Videos: Noah Brown Owns the Circle Drill, Urban Meyer Speaks to His Team and More

By 11W Staff on August 6, 2014 at 6:06p


Yes, please.

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Oh, if Heuerman could only have made the same block he makes in that 4th video on 4th down against Sparty...........

vacuuming sucks

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I feel your pain maestro, but Heuerman is a great kid and a fellow buckeye, let's not associate his career to one play he was on the wrong end of! 

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Ya because Hyde should got the ball anyway!

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Honesty, if Philly does not fumble the punt return, we would not be having this discussion. We were up by about 10 points on clemson at that point of the game and had the momentum on offense. That botched return, turned into a quick Sammy Watkins touchdown, and turned the game momentum over to clemson. I truly believe that we would have scored on that possession. That is why it is important that we find someone with sure hands to receive punts. I'm all for explosive returns but I would rather have a sure handed receiver back there.

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I don't feel great seeing our supposed outside backer getting thrown around like that. 

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Did you notice Chris Worley (#35) was with the Running Backs in 3rd video?

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Also noticed Warren Ball wasn't with the RBs #28.  Unless there was a number switch?

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I heard a rumor that he was injured. Just something I saw on Twitter, not an official source.

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Are you sure that was Chris? Because that guy still had a black stripe on.

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Might be a number switch as I just watched the last video and there was a #35 in a white jersey with Raekwon. Only 1 showing #35 on roster so I think someone must be using a red #35.

Is there a difference between Viper and Leo? "No, we just thought Viper sounded cooler."---Former Buckeye Coach Mike Vrabel

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The red #35 isn't Worley.

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Just spitballin' here but it is probably someone like Parris Campbell.

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Parris Campbell is #21.

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Per the official OSU football roster, the other #35 is:

35 Johnson, Jeffie DB 5-10 197 JR Hillard, Ohio (Hillard Bradley)

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I love your "signature"...."Is there a difference between Viper and Leo........Viper sounded cooler". The reason is because I think it tells a tale of two different worlds when it comes to Buckeye Nation and knowing the defense. I just watched Hall and Wilson get ejected on BTN's replay of THE GAME last season....but anyway....When Heacock was the DC and Fickell was the co-DC which lasted for 6 years, those 6 years of Buckeyes playing defense was a perfect example of the Buckeye Defense being the "Silver Bullets". The next year, Fickell played head coach...I say "played" because he was given specific instructions and they were not win games and make a BCS Bowl. His instructions were stop the bleeding and do everything possible to get ESPN and the NCAA off of our campus and make sure their magnifying glasses are broken or stolen when those ***holes leave. Then we had a (6-7) record where there was a serious possibility that Luke Fickell could have had an unbeaten year if it wasn't for all of the suspensions. With Tressel, you have to say that Ohio State's odds of winning the BCS title were 4:1 or better. Instead, Fick did what the Ohio State brass told him as the defense played great...but they did lose their offensive type HC, starting RB, Starting LG, and starting (and by far the best) WR. If you say those guys were worth 18+ points against Miami, 10+ points against TSUN, and 7+ points in their other 5 losses, you have a team in the BCS National Title Game. Personally...I think the Buckeyes win the title in 2011 if it wasn't for the NCAA and ESPN.

Anyway though, there have been significant weaknesses in Ohio State's defenses in 2012 and 2013....the differences are the "LEO" and the "Star". We always had them when Heacock and Fickell were giving us teams (4 times in 6 seasons) that finished in the top 5 in total defense. and the other 2 seasons didn't have weak defensive fact, they were more balanced but sometimes, especially defensively, "balance" give you top 25 rankings against the pass and rush, but leave you just outside the top 5 in total defense. Heacock is gone...but Fick didn't forget what he learned and Meyer has made sure in all 3 of his seasons that the Ohio State defense has had a man titled "assistant head coach" among the defensive coaches in all 3 seasons. Everyone that is a fan thinks Luke Fickell is the DC. He isn't, never has been and he has had a boss ahead of him on the defensive side of the ball for now what is the 3rd time in Meyer's 3 seasons. If Fick had total control of the defense, I think we'd have a true "7 technique player" or Leo, Viper, or whatever you wanna call him. I think we'd also have a "Star" which used to be a man that played the secondary but thought about nothing but breaking the opposing RB for good. That is gone...and it is not Fickell's friggin idea, I promise you that. Fick would be following what Tressel said. Which was "These players are playing in BCS Bowls and finishing in the top 5 nearly every year which is nearly impossible...and it is all due to Jim Heacock". Well, if we can't have Heacock back, we should at least put his 6+ year pupil, Luke Fickell in charge of the defense. Meyer has talked nothing but great things about Fickell, but he won't give him the defense and our "Silver Bullets" back. You "Fire Fickell" people are the worst. Have some dignity, show some respect, and look at the total life of Fickell before you say dumb things. Fickell volunteered to be our scapegoat in 2011 and gets a bunch of hate for it.

