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By Jake on February 25, 2011 at 6:00a
The preferred method of dispatching wayward Hoosiers, whatever a Hoosier is.The 1800s: when men were men, and that meant seriously compensating

As the basketball season winds down and we get closer to Madness, every game becomes the one that could guarantee a #1 seed. It's not the stress-filled freakout fest that the regular football season is, but it's still important to get that top seed and play the scrubs in the tournament. It's our final Friday in February and frankly, I'm relieved. It's been 60 degrees or more all week up here in the mountains, and the thought of dredging in the muck of a wintery relapse like the Midwest is not something I want to consider. I love the seasons, but I've had enough of the cold. What I haven't had enough of are absolutely dominating performances like Ohio State threw down on Illinois on Tuesday.

You can find our own Chris' typically eloquent recap here, but suffice it to say that the story of the evening was the re-emergance of Baller-Emeritus David Lighty. Once again, Ohio State showed veterans' poise despite their youth, and Lighty has been a major factor in making that happen all season. Aaron Craft and Jared Sullinger deserve all the credit they're getting for the maturity they show both on and off the court, but I can't help but feel that David Lighty is a major factor, both as a role model and on-court presence. The next game features Indiana coming to Value City on Saturday for what should be a relatively smooth victory, but you never know.

No Regrets. The Dispatch interviewed newly graduated Cam Heyward about his decision to stay in school rather than opt for the draft last season. In typically humble fashion, Cam holds no regrets about his decision, and I can't say I blame him. As rigorous and corporate as College Football has become, it's still not as serious as being a professional in the NFL. You only get to be a 22-year-old in college once in your life and unless you're taking care of family back home, you might as well enjoy football as a game instead of a job for as long as you can.

Animal Jr. offers his own 2 cents, echoing Heyward and adding that the goodwill such a decision leaves with fans will pay dividends far longer than any NFL career. No doubt.

We recruit nationally, but really, no we don't. breaks down Tressel's recruiting classes by geography, and unsurpisingly over 60% come from Ohio itself. The next three most common states of origin are Florida, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, all large population states with solid football cultures. As a former Akron-Canton area high school student, I think the most interesting tidbit may be that CAK put out more Buckeyes than any of the Big Three C's. Not a huge surprise, since Massilon-McKinley can make Perry High from Friday Night Lights look sane by comparison.

'Other' Football is just getting absurd. In a sport known for flopping, this flop may be the most ridiculous one I've ever seen. Good thing the ref caught it, or the "stop hitting yourself" technique might've become Italy's entire offense.

Count it. Lastly, Chris Carter, he of the alleged groping incident, has signed his LOI after the police declined to prosecute due to lack of evidence. Like the legal system, I think it's best to give him the benifit of the doubt in that case. That said, smoke, fire, hopefully a lesson was learned and the next thing we hear about Mr. Carter is about an epic pancake block. 


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Andy Varejao is not impressed with your 'footie flops'.


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Chris Bosh thinks both are weak (LIKE A BOSH):

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Karma is a b*tch and that's why he went 1-18 on the night.  Clown.

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Clown is right. This was terrible. Only the Stockton-Malone Utah Jazz would be proud of this. And I hate Italy and Spain, because they generally play p*ssy soccer. Give me Germany, Holland, or France with Zidane any day.

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The Dutch and French dive too. If you want to watch real men play soccer watch the English, or the US. They're the only ones that don't partake in diving.

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Germany as well.

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So you're a fan i see?

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Regarding the flop, it's not clear from the clip what the result was (unless you speak Spanish), but I read on another site that the flopper got a free kick -- so the cheap ploy actually worked.

And that is why America will never be a soccer nation....

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Because our athletes maintain the highest level of integrity and fortitude:

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Lol good video.  Its part of the game for soccer but also football, but we point it out more in soccer.. They're both great sports and as much as you may utterly dispise the acting, its simply a trade of game and almost everyone does it.

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I think there is a perception in America that soccer is a "sissy" sport.  Not saying I agree, and I know the game is getting popular, but all the BS we saw in the world cup with flopping and acting, then this, does nothing but make that perception stronger.  I know good atheletes choose soccer and youth soccer is huge, but at the end of the day, Basketball, Football, and Baseball still grab up the best talent.  As long as soccer is not a top sport in America, we'll never be a soccer power.  These other countries have soccer number 1, people grow up wanting to be a soccer pro.  You just don't hear it that much in America.

