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By poguemahone on September 10, 2010 at 6:00a

 The Buckeyes will be looking to turn up the heat on the Hurricanes OL Saturday afternoon, writes Ken Gordon of the Dispatch. QB Jacory Harris was sacked 35 times last season, in an ACC that possesses scant few solid DLs after UNC's now-depleted unit. The Canes OL is largely a hodge-podge of average-to-good guys who have been moved around a bit in the hopes of finding some measure of consistency; in other words, they're a lot like our line a year ago. I, personally, am looking forward to Tyler Moeller running circles around the Cane tackles and tight ends in his newfound role as designated QB terror in the Ohio State defense.

 Dr. Saturday has a quick run-down of various aspects of tomorrow's game, including this fun little tidbit: 

 Meanwhile, back in reality. Miami's two encounters with top-10 defenses on the road last year ended in a 31-7, 209-yard shellacking at Virginia Tech in the rain and a 33-24, four-interception flop at North Carolina – with the 'Canes entering as slight favorites in both games. 

Also of note: the Canes are just 2-9 against ranked foes under Randy Shannon, their sole wins both coming at home, against Virginia Tech in '08 and and Georgia Tech in '09. The Canes haven't beaten a ranked foe on the road since Troy Smith's junior year. None of this rules out a Canes victory of course, but it seems clear that the Canes will be playing against not just the Buckeyes, but their own recent history when the game kicks off tomorrow.

 Tressel says LeBron is welcome on the Ohio State sideline this week, though I find it rather unlikely LBJ will show up. If he does, I imagine a reception similar to the one Brett Favre received upon his return to Lambeau field. Well, perhaps not that vociferous (that will likely be saved for his return to the Q, if anyone shows up). Most of you indicated in the poll that LeBron + sideline = good for recruiting, and I'm inclined to agree, though I have to wonder how often he'll show up to games that don't involve his new adopted hometown team, and whether he'll continue showing up at all.

 Tress also gave his first extended comments on Dionte Allen, the DB transfer from Florida State, yesterday:

"We tried to recruit him out of high school and we had a relationship and he has two teammates here,” Tressel said of Allen, who started one game for the Seminoles last season.
A highly-touted cornerback, Allen opted to sign with Florida State but dealt with injury issues and never really fit the system. The Seminoles are loaded at corner heading into 2010—including true freshman Lamarcus Joyner, who Buckeye fans should remember—and Allen decided it was time for a change.
“He would pop up here occasionally. When he decided that he wanted to get back closer to home, that was the No. 1 factor,” Tressel said.

Allen is a redshirt junior, and will be forced to sit out a year due to NCAA regulations. He'll have one year of eligibility remaining, and will probably fill some sort of role in the Ohio State D after the graduations of Devon Torrence and Chimdi Chekwa.


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Kevin's picture

I'm am so sick of leBron. All he is doing is taking our focus off the game. I couldnt give to sh*ts if he is there or not, this is OSU football and thats all that matters on saturdays.

Normal Buck's picture

Same here.  Let's not patronize this guy any further, with undue attention.  It's a bunch of crap anyway -- dude would have never given two sh*ts about Buckeye football 10 years ago.

flipbuckeye's picture

Columbus is probably safe territory for LBJ. He has already visited Sandusky (Cedar Point) and hometown Akron with minimal harrassment. C-bus should be no different. If he shows up, there will most definitely be some hecklers, but not just Cavs fans. His antics this offseason earned him a lot of haters who couldn't care less about the Cavs.  What he did was a complete heel turn. He will be booed no matter where he goes now, but it's nothing he can't handle (until he returns to the Q, of course).

And if he doesn't show up, it will be because he doesn't want to give his fans in Miami the wrong impression by not supporting the Canes.  Then again, that WOULD be something he would do just to bring attention to himself.

VBBuckeye's picture

He showed up to an Indians game wearing a Yankees hat. I don't think he's too concerned about giving the wrong impression when it comes to supporting teams he "likes."

flipbuckeye's picture

Yeah I know. That's why I said he would do something like that.


Also of note: the Canes are just 2-9 against ranked foes under Randy Shannon.......   soon to be 2-10.

iball's picture

Im so tired of hearing about speed and atleticism. Especially the notion that players from southern states have an advantage in this category. 60% of Florida residents are northern transplants anyway. Also, VaTech boasted plenty of speed and athleticism, guess they couldn't match the Idaho execution.

“There’s one thing I have learned through all my adventures and conquests - it’s that some people are just wired for success. I had no choice when it came to being great - I just am great.” – Kenny Powers

btalbert25's picture

I agree.  All major college fooball teams have speed and athleticism.  The greatest states for recruiting are states that typically have the largest populations.  So yes, Florida has a lot of great players, so does California, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Georgia.  All of the states have large populations.  I live in Kentucky, I can think of 5 recruits in about the last 15 years who have been regarded as "elite".  It's not that there aren't good atheletes in Kentucky, but in a state that has a population around 4 million the pool of talent is just not that big. 