"I hope they're last in everything". One of Meyer's comments when speaking of TTUN after being hired at Ohio State.



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Can't say I even remotely agree that a 6-7 team... which was 0-3 against mediocre teams with every player back from suspension, with the exception of Pryor, could even be in the discussion for the best team in the country.  With Tress and no tat-gate whatso ever that team still only had 1 good WR, no elite RBs, a mediocre OL, and a slightly above average defence at best. 

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no one is reading this

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My mind auto skipped it. I scrolled back up because I saw your comment....I confirmed my initial reaction and scrolled on. 

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Scroll on, brother.

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What are we writing essays now?

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CGroverL cannot post without a minimum word count of 500 (usually).

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#35 is walk-on Jeffie Johnson. 

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how does it feel to be one of 'us' now?

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Have a upvote I've wanted to give you for such a long time.


They have those trainers offering water bottles during stretching. You think Coach Coombs' would have anything to say if anyone grabbed one? LOL

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Yeah it's definitely a trap....just wanting to see if anyone is foolish enough to take the bait

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Only if they were a kicker.

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I don't. This (hydration) is something Urban is preaching this year because of his time spent with Chip Kelly over the summer. He said as much during one of his interviews while at ESPN. I believe it was with Cowherd.

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Last year we had an issue with people cramping up.  I beleive it was one of the last 3 or 4 games.

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EzE's sock game is on a whole different level. 


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6'1, 244, runs a 4.58.

Why isn't he a TE?

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More of an H-Back build than TE. WR is his official roster position but they will probably use him like a TE.

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6'1" is not really big enough for a TE. Also, TEs need to be able to block and I don't know what his skills are in blocking. And I prefer the idea of him as a WR. Then again, the offense seems a little positionless 

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6'1" is not really big enough for a TE.

He's almost the exact same size as Hernandez.

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Point taken, though I think Hernandez is the exception rather than the rule. He also was not asked to block that much, or at least that's my recollection. I didn't watch much of the Patriots or Florida.

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It's getting closer, I can almost see the kick off with Navy. The weird thing is that I can't remember off hand the last time OSU started the season in their white jerseys.

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Just a guess here, but I went to a game in the mid/late 90's kickoff classic against Miami in NY/NJ.  I beleive we were in whites.  Other than that I don't recall a time int he last 20 years.

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Now that you said that, I remember my dad got to go to a game at Syracuse. I believe mid 90's and I think Eddie George was the RB. I do remember OSU winning.

"Championships are not won on Saturdays in November. Championships are won on Tuesdays in August." -- Kerry Combs

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I was at that game not a good outcome! Had a great time in New York City that weekend though.  After the game i remember going to the horse track right there by the stadium and i was so drunk put 200 on a horse and won 40 bucks a nice 1 to 5 longshot hahaha.

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Noah Brown is on my watch list! Love it.

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Tim Hinton reminds me of John Daly in the video with the tight ends... anybody else?

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In the last video I noticed 3 helmet variations.  The black stripe has been explained before but what about the helmets with no stripes?  Does no stripe designate a "non-starter"?

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I would guess walk-on because they all seem to be undersized white guys.

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Anyone else notice Sam Hubbard had on a white jersey? Did they move him back to defense?

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Heard on an earlier thread, yes, back to LB!

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