everybody is welcome there (as long as they aren't wearning maize and blue).  It was a huge school, but it always felt like a huge family.  I went to grad school at some other places and I've been on college campuses ever since, but there's no place like home.  How firm thy friendship O-HI-OOOO!  Indeed!  I love The Ohio State University, my alma mater.... 

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Was born at Ohio State University medical center and grew up rooting for them Buckeyes.  The education and far-reaching aspects of being within the Buckeye Nation never hit me more than on a work trip.  My job allows me the fortune of traveling to many destinations - I'm a pretty simple guy and never had travelled out of country until this job.  They sent me to Abu Dhabi and needless to say, it was a completely different world.  As I stood at the baggage carousel, jet-lagged and wide eyed in my Ohio State shirt realizing just how out of place I was, this guy in middle eastern garb walking past says, 'Man we had a great year, didn't we?!  Go Bucks'!  

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Great post!  Makes me regret more and more every day NOT moving BACK to Columbus and attending tOSU.  My entire family graduated from Ohio State and I thought for sure I would follow in their footsteps.  Sadly, my father took a position in Arizona when I was only 17 and was pretty much forced to move to the desert w/my folks.  Can't say it was all that bad, was able to attend EVERY Fiesta Bowl (excluding the Florida loss due to ticket prices).  Can't really complain.  Although ASU isn't where my heart is, it was a descent school. TONS of tail, and I have been somewhat successful out here.  There is nothing, besides the love I have for my daughter, that comes close to my love for the scarlet and gray.  Its just in my blood...   


P.S.  I does suck getting up at 9am to catch the noon kickoffs though.  The only complaint I have besides not being able to attend the games in person.  And like NJ, there is a HUGE alumni/fanbase in Arizona....I see Buckeyes EVERYWHERE I go...WE are EVERYWHERE!

"At critical moments throughout the season, we learned about the character of this football team.  This was a team of true character, of true resilience." -- President Barack Obama

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+1 to every  Eleven Warrior/Buckeye!

I always enjoy reading your posts Pam(you remind me of an old girlfriend. I'll elaborate later).

I kind of feel like the "Black Sheep" of the Eleven Warriors family: Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. Never attended tOSU. Truck Driver. Enter joke here__________________ (not the typical fat-assed, cowboy-hat-wearing type. Work out regularly, but not as buff as Irricoir, LOL).  Went to high school at Whitmer(Kenny Hayes' school), and attended the Univ. of Toledo, and then life happened, as mention by another. Never finished UT.

Growing up in Toledo, this freakin' population is split between OSU and TTUN, unfortunately. My own nephew played baseball and was a roomate with Jim Abbott(the pitcher with only one hand) at scUM.  I met Bo Schembechler at one of my nephew's baseball games. Nice man, but intimidating. I actually rooted(don't shoot me) for scUM in high school when they weren't playing OSU. My thinking, and the thinking of many up here I've found is, "I root for whoever wins that game." Lame, I know.

Then when I got into my twenties in back in the 1980's, I went to Put-in-Bay(The Redneck Riviera), and met a really hot girl on the boat ride back to mainland that was a student at tOSU. She was my tour guide for tOSU and C-bus. I spent my whole summer weekends of 1987 with her in her off-campus student housing(the year of "the drought", you may remember. Didn't rain almost all summer) touring tOSU campus and ALL of the saloons on High Street. What a blast it was for me. After that I was sold. It was nice to root for my home state/school. I got to see a lot of C-bus and really liked the town. Attended a couple of Ahnold's BodyBuilding Classics at the Ohio Theatre.  Wish I could turn the clock back. It was one of the best summers of my life.  Now my kids love Ohio State(even though my daughter is a sophomore at BGSU).

I went to the OSU/scUM game in 1994 in A-squared, my first and only time at The Game. After seeing how bad their fans were, vowed to ALWAYS root against the Michilen Crapperines



Pam's picture

"I always enjoy reading your posts Pam(you remind me of an old girlfriend. I'll elaborate later)".

