2016 OL Tyler Gerald Enjoys Buckeye Visit

By Jeremy Birmingham on March 31, 2014 at 12:55p

Ohio State's football team hosted a number of prospects from the around the region on Saturday and Portsmouth lineman Tyler Gerald was one of them on campus. With a Kent State offer to his credit, Gerald is starting to see an uptick in his recruiting and today's Buckeye visit will serve as a bit of a barometer for him moving forward.

"I liked the facilities, from the practice fields to the meeting rooms," Gerald told 11W of the visit to Columbus. "It was good experience for how the college atmosphere is."

Gerald is being recruited by Ohio State's Tom Herman, and he enjoyed the chance to talk with the Buckeyes' offensive mastermind this past weekend.


"He was a cool guy," the 6-foot-5, 295-pound lineman said of Herman. "The entire coaching staff was impressive. The intensity they bring and the relationships they have with their players."

Ohio State is just getting to know Gerald, but they like what they've seen and would like him to come back to campus this summer and camp with the Buckeyes.

"They said that they definitely want to see me at camp this summer before any decisions (about an offer) are made," he said of the Buckeyes plans for him. "They seemed to be interested and I definitely will camp there."

Overall, the visit was a solid experience for Gerald. He'll visit Virginia Tech at the end of April, but for now the Ohio State visit will stand out his mind.

"I really enjoyed being able to feel the intensity of practice,  and the intensity of the coaches," Gerald said of today's highlights. "They really do things right up there."


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EEEE I have to add a correction here, He Goes to Sciotoville Community school, formly Portsmouth East.... They seperated after Portsmouth tried to shut the school down. So to say he is from Portsmouth is a put down. Cause I know He is, as I am A proud Sciotoville Tarten !


OSU_ALUM_05's picture

That's got to be a pretty soft league down there right? Don't they miss Wheelersburg, Ironton, Valley, Minford, Portsmouth High, Portsmouth West, etc.?

Yeti's have feelings too.

-1 HS
AWalk3r1's picture

Yeah it is fairly soft.  Its the SOC 2  So east,Oak hill, south galia, Green, symes valley. Not sure which else. East used to produce some great teams. Not so much anymore. When Herman came to visit, One of the coaches asked how much it hurt that he went to such a small school, and he respond along the lines of, As long as he dominates on the field, which he does, and gets to camp it will not hurt him. From what i hear he is a very coachable Kid and is smart. Wants to learn the game.


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Thanks for all the info Birm.  The physical part is there how about football sense?  I'm glad they ask the kids to come to camp so they can get an idea of strength, speed and knowledge of the game.

I may not be the sharpest crayon in the box but I'm one of the most colorful.

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They have a solid coaching staff at that school. I am positive that he wants to learn so much, he will work and do everything OSU is telling him to do. One thing is his size. He is young, and if OSU is looking at him, then i caint wait to watch him.

-1 HS