Watching Ohio State–Navy: TV Channel Listings and Live Stream Option

By 11W Staff on August 30, 2014 at 7:45a
A guide to catching the Ohio State–Navy football game on Ohio cable networks.

Ohio State's season opener against Navy will be televised by CBS Sports Network, a network you may or may not receive. The graphic above, supplied by Ohio State, lists HD channels for CBS Sports Network on major Ohio carriers:

DirecTV DISH Time Warner AT&T U-Verse Armstrong Buckeye Cincinnati Bell
221 158 1322 1643 175 586 603

Live out of state? No problem. You can find CBS Sports Network on your carrier here:

Still out of luck? You have two options to legally stream the game online: Ohio State's Buckeye Vision and College Sports Live, CBS Sports' streaming service. Both options require a paid subscription, which comes out to $9.95/month or $99.95 a year on each platform. Unfortunately, neither service offers a trial of any sorts. If you want to watch this game online with quality video and sound, you're going to have to shell out for it.


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Larrinator's picture

Am I allowed to post a link to a website that will have the game? It's more than likely an illegal site but I'm not sure because it's based in Europe. I went ahead and purchased the sports package for $9.99 a month because my package didn't have CBS Sports. 


gumtape's picture

Don't worry, I will.

If you want to watch it with smutty popups you can try going here:

High and tight boo boo

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darbnurb's picture

Adblock plus will remove the smut.  

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Huge Thank you for the link!

Go Buckeyes Beat Michigan

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I have TWC.  I just tried to go to 1322 and was automatically routed to 1425?!  Does this mean I'm out of luck, or does anyone know if they are going to flip a switch at/around noon?  This may not be a gamble I can stand to take... my liver and wallet would prefer I stay in-house, but I will go to a watering hole if I "have to." 

mrtimt12's picture

If you used to be an Insight cable customer (which was acquired by Time Warner), CBSSN is channel 531, and HD is channel 968. 

Using the Time Warner channels will not work (again if you used to be an Insight customer prior to the acquisition). 

Hope that helps.

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BuckeyeChris's picture

Thank you, MRTIMT12!!!  I probably should have mentioned I used to be an Insight customer.  I checked and that is CBSSN, but it is also currently, "Not Authorized." I think you have to be on the "premium sports package" to have that channel.  

I guess I am back to my original question... are they going to "flip a switch" at noon? 

Thanks, again, GO BUCKS! 

mrtimt12's picture

Unfortunately no, it is an upgraded package.  I heard of people updating just for the weekend, but it may be easier to go to a bar showing the game.  Good luck!


BuckGnome's picture

Get the upgrade today, and cancel tomorrow.  It's $12.99/mo and pro rated, so if you cancel after 24hrs, it costs you less than $0.50 to watch the game.

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To re-watch games next day, you can visit noonkick dot com

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I was just asked this and don't know the answer..

Is it possible to stream either CBSSports or BuckeyeVision from the PS3?

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Frimmel's picture

Probably not. The web browser doesn't offer a lot of video support. If there is a specialized app like the Netflix one you'd be good.  If the web browser is all you got it won't hurt to try but I wouldn't consider it anything but a last ditch effort.

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yrro's picture

Anyone have experience with either of those streaming services? How many games do they have on them?

WyoBuckeye's picture

I sure as hell am not paying a $100 subscription just to get one game.  Doing it the old-fashioned way, listening on the radio.  I might try that feed above, but I'm not too keen on picking up malware if I accidentally click the wrong thing.

buckeyeotaku's picture

if you've got firefox or chrome get adblock plus, it will clean it up.

We don't give a damn for the whole state of Bichigan

dubjayfootball90's picture

Comcast crapped out on me. I have not been able to watch football all weekend. I actually am at my schools masters lounge watching penn state right now. Best time for my cable to crap out. Real pissed. Going to a bar for the OSU vs Navy game. 

You can feed a bobcat all the chili it wants. That don't mean it's going to crap out diamonds.

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I'll be at The Shamrock Club.

gobucks96's picture

Thank you. Just spent ten minutes trying to find this. The description didn't list osu or navy.

Strelly_C89's picture

Sadly, I'm stuck at work during the game today. Does anyone know of any free love streams to listen to online? I thought 97.1 would do the trick, but I think you have to pay. 

Strelly_C89's picture

Sorry, live stream, not love. 

IGotAWoody's picture

I don't think you have to pay for 97.1 live stream, you just have to create an acct. I think you give them an email address and a password and then they authorize you.

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Toolface4's picture

What about radio? Got tune in so whatever Columbus channel will do

IGotAWoody's picture

1460 AM or 97.1 FM

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Boom777's picture

Can I stream buckeye vision on Apple TV?