How do you know I am not her? 

buckeyedude's picture

LOL Pam. Her name was Karen.You're probably hot though, too.  ;)



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i was born and raised in c-bus. for my hs senior year i moved to boca raton, fl and then went to the univ of south fl in tampa, but what i looked forward to the most every year was going back to c-bus for christmas. meeting up with old friends and going to the original bw3 (which my favorite uncle took me to when i was 10), nothing like it. i live in south carolina now, not the friendliest place for a buckeye fan, but its all worthwhile when i meet another buckeye, and it happens on a regular basis. i have to take alot of crap from sc and clemson fans ( i live 15 minutes from clemson, even go to b-ball or f-ball games if i get a free ticket, and yes i always wear osu gear) they are just jealous bastards. the funny thing is everytime im on clemson campus ill get a OH or go bucks. anyway i had to write something cause i read every post and got chills from everyones stories. i think living away makes you appreciate the buckeyes that much more and feel that much more a part of the osu family whether you attended the school or not. you know whats in your heart! thanx to everyone who posted. i enjoyed every word. go bucks!

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The video, the article and all of the stories just reassured myself and my wife, that leaving the Marine Corps for an Ohio State degree will be and is the right thing to do.  Born and raised in Indiana I was always taught in-state pride. But growing up watching Purdue it wasn't anything to be proud of. Then I met my best friend when I was a kid. He and his family were Buckeye transplants into the Hoosier state. The love started for me on Saturday afternoons with my best friend's family. Ever since my love has grown and grown. But my dad would never pay for me to attend the great university. Being a hateful Purdue alum. So I ended up getting my culinary degree. With the great economy the way it has been. I ended up joining the Marine Corps to support my young growing family, to serve my country and to have my Ohio State degree paid for.

Everytime we make the trip home to Indiana from North Carolina we have to stop for the day in Columbus going back to North Carolina. At first my wife hated it. Growing up in a Notre Dame family, she had no idea what the Ohio State Univeristy is about and what they stand for. After being married for three years she has become a Buckeye fan herself. Wanting to finish up her undergraduate studies of health-care administration at the great Ohio State. So now we both love extending our 14 hour trip to almost a two day trip. As we try to fill that day's activities in Columbus with as much as we can find to do. Those days are some of the most memorable that we have had. We are both instilling into our two and three year old girls Buckeye pride. My two year old will beat me to the television if she knows there is an Ohio State game coming on. LOL 

So thank you for this great read. Reassuring me that we are making the right decision to pull away from the security of a constant pay-check and insurance to obtain bigger and better things in our future by becoming alumni of the greatest university that this great nation has to offer. Love being an adopted Buckeye and looking forward to being a real Buckeye family member very soon.

Godspeed & Go Buckeyes!!!!!

LCpl White, AJ


and soon to be Buckeye student 

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I grew up in Ohio, but in the Northern parts. And, I have to admit that my family rooted for that team up north throughout my entire childhood. I showed them the right path, sometime in high school deciding that I wanted to attend Ohio State. I can't really pinpoint one exact reasoning for it, but I'm glad I did. I never even applied or visited anywhere else. My whole family has now seen the light and roots for the Buckeyes.

I met my husband at Ohio State and he proposed to me on campus. I couldn't imagine it any other way. Thanks for such a great post. I love talking about Ohio State football and basketball, but it's important to also remember that it's all part of a greater university where lots of amazing things happen - not just TD passes.

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Great read Alex.  I was born and raised in Cincy, and as you well know it is not a Buckeye town.  I went to undergrad at NKU(Northern KY U).  Being from Ohio it was cheaper for me to attend tOSU for Dental School than it would have been for UK and UofL, where I had some buddies going.  I wasn't sold on going to the monster that was Ohio State.  When classes started in the fall of 1992 I was homesick, until I was given a ticket to the homecoming game to see the Bucks beat up on Northwestern.  I was hooked and fell in love with Ohio State.  I met my wife there and now we have two boys that love the Buckeyes too. (I taught both of them that only fans of TTUN poop in their pants.  It made potty training a snap.)  My Mom still to this days doesn't understand my love for OSU.  I just tell her she never will.  Carmen Ohio brings a tear to my eye everytime I hear it.  Being a Buckeye is a way of life, and fortunately I understand that now.


Go Bucks,


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