I'm not disregarding the talent that comes out of Florida at all.  Lord knows the Buckeyes haev benefited from it, but where would Ohio State be without the great homegrown talent that comes in every year.

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

I missed Tress last night on the B10 because I was watching the Fresh Prince of Columbus smash folks and was busy squeeling when Malcolm Jenkins laid the wood on fools.  Did Tress actually say anything of interest?

RunTellMatt's picture

Baby Face Killa


A couple of quick thought after watching all of what I could so far:

- I've noticed several teams pretending to run a read-option, but the QB does not make any read at all.  I've seen several occasions where if the right read was made it could have turned into a big play.

-  JesS E. C. Palmer is still at it.  Last  night, after another drop by a subpar MS State WR, Palmer commented something to the effect that the QB has such a tight window to throw into against these SEC defenses, which was total bullshit because the guys were wide open all night.  Everyone else knew it as well which is why afterwards there was crickets.  I'm pretty sure Craig James, the ever voguish trendster, put his hand over his mic and said, "that's so last year."  Rece Davis also chimmed in with a disapproving shake of the head and a, "yeah, we're not doing that anymore."

- Mississippi State WR's blow.

- Shitty SEC (or other) offenses does not necessarily equate to strong SEC defenses.  Just like last year, several SEC offenses are just awful.

-  Although it's early in the season, but if things continue, having Notre Dame and Michigan back to national relevancy, the Big 10 returning to dominance and the SEC reverting to 2nd (or possibly 3rd) best Just Feels Awesome.

- USC is a mess.  Karma FTW.

- How great would it be to see Nebraska go undefeated, win the Big 12 and meet us in the MNC? 

- Kirk Herbstreit is in love with the Buckeyes.  'Bout effing time.

- The link to the pic of Jacory Harris in his Raiders overalls is hilarious.  It reminds me of a Canton hoodrat from the early 90's.  Even better:  the comment below it that reads, "What, no weight room at the U?"  Seriously Jacory, you're about as jacked as Flava Flav.

Go Bucks!

Is it Saturday Yet's picture

OT -- Those images you create are seriously fng dope.  I'm trying to learn photoshop (using an intous wacom tablet) maybe you can give a tutorial or something?

RunTellMatt's picture

@Is It Saturday Yet

Thanks man.  I don't know about the tablet, but photoshop is great.  Go on youtube and type in "photoshop CS4 (or whatever version) tutorial."  Once you start learning techhiques you can apply them any way you want.  Good luck with it.

flipbuckeye's picture

You missed the bit where they were talking about AU QB Cam Newton and comparing him to another #2, Terrelle Pryor, then noting the one thing seperating them was Newton's ability to lay out defenders.  Cam Newton looked very impressive yesterday, but SMH at whoever said that.  I know Pryor had the tendency to run out of bounds in the past (when he was playing HURT), but he will lower his shoulder if he has to.  Youtube Pryor's trucking of a Minnesota LB for evidence. IIRC he also layed the wood on a Marshall defender as well last week.  And I think he prefers juking dudes out of their shoes or stiffarming them anyway, but the option is there.

Nick Buckeye's picture

I've also noticed the faux read option, they go through the motions, but there is no actual read by the QB on the DE.

In the Auburn game last night, one of the guys compared Cam Newton to Pryor.  Another one suggested the difference between the two is that, when running the ball, Cam Newton lowers his shoulder and hits people.  My instant reaction was "have you ever watched Pryor play a game?"

Edit: Sigh, FlipBuckeye's post wasn't there when I typed this.

SouthBayBuckeye's picture

and let the excuses begin! haha

Banned from ATO since June 3rd 2PMish PST

blh's picture

Everyone is saying that the Miami D-line is the best and deepest in the country, are these two of their better linemen that they lost, or little used subs?

Kyle's picture

Man that canespundit piece was a real knee-slapper.  My favorite part was all the OSU fans blowing up his spot. 

dmurder's picture

Jeremy Lewis is out?

Was he a starter for the D-line?

"We have always had the best damn band in the land, now we have the best damn team in the land"- Jim Tressel 1-03-03

Poe McKnoe's picture

I hear Miami has SEC and Oregon speed...combined.  You don't want to see what happens when they reach 88mph.  Are you concerned?

Buckinnc's picture

We should be.  Once those flux capacitors start fluxing...well, I don't even want to think about what will happen.

Roger's picture

Nobody on that injury list is a starter, but a couple of them do get rotated in on the d-line so that's going to hurt them.