Wherever you are, there you be!

TopDog's picture

Anyone know the quality of video on BuckeyeVision or College Sports Live?

Frimmel's picture

CBS Sports Network is part of the "sports package" on Comcast in Eastern Ohio. Minimum was $8.95 add on per month but you get NFL network, MLB network and NHL network plus NFL Red Zone and some other stuff. It doesn't add SEC network though. Took about 15 minutes to get it going. Mostly waiting on the phone to talk to a rep.

Deadly Nuts's picture

Just added the sports package to on to my cable so I can get SEC Network and CBSSN. I ordered it last night a 6pm, still haven't received it, fuck.


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“I have yet to be in a game where luck was involved. Well-prepared players make plays. I have yet to be in a game where the most prepared team didn't win.” -Urban Meyer-

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Also U-verse folks, right now AT&T is offering a deal if you upgrade from the U200 to U300 package (which includes CBSSN and SEC Network), you get a $50 gift card after 30 days.

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Thank you for this, 11W. You guys save lives.

jamesrbrown322's picture

There's always the European based website option for those of us who do not have cable because, well, it's Comcast.

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Live Look's picture

I'm not sure if this will work, but you could always try downloading the CBS Sports app and airplaying it to the Apple TV or streaming it to your Smart TV. I'm not 100% that they're going to carry it live, but the app does say it has live streaming of CBS Sports events.

Spivan's picture

I'll be trying to stream it from somewhere. I doubt the Staff Duty desk at this unit has CBSSN.

Buckeye419er's picture

Subscribed to ULIVE this morning. Gotta do what I gotta do. Best $10 Bucks I ever spent.

There can be only one

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Buckeye1996's picture

I hate that automatic renewal process, for my convenience my arse. Ha. I am not sure how much of a pain to cancel it after one month if I wanted too.

Anyone know?

ShawneeBuck74's picture

If you get a service that hides your IP address with an international one, you can get BTN2GO international and pay the fee for one game there.  Basically, BTN2GO international looks at your IP address origin, if it's in the USA/Canada, you're out of luck because if cable company contracts.  However, if you use a service to mask that address and have a country of origin in Europe or the Caribbean for example, BTN2go thinks that's where you are watching from. It's not free, you do pay for the content.  You're just no longer a slave to archaic cable tv laws.

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Dillon G's picture

AFN sports is carrying it.

AndyVance's picture

I'm a little perturbed - I just bit the bullet to buy the CBS Live/BuckeyeVision service (same service, just the one is branded with OSU's stuff), and it appears that we're not actually going to get video, but rather a simulcast of Paul Keels on WBNS-FM. I'm good with listening to Big Daddy Paul Keels call the action, but I'm a trifle bit irked that I plunked down $9.95 to get video when I could have put my $4.95 into the Wolfe Family's pockets instead of Les Moonves'.

Buckeye1996's picture

What? I thought the video was what was supposed to be streamed?

AndyVance's picture

My hope, at this point, is that they will turn on the video at noon, that they're only streaming WBNS-FM because they aren't doing a pregame show (I seem to recall that they are airing tennis up until noon).

Buckeye1996's picture

Yeah. You are probably correct. It should have the go button by kickoff. I hope so for your sake. I didn't purchase it because I hate trying to get someone off my credit

AndyVance's picture

This is one of the few times you'll hear me say this: ESPN really has it's crap together. That whole Watch ESPN app thing is perfect, and would be far, far preferable to this CBS nonsense.

(The good news is that I have my DVR at home set to record the game, so even if this dreadful streaming service doesn't work, all is not lost.)

OhioT's picture

I just called in to cbs (worried that I had also paid $10 for a radio stream), and they are apparently having technical difficulties with our game stream which should be fixed "within a matter of minutes".

Dad, what's a "Loss"?
I don't know son, we're Buckeye fans.

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OhioT's picture

Update: stream looks like it's fixed.

Dad, what's a "Loss"?
I don't know son, we're Buckeye fans.

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Bailey458's picture

yeargh, i have never had this much not result based anxiety before a buckeye game before.  what do i do? i don't want to go to the bar, i dont want to pay ten bucks, this isnt fair

Wil's picture

They are about to lose a ton of potential customers if they don't get this fixed.  I have it at home on Directv, but am at the hospital with my newborn son and all I get is the technical difficulties screen.

andretolstoy's picture

I understand not being to watch the game in Phoenix. But not being to watch your local team in Columbus. That's just bad business.

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Wil's picture

I'm in a hospital in Columbus

Wil's picture

So basically the CBS Sports Network is the biggest pile of garbage I have ever paid for.

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