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Yeah I'd pretty much agree with that - I played for 20 years of my life but never really wanted to go pro.  If you're serious about a soccer career you do not go to college to play, you go over seas.  Thats just how it is but as the MLS continues to grow and develop that will definitely change.  The league already has 16 teams in the US and is planning for 20 by 2012...  but for now its buckeyes > The crew   

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man i absolutely love soccer, i played it from about age 4 all the way through high school, but i think more than flopping (which is pathetic in any sport), what really holds soccer back is that it doesn't conform to american tv standards for sports. the fact that there is 45 minutes of uninterrupted game time is BRUTAL for advertisers here, and i'm sure that there is a sports executive somewhere who is very happy that the world cup only comes around once every four years.

remember the US world cup? they tried to do commercials during the matches, for crying out loud

Jake's picture

This, very much this. No major American sport treats their uniform like a billboard except for NASCAR (inasmuch as NASCAR qualifies as a sport). Soccer, on the other, plasters ads all over their jerseys because they don't have commercials.

The other weird thing about Soccer that bugs me is injury time. I never know when a match is going to end, it seems completely arbitrary.

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The NFL just found out that they could make $320 million by advertising on jerseys. That just might sneak into the new CBA before it's all said and done. Maybe not to the extend of soccer jerseys, but maybe a little patch on the chest would not surprise me in the very near future.

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yeah, wouldn't shock me either. although if the WNBA hasn't done it by now then maybe no one will

Johnny Ginter's picture

woah, nevermind, they have!

it would be pretty crazy to see this type of thing on an NFL jersey though, and thank God baseball has built in commercial breaks. abner doubleday (or whoever actually invented baseball) was truly a genius

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injury time is basically entirelly up to the discretion of the ref, but so is deciding when to call for an injury stoppage (dependant on how severe the injury seems, if a team is about to score, etc), so it's up to the ref to decide how many minutes to add on at the end.

plus, it prevents a team from sitting on a lead and milking the clock with fake injuries. which they try and do anyway, which is also why if they call a stoppage of time for you, you have to go off the field.

kind of like the reverse of what people tried to do against the oregon ducks

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No mention of hockey? WTF? You certainly can't call it a "sissy" sport.



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Soccer is a sissy's sport. That is all.

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Actually, since soccer players wear the least amount of protection out of any major contact sport, besides maybe rugby, it can be one of the tougher sports to play.

There just happens to be a lot of flopping sissies who also play, but take it from me...taking a set of cleat spikes square to the leg does actually hurt a great deal.

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Saying it doesn't make it true.  When I played in high school, we had players get more brutal injuries than our football team.  Correlation? No, but it's not like players are dancing around each other.

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You must not watch any Premier League soccer then. Soccer produces nastier injuries than football on a regular basis. They run more,  the teams as a whole are actually fit, considering they all run over 5 miles a game and football players have the worst conditioning of any contact sport I've seen, and you don't have any padding for when you run into a guy at full speed. This year my high school's soccer team embarassed our football team, when we played them in soccer and football, and I have never played against a worse conditioned group of "athletes" than them. 

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Only one referee making calls on the soccer field. Football is played on as big a surface and has multiple refs that can make calls. You have to flop in soccer to get a call, the ref may be 65 yards. away from the action.

I bet the 40 times of the top strikers in the world are right with the NFL's wide-outs and d-backs. No contest when it comes to endurance, soccer player all day.

buckeyedude's picture

Wrestling is the high school sport with the most injuries. Read it somewhere, sometime. Just take my word for it.

And Backinblack, I saw one of those sports shows back in the late 70's, early 80's...can't remember what they called it, but it was celebrity olympics or something. Anyway, Rod Stewart, yes, the white rock star and former professional soccer player, ran a 400 meter against three black dudes(don't remember who they were) from the NFL, and he blew them away! The dude could just flat out fly! It was hilarious, because they(the NFL players) were laughing at Stewart thinking he even had a chance.



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Nice, somthing to check out on you tube at lunch.