Roethlisberger on Shazier: 'A Guy That's Going to be Calling the Defense Pretty Soon'

By 11W Staff on June 16, 2014 at 10:40a

Tell us if you've heard this one before: Ryan Shazier arrives somewhere new and quickly impresses everyone on the scene. We saw it first-hand in Columbus, when he showed up on campus and forced his way on to the field as a true freshman.

Now, Shazier is impressing his Pittsburgh Steeler teammates after a strong run of offseason practices and his quarterback believes he'll be running the show soon. From Scott Brown and

"He's going to be fun to watch," Roethlisberger said on WDVE 102.5 in Pittsburgh, "and the thing about him that is most underrated that people don't talk about is he's very smart on the field. I think he's going to be a guy that's going to be calling the defense pretty soon." 

That assessment will only add to the growing hype surrounding Shazier, who turned in the play of offseason practices on Wednesday when he made a leaping interception of a pass that Bruce Gradkowski threw because he didn't think Shazier would get to it. 

Do work, rook.


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Crimson's picture

Nice job, Ryan!  Way to represent the Buckeyes.

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alust2013's picture

Doesn't surprise me. He is going to be an excellent player in the league. If the QB is giving a rookie LB some pretty high praise, I think it's pretty evident the Steelers made an excellent pick.

...and Michigan still sucks.

zjhousley's picture

Man, as an OSU fan I love to see this.  As a Browns fan, I hate to see this.  Always loved watching him play...  He will be special at the next level with his intelligence and willingness to prepare off the field.

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JDunc686's picture

It's going to be tough watching him wreak havoc on the Bengals for the next decade

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chemicalwaste's picture

I disagree (messing). However, it won't be as fun to see him in Cleveland as it was in Columbus. Or when they play Tampa Bay.

Hovenaut's picture

I know they ballsohard over in Ballmer, but sounds like the Stiller's D will be ballingsosmart with RDS.

I can't stand them, but damn if Pittsburgh doesn't draft well.

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Awesome brief, by the way Big Ben's last name is spelled wrong.  Couldn't help but notice, he doesn't have a G in it.

chirobuck's picture

I'm a Bills fan first but I like the browns bc I have friends that are browns fans.....but I told them if Shazier is chasing down "Jonny douche bag" I will not be able to help cheering for RDS to literally break him in half


^ best post ever ^

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As an eastern Ohio Buckeye/Steelers fan, it doesn't get much better than this.  I hope RDS and Cam are the next wave of anchors for the Steel Curtain.

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SilverBullet-98's picture

I agree and I'm right there with you as a eastern ohio Buckeye.

We "Eastern Ohio" Buckeyes enjoy watching our beloved Bucks further there career playing for a First Class Organization like Pittsburgh just like Cleveland fan or Bengal fans would.

And I'm not saying Browns and Bengals are not a 1st Class organization.

Also, I'm the type of Steeler fan who DOESN'T hate the Browns/Bengals( I actually root for them as well if in the playoffs).Being a native son of Ohio. Just live in the Pittsburgh Media Market my whole life, and the Steelers was the only show in town through my childhood in the 70's-80's. Before Internet and Sunday Ticket, etc...

Players love playing for the Steelers, the Rooney family treats it's players excellent and looks for excellent players with great character. Thats why they have 5 Ohio St. players on their roster imo.

"The Past Builds the Future"

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D-Day0043's picture

I am a life long Bengals fan and I know the Bengals are not a first-class organization. I will fully admit my hatred for the Steelers is strictly jealousy. I only wish the Bengals had even half of their success.

I am D-Day0043 and I approve this message.

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Nick's picture

WOW RDS is huge now, he has come a long way since his freshman year.

rekrul's picture

This makes me like the Steelers just a little bit, and it pisses me off...  I am going to be conflicted all season being excited for him blowing up plays in that UNI....  

Out Work, Out Think, Out Play!!!

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Buckeyeneer's picture

If the Steelers keep drafting Buckeyes it will make it really hard for this old Browns fan.

"Because the rules won't let you go for three." - Woody Hayes

THE Ohio State University

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AndyVance's picture

From the header pic above: "LEGENDARY" is right on the money.

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BuckeyeOfTheTiger's picture

R. D. S.


BroJim's picture

I think he has the potential to redefine the linebacker position and be the model for years to come.

Hilliard, take note!!!!

I season my simple food with hunger

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dubjayfootball90's picture

I live in PGH, and a good portion of my friends are Squeeler fans (I am a Browns diehard), and several of them were very upset when they picked Shazier in the draft and voiced their opinions on facebook. I saved their posts and will post them on their walls everytime Shazier saves the day... Which should be a lot... Do work, son!

You can feed a bobcat all the chili it wants. That don't mean it's going to crap out diamonds.

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Eph97's picture

Hope he dominates, except against the Browns.

As a Browns fan, once a player becomes a Brown I want him to do very well and I don't care even if he went to UM. That's something meathead Braylon Edwards failed to grasp in his ridiculous excuses for his failures saying Cleveland fans were against him.

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shaggybuckeye's picture

That and the football are somethings meathead Braylon Edwards failed to grasp


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bigtenspeed's picture

I thought the original statement was good but your enhancement was perfect.

D-Day0043's picture

I love RDS, but seeing him in that uniform makes me want to vomit. I know he is going to be a star and punish my beloved Bengals twice a year. It makes me sick to see Marvin Lewis pass on Buckeye talent year after year because of his love affair for $EC players.

I am D-Day0043 and I approve this message.

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spqr2008's picture

And don't forget the Bengals GM. Oh wait, that'd be Mike Brown, who dislikes Buckeyes because Archie never panned out in the NFL.

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PoKeY21's picture

It's great to be a buckeye and steeler fan!! It's going to be fun watching Shazier and Heyward dominate on the inside for years to come. 

"It was a woman who drove me to drink, come to think of it I never did hang around to thank her for that"

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Grande Gustavo's picture

As a Steelers fan, I let out more than a few joyful expletives at the draft party I was at when the pick came in for Shazier.  I thought the Steelers had a dynamite draft and I can't wait to see Shazier take Manziel's lunch money for the foreseeable future.

The answer may not be at the bottom of a bottle, but it never hurts to check. 

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bucks_symphony's picture

I got so jacked up when I saw the Steelers pick RDS! I was so excited that I finally bought my first Steelers jersey since I was 11 Years old and now being 27! I am so excited to see what Shazier does in a Dick Leabue defense!

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AndyVance's picture

Ditto - I had just said to The Stunning Mrs. Vance, "I wish the Steelers would draft Shazier, because The Venerable Dick LeBeau would do scary things to Johnny Football with him, but it ain't gonna happen." And then they drafted him! I was thrilled. My first Steelers jersey was Heyward's, because he is one bad man, and if I'm going to wear black and gold (I married in), it's going to be tinged with scarlet & gray.

Grande Gustavo's picture

I'm heavily considering buying a Shazier jersey, at the moment I only have the jersey of my favorite all time Steeler, Mean Joe Greene.

The answer may not be at the bottom of a bottle, but it never hurts to check. 

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bigtenspeed's picture

I reallg wish he had ended up elsewhere. Same with Heyward.

gunni070's picture

Here we go Steelers!!  Can't wait to watch him on Sundays.

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Larryp713's picture

I love Ryan. His talent and work ethic are amazing. I hate the Steelers, but am excited to see him blossom into a star. I just cannot say enough about how proud I am that he represents our beloved Buckeyes. Tear it up, Ryan